Monday, November 29, 2004

Rainy day

It's raining here whole day!!! Heavy rain. 

This afternoon, I visited my friend who held housewarming in her new flat. She is my best friend. She has just happily married and moved to a new house. I could see a big smile on her face, really showing her happiness!! 

But funny, I couldn't see the happiness in some other people, who just got married as well.. Hm.. Perhaps not everyone is happy of their marriage life?? Not a right partner? Or  perhaps wanna pretend to be single in their whole life? Afraid that the rest know that he has got married? 

Anyway.. During housewarming, there were not many people there. The house was not very big, but most importantly, it's warm!!! Full of laughter and happiness!! She and her husband worked very hard to earn money so that they could buy and get their own flat. Finally their dreams come true! Congratulation! Hope both of you will do fine all the time! 

My weekend has over.. Tomorrow I must continue studying. Hiks... Less than 2 weeks to go.. I must go for the exam! I had a nightmare 2 days ago :( I went to exam without any preparation!! Ooh... Scaryyy....!!! 

Today is not a very happy day.. My hubby is now struggling in fixing his computer.. Really bad situation.. I'd better not disturb him for a moment... WELL... write till here then... Continue again some time!! Ciao!

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