Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I like crowded

Happy Birthday dear Laogong!!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. The day before yesterday, he rewarded himself a set of dvd-karaoke with home theater set to be put in our room with 10 new DVD-karaoke with different songs that he likes.

Yesterday we had our dinner at home inviting my bro's and his families and my sis.. It's all 15 of us altogether plus me inside. We were having steamboat. It was very fun! Loads of foods and lots of fun because it's mixed of people in one house. After having dinner, we were separated into three different groups. One group was singing in the room, one group was children playing with toys, and another one was watching TV show outside.

Steamboat Birthday dinner at Home Sweet Home :)
I like crowded. Maybe it's because I was born in a quite big family. I'm the youngest of five siblings. I have 3 sis and 1 bro. When we were still under one roof, every nite we would get together in my parent's room and had a chat together. Talking about who and who.. what they do.. etc. I like it very much. I really miss that time. Now, we seldom had it together cos we were separated in few countries and only had chance when we got together. Even if we get together, we would be busy with our own families now.. got husband/wife, children to take care, etc.

So, yesterday, although it was only 15 of us, it's already BIG for me now.

Just for info, yesterday after work, I went to Immigration and apply for citizenship =P

I applied once before but was rejected because I was applying alone and the main reason I was rejected was because my salary was too low.. What a reason!!! :P

And this time, I applied under my hubby's sponsor. I just wondered what the result would be. If this time could be rejected again.. I will never ever apply this again in my life :D

I don't like people look down on another just because they don't have enough education, not enough money, etc. People has equal status in life. So what if my salary was not high as long as I can still live happily the way I live, right? Does money more important than one's happiness??

Tomorrow we will have another birthday party. This time will be in my brother's house, to celebrate my sis-in-law's bday.. Hope it would be crowded and as fun as yesterday!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yesterday after work I went to the future school for my paper 2.2. Actually I didn't really like it for my first and second impression, but I guessed, I just had to live with it. I had adapt with it to get whatever I want in whatever situation hehehe.. We'll see lah how will it look like :)

Thinking of school.. so sad.. which means my holiday only left this and next week only :( Seems like it is never enough because I didn't go anywhere. There were places to go, but I had no money to pay hahahaha...
Maybe not now, not the right time yet. I still have to save some money to cover up my liability hieheiheihiehie... :P

After that, I went to the opposite shopping center and met my hubby there. We had dinner together and finished our course with our favorite Ice Kachang hehehehe.. *I just realize that I kept laughing in this blog, why ah??? *still thinking

Anyway, after having our dinner we had a walk and suddenly we could smell plastic burn smell from below. As I looked at lower floor (2nd floor), there was thin smoke came out in front of the shop and the smoke just got thicker along the time.

My hubby still wanted to go to Carrefour which is located below that floor.. aiyah.. better forgot about it and we finally made up our mind to go back home.

As we went out from car park, there were 5 fire engine cars outside the building, with police car and civil defense car. It's my first time to see the building caught on fire and I didn't expect to see it more, hopefully not. Before that, my husband said the place where he worked was caught fire too in the afternoon. It's one of the school in Singapore.

After thinking hard on why so many things happened yesterday, suddenly I remembered on one thing. Yesterday afternoon, my boss showed us her calendar and told us that yesterday was the worst day of the month, which was also one of the two worst day of the year. No wonder lah. Believe it or not but it happened.

Well, I guessed, it's accidentally happened ba? Because everyday everywhere, disaster happens, right? Anyway.. leave it to the fate then. Write till here, gotta back to work. Ciao!

Monday, June 20, 2005

The truth is out

Today the truth is out
The girl he brought in is actually his wife.. =))
and the small boy beside me is my son hahahahahaha...
Actually, no story here.. is only expressed what I feel =D

Today is 20 June already
Holiday time.. lalalalalalala..
but not shopping time yet.. wait till next month

On Sunday, we bought DVD cum Karaoke. Damn cheap.. the cheapest I see so far.. not the brand thing.. but it's ok as long as it works hehehe..

DVD also imported from China
$7 is quite cheap for the country like this

Too bad not all new songs were there.. There was few of them only
Should buy those oldies, so that everyone from any age can sing together hehehe..

Tonite my sis will come by and sing together after having dinner at my favourite place... Ma Lan La Mian hehehe..
I like their noodles and dim sum
Great place to hang out

I like authentic Chinese noodle
very much

What else to say then?
Hem.. starting today lack one admirer then.. hahahahahahaha...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Night Safari

Yesterday after work, I went back home first, then having dinner together with my sis, her hubby, my hubby and my son nearby the place where I live.

Afterwards, we were leaving to Night Safari in Mandai. It was quite far away, took us 40 min to reach.
My sis works in travel agent and she has complimentary pass, which she could get 4 free tickets for adults.
So, we went in free then..

We all took the tram and watched many types of animals in open space, with little or almost no barrier with our opened tram. The guide kept explaining on what we saw on left and right.

We stopped on the first tram station, then went down for a while to have a break. We actually were able to walk and see, but I felt so tired yesterday and decided not to walk ourselves, and back to the tram. So, another journey by the tram, then at 10pm we watched the show, which was quite interesting for the first comer huehehe... The show ended at 10.30 pm and we went back home afterwards.

I think the place was fine. But compared with the one in Puncak, Indonesia, which was called Taman Safari, I think Taman Safari was much better than Night Safari. There were more varieties of animals that we could see and each type of animal consists of few of them and not just one or two like those who live in the Night Safari. Also, during night time, it's quite hard to see the animal clearly and it's really inconvenient to take picture as we could not use flash in camera.

For the show, it was a better relief. But if I had to go and pay myself, I would choose not to go there anymore. The admission and tram per person for each adult cost S$24/person and S$12/child. Without tram it costs $18/person and $9/child. I think it was too expensive for what we got. I dont know how much was the price for the food inside, but I was told that the price of the drink was 4 times of the normal price, which means, the cost for one pet bottle of Sprite was S$4.00!!

The location was quite far and accessible better with Taxi, which would cost you another how much bucks for two way journey.

Well... every people has different opinion.. but for me, I dont think I will go back there for a second time :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Destiny is in ur own hands

My dad always says,
whatever life u wanna choose
is all depend on u

which means
you choose your own way to go

You wanna be rich
You wanna be healthy
You wanna be highly educated
You wanna be happy
is all in ur hands

If you wanna jump out from the building
Nobody will stop you.. unless yourselves

If you wanna keep smoking..
Nobody will be able to stop you.. unless yourselves

If you wanna keep being lazy..
Nobody will be able to stop you.. unless yourselves

there are many values in life
that we can find and treasures
is actually within your hands

As for happiness
it can come out from different ways
which way to go will depend on us
to do or not to do
to go or not to go
to seek or not to seek
is actually depend on u

Monday, June 13, 2005


Just now wrote already.. hiks.. suddenly the computer hang and all that has been written gone liao..

Just now I wrote that finally my exam has over.. But there are still many more to come.. hiks...
I just hope that I could pass.. otherwise.. I don't know how to start all over again...

It's been a month since the last blog. I was really passing hard time for the last one month preparing my exams. It was something I didn't like doing but I had no choice. I was almost giving up. Then my father told me, "While still young, you'd better study hard!" Huaaa.. no choice! I had to continue then. Hiks... :'(

Tonight right after finishing exam, I went to Marche and met up with my previous school mates in LR. There were Ann, Andrew, Moira, Ching, Ching's friends - Sally, and Shelly's friend, Persephone. We went out for dinner together but I had to skip the durian feast as I was very tired.

Last week, right after finishing exam, I went to Marche too and met up with my high school mates, Yenny from Jakarta and Aileen.. huehehee... *regular customer of Marche :P

Well.. I didn't have much time to spend with Ching this time, but I guessed she was enjoying her life - life of student with holiday. No need to think about money.. huahahehaehea... And I guessed too that life before married was much better than after.. hahahhaa... *my hubby will kill me if he read this... =P

Anyway.. gotta sleep soon.. My eyes were very very tired...

Life must go on..
Study must go on..
Jia you!!!
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