Monday, June 20, 2005

The truth is out

Today the truth is out
The girl he brought in is actually his wife.. =))
and the small boy beside me is my son hahahahahaha...
Actually, no story here.. is only expressed what I feel =D

Today is 20 June already
Holiday time.. lalalalalalala..
but not shopping time yet.. wait till next month

On Sunday, we bought DVD cum Karaoke. Damn cheap.. the cheapest I see so far.. not the brand thing.. but it's ok as long as it works hehehe..

DVD also imported from China
$7 is quite cheap for the country like this

Too bad not all new songs were there.. There was few of them only
Should buy those oldies, so that everyone from any age can sing together hehehe..

Tonite my sis will come by and sing together after having dinner at my favourite place... Ma Lan La Mian hehehe..
I like their noodles and dim sum
Great place to hang out

I like authentic Chinese noodle
very much

What else to say then?
Hem.. starting today lack one admirer then.. hahahahahahaha...

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