Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Will U Do?

What will you do
When you feel blue
I have no clue
What should I do
When I was blue


Whyme said...

every1 always got bored or feeling blue, or just in bad mood once in a while..
what do i want to do if i feel like that? i want to hold the person that i love, talk about whatever, or just hold tightly..at least i know that i love some1, and im loved as well
just too bad we might not have that kind of luxury all the time..we might be alone when we feel those feelings..and what should we do? just try to keep our hope, do something that we like? so what do u like to do?

reykato6 said...

What i like to do???
Of course i have something that i like to do.. such as.. drinking and relaxing.. while thinking or just enjoying the ambiance ;)
'Cos sometimes i need to have my own time and be alone too..
But sometimes i would like to share my trouble with someone i trust.. but unfortunately.. depending on what type of problem i m holding.. it's not to everyone i can share my feeling with..

Whyme said...

we always share our trouble with someone we trust...everyone need someone to share..and the best person to share with is the person that we trust, we love, we can share everything without have to worry about anything..i believe thats what called soulmate?
seeing from your comment, guess you havent find someone like that?

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