Thursday, November 17, 2005

Educational Tour To Asia Pasific Breweries


Sounds cool huh??? Actually.. those who went there yesterday.. they were aiming for the last part of the tour only.. hahahahhaa........ It was organised by the company where I work :D

At 3.30pm the bus with 22 staffs left the hotel to the Singapore only beer manufacture company located at Tuas (western part of S'pore). We arrived there around 4pm and each of us changed our ID card to the pass for entry.

A guide came out not long after and started to tell us about the history of the place, which was located at Alexandra Rd before year 1930. Then we walked following her and stopped for few times to listen to what she said.

The company itself is 9-hectare size (equal to 9 football ground), a huge one.. and we only explored a small part of it. Started to where the malt, which is the main ingredient was cleaned and chosen, weighed to get the good quality one, imported from Australia and Europe. The machine was controlled using the computer system and handled by the staffs there, which is also a beer-tester.. quite interesting huh? But the guided told us already, they did not open any vacation for beer-tester yet.. hehehe..

We went through other containers where the malt was filtered, etc. Other ingredients are including hops (female one only), warm water, and yeast. The weather was soooo hot and no air-con till we arrived at the museum.

We passed through the packaging area, where we could see millions of cans were transferred through conveyer belt from one place to another, went through a process of pasteurization, etc. The bottling process is slower than the can since the bottle is easily to crack. So they did the bottle inspection before it can be used (washed, cleaned, checked, etc.). Since they are environmentally friendly, they use the recycle bottle as well. After that the guide said that the waste from malt were collected and be used for animals feeding, again, environmentally friendly.

We took a group pic, which supposed to take the Tiger as the mascot for the beer. But since it was a group photo, we couldn't see the tiger in the picture.. hahaha... After that, we went to the museum and finally, the Tavern.

The sofa provided was very comfortable, decorated uniquely as a cool and cosy place. We took our seats and started to go to the bar to take our beer. As a rule, we had to drink Tiger Beer for our first drink.. So.. everyone took the Tiger Beer for our first drink.

Well.. i guess the beer would be nice if it was served in a chilled glass.. but the person who served us deliberately gave us a normal temperature glass.. and gave exceptionally to person he knew the chilled glass one.. kinda disappointed, is it a kind of discrimination???

Anyway.. we were all with our drinks.. And I gulped down quickly the beer in less than 5 mins.. cos my goal is to have at least 4 glasses of it..:D

So, after the Tiger had finished, I chose to drink Heineken. We drank and chat at the same time while munching at our snacks. After that I took Corona, Heineken again, then 2 glasses of Erdinger, which total to 6 glasses. Just nice, we had to leave the place at 5.45pm. I was still fine.. and felt good.. But I really wanna pee when I was in a bus... Hahaha... So when the bus reaches the hotel, I was rushing to the toilet with my friend then we went back by MRT. We chatted all the way back.

Again, I was rushing to the toilet at the Hougang MRT, then I stopped by at the Pasar Malam to buy Taiwanese sausages (my favorite snacks), fried tofu - very nice one, and Prawn Vadei - Indian snacks, with big chillies. Still not enough, I went to KFC to buy two sets meal take away.. and took bus home.

Once reaching home.. my stomach was then really grumbling.. So I ate first before doing anything else, taking a bath, dried my hair, then fell to sleep till this morning.. hehehe.. A very nice experience!!! I'm loving it!!! :)

This morning.. my boss passed by and told me this.. 'I heard that you really can drink...' Oops.. hm.. a spy gossiper there.. Well, as long as I can drink and not drunk, I dun mind.. But what if I drank and drunk?? Wont my name be ruined in this whole company??? Anyway, who cares??? :D

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