Thursday, November 24, 2005

My friend

I called my old friend yesterday. He just had his birthday on 22 Nov.. so.. I called him a little bit late to greet him "Happy Birthday". It's been quite a while we hadn't had a good chat. There were many things we were talking about, mostly about his personal things, such as looking for a job, family, his holiday in Hong Kong, etc.

We were talking about some other friends too. It's been almost 10 years since we graduated in high school (we were studying in the same junior and senior high school back then) and in almost 10 years my friend has not returned back to Jakarta (1998's tragedy, waiting for his PRs, etc.)

Fortunately I met him before in June 1999 in Sydney, where he studied at the uni there. He came to Singapore too in 2002 quietly.. and appeared like that in the food outlet where I worked as a surprise :)

I still remember, when I was in Beijing in year 1996, he just went to Sydney and wrote me quite number of letters (internet was not famous yet back then... and all communication were by letter or by public phone only... no hand phone too.. hehehe..).

I still remember when he told me he was moving to a new place with his grandma, and the place was damned dirty!!! It took him few days to clean everything... especially the toilet.. hehehe... *I think if he recalled this thing again, can make him vomit.. =P

Next year Chinese New Year I intend to go back to have a family reunion (which we do not have it often, perhaps.. once in every 3 years?) and he told me if he hadn't found any job yet, he wants to go back too..

Well.. it's not that I hope you won't get a job, buddy.. but.. I really hope that you can go back to your hometown and visit your parents, especially your father and look at the situation now (with so much changes around...)

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