Friday, November 18, 2005

Raising children, nurturing talents

When I was about shredding the stacks of paper, I found one of it written by Mr. Liew from Capitaland, is about 'Raising Children, Nurturing Talents'.

He said, when he was flying to US, he was reading a book entitled "Authentic Leadership", written by Bill George, the CEO of Medtronic Inc. Bill writes that the best advice on raising children comes from Khalil Gibran, in "The Prophet":

Sir Alan Cockshaw, said this on raising our children:

"Give them roots,
Give them education,
And give them wings"

And Ho Ching, President & CEO of Singapore Technologies talked about her strategy for growth:

"Grow by letting go"

Mr Liew added:

"Nurturing talent in the organization, especially young ones, is like raising children. We must "let them go" so that they can find themselves and learn to define and reach their own limits. But like kite flying, we must still guide the flight upwards or at least provide enough anchor and support for them so they don't over reach their own capabilities. Need to let go and sometimes pull back. Some cannot manage beyond certain altitude or fight the strong wind , which they unwittingly challenged. The thiny string must surely stay, for cutting it too soon, or at all, may sometimes cause a premature end to their otherwise bright career."

So, how about you? How would you raise your children in the future???

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