Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hope everything goes smoothly

Well... first step has been done. Yesterday morning I went to my boss's office before she started her day. She looked at me so curious... and after telling her what I wanted to say, she felt much relieved... cos she thought I was going to resign... kekekeke...
Then she asked me to raise the leave form and I raised it that morning since I was catching the time *the ticket must be bought before 31st March.
And this morning, she managed to get the GM's signature... Hurayy.. and after finding out where my leave form's existence, I felt much relieved too...
I supposed to purchase the ticket this afternoon, but my sis-in-law didn't bring her card and tonight, I just managed to purchase the ticket online using her CC.
Tomorrow I'm gonna call them and ask them whether she has to come to check in counter or is it possible to get approval by giving authorisation letter to CTO, or has to personally go down to CTO.
I'm so exciting about the holiday. A 3-week holiday.. Long time I never take such a big break abroad.. especially in a country I've never been before..
I've planned to go some exciting cities in US, and it's been my dream to go there before I left this world one day. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I enjoy the trip.
Well.. quite late now.. gotta sleep soon.. otherwise, I wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow morning to work.. Ciao and please pray for me that everything is going to be alright... =)

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