Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't judge the book by its cover!

Just now I read my colleague's blog from friendster.
Well.. I'm not so close with her, but judging from her appearance, she is a very quiet, shy type gal who doesn't talk much, but when I read her blog.. looks like 'tebaling' one.. hahahaha... really can't believe that was her!
She mentioned f*** words for many2 times and the personality seems very different.
Actually there were lots of people like that.
From outside, they look very calm, mature, quiet, but inside was the other way around. The way they think, they do.. very very different.. hahaha..
Well.. perhaps I was one of them. But maybe from other angles.. even my best friend, when she knew the real me.. she was very surprised too.. Life o life.. there is always the other side that you don't want many people to know.. but eventually the fact is always there!!!
So, when u look for friend, or bf/gf, know the person inside out.. and don't just judget the book by its cover 'cos u might be surprise too when u know the real person inside!!!

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