Friday, April 21, 2006

Yeahhh... weekend is coming!!!

Always happens
when it's time to suffer, others are enjoying their times..
Don't need to envy.. 'cos we all have different goals in life
Anyway.. today is Friday!!! Tomorrow I'll have to work and study.. and I'll have a class on Sunday too.. Well.. fun... must enjoy.. hahahahahaha...
While I'm busy.. you can have fun.. it's alright.. don't worry about me..
Next week it seems to be a very busy week... FHA, Secretaries week, my friend came to town.. and many more things to do.. Gonna skip classes too.. *too bad..
What else? wait a minute.. munch a fererro rocher first... it's the second one i have had since this morning... hehehe... and i'm not the only one who is sleepy now after having lunch.. kekekeke... hope it helps!
Two good news I heard recently. First, my colleague, his wife is pregnant 5 weeks already.. and second, my good friend, his wife is pregnant 5 weeks too... both is longing for the first baby to come!! I'm happy for them. Hope that both babies can be bornt healthy and cute... =) boy or girl doesn't matter.. rite?
Well.. gotta do some work now.. lunch time has over almost half an hour already.. kekekeke... ttyl guys... muachhh

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