Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Today is Wednesday, 21st June 2006. How time flies... One of my colleagues resigned and today is his last day.. We had our lunch together at the office (ordering Pizza Hut & KFC together with celebrating other colleagues' b'day fell this month).
We took some pics together...
I realize there are many people left from this office and this is a very usual scene in working environment. A bit sad though.. but what to do?? life must go on...
Last nite I slept in Meritius Mandarin w/ my eldest sis and tonite too.. She came here on business trip with her boss yesterday nite. Nothing much to do actually inside the hotel, but it's convenient 'cos it only took 20 minutes from the hotel to the place where I work (instead of 40 mins journey from home to my working place) hehehe... And breakfast complimentary is only available for one person... *too bad.. hehehehe.. Now I'm little bit sleepy, not having enough sleep 'cos I slept about 1am last nite (she only arrived at the hotel at 11.30pm)
Hopefully I can have more sleep tonite.. and go for work freshly tomorrow morning..
2.5 weeks to go to my holiday trip.. really can't wait for it to come.. Write till here first.. Ciao

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