Friday, August 25, 2006

Dun feel good these few days

Issit b'cos I don't have enaf sleep??
Issit my mood has turned so bad (seems like the period is cumin soon)
Issit b'cos I just hate to live?

Maybe I'm just too tired..
But yesterday I managed to sleep earlier.. at 10pm, where previously I slept about 11pm 'til 12.30am something like that.. O.. O.. just remind me something.. Issit b'cos I was addicted to coffee???? Hm... let me think.. I drank coffee, when was it ya??? I knew I had one on Wed, then?? Aiyah.. duno lah.. maybe it's all b'cos my period coming soon.. *woman a.. womannn.. why every month must go through this???

Btw, 2 more weeks, upcoming D&D in the hotel. The topic is 'Costume Masquerade Nite'. They want us to wear something that people hardly recognise of who are we... If like that, how to eat??? heiheihiehiehie.... Haven't prepared any costume.. thinking of borrowing my son Power Ranger's mask.. but it's lil bit too little for my big face.. hahahahaha... Or how about Spiderman's mask... errr... he has one 'Pig' mask too.. made from paper plate.. haiehiaheihaiehiae.. maybe that one is big enough & more suitable for me.. ;P No lah.. duno leh what to wear... Still left 2 weeks, but noone seems care about it yet... aiyahh..
Am I losing my passion working here?? Ok ok.. dun start again.. it's all coming back to the above again... ok?? don't discuss cos I just dun feel good w/ myself these few days... alrite... cya..

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