Monday, August 21, 2006

Good & bad news

Today, I have good & bad news.
Good news is.. I passed my June's exam.
When my friend told me that the result has come out, I started feeling nervous. My heart sounds 'dag dig dug' quite hard. I was expecting my friend to check the result for me, but since it took so long, I decided to check it out myself. It's been long time that I didn't care for my study (after finishing the exam, exactly). I tried to forget everything and didn't bother about anything related to my study. Enjoyin' my holiday trip, relaxing at home, so that I even forgot which exam paper that I took for my last exam. So, when I opened my email, I only saw 61, Pass.. I was still thinking at that time.. where were the other numbers? Why is there only one number.. then I just realise something.. I looked at the paper name, and it was written 2.3, Pass, 61 marks.. Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................... Can't believe it that it's true!! I was expecting 'Fail' and 36 marks something, 'cos like what I said in previous blog (if I'm not wrong), the question of the exams were really killing me. Lots of questions were not taught by my teacher, and I really had no clue on how to deal with it. I just answered the best that I could and never I expect that I still get 61 marks for it. My previous exams were average 63 marks, it was only different 2 marks from it, which really surprised me and wonder where those marks were coming from and thanks SB for everything. Actually, if I found this to be 'fail', I will stop studying. *I'm not that presevere with myself and even yesterday when my sis-in-law asking me about it, I told her, working in finance might not be suitable for me too, it's kinda a boring job to do. So, that's why I was thinking, if this one failed, then I may not waste any more effort and money to continue my study. Somemore, I have to repeat something that I've learnt before.. it's kinda.. not used to it..
Bad news is I lost a bet with my friend. We actually made a bet. I told my friend, if I 'fail', then this friend of mine will buy new clothes for my bear and if I 'pass', then it's me who will buy new clothes for her bear.. hahahahhaa... And since I 'pass', I have to buy the bear's clothing for her. And she realised one thing, that I will never win any bets that we've made. I always a lose party... =P That's also why, I told her, that I will never buy so much 4D, or TOTO, 'cos I don't have this type of luck winning something.. too bad, oh??? Must work or got presents from someone to earn anything, which is very good already for me..
Now, it's time for me to think, whether to take another exam this round, or wait for next round. See first lah.. ok? Let me think about it...
Just finish my work. I just scanned lots of things today, really really exhausted now and needs enough rest to lose that strain in my brain... Let me relax for a while before doing something else, ok??? Ciao

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