Friday, August 11, 2006

Harry's @Esplanade

Yesterday after work, I was straightly heading to City Hall and walk into behind Esplanade. We were supposed to head directly to Harry's but suddenly think of eating chao kway teow and prawn mee behind the building there, the open air makan sutra. It's been a long time since I ate it for the last time. But we really disappointed seeing the quality and portion of the food that we bought. The kway teow were in big size, cold, only could taste sweet, and damn small in portion (compare with previously I bought about a year ago or less..). The prawn mee were also cold, kinda soggy, less chilli, and again, damn small in portion. I swear I won't eat it again there, anymore!!! They opened a branch in Wisma Atria, and the queue was damn long.. I was just thinking, perhaps the 'famous' cook has moved over there, that's why the quality is very much different now. Really disappointed. Another friend joined us and instead of recommending him eating there, we asked him to sit at Harry's and having his dinner there. So, after finishing those food, with an expensive Tiger beer (a 330ml can costs $4.20), we moved to Harry's. My friend then ordered his dinner plus some snacks for us to eat. He ordered Nachos and spicy ball chicken. I thought the Nachos should be plain and served with condiments, but I was wrong. They put the cooked minced beef plus cheese and cut-preserved-chilli, which I think quite heavy. They also put sour cream, tomato, and avocado condiments in separate cups. Wah, so full... We talked over the work, the bombing plot in Britain, trip in US, etc. 'til 9pm then we headed back home.
I went to look for the clothes for my 'Reyka' bear, but I was surprised to see the prices. Its costs range from $22.90 to $33.90 or more. Wow.. I thought S'pore would sell cheaper, but I was wrong. I think US is still cheaper than here.. *sigh... Just think of using my baby's cloth for the bear, but I think it's still too big to 'her'. So.. just wear the princess suit for the moment ba... hehehe...
Write till here.. Gotta work again... ciao

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