Thursday, August 31, 2006

Korean food

Yeahh.. just now reading my previous blog posts and it reminds me of the Korean food... hehehe.. I went to Se Ra Bel Korean Restaurant last Friday 'cos after I called them, they said they sell 'rice cake' for BBQ. When we reached there and asked, found out that the rice cake that they sell is different from what was on my mind but eventually, the cook was making it right away, but instead of made of rice, it was made of flour, a bit chewy, but still nice.. We had pork belly and beef bulgogi for BBQ, tofu soup, and chap jae (fried Korean vermicelli noodle). It was nice, but I found it very very very very expensive... It costs us almost 100 bucks for that dinner... which made me realised on how expensive eating at the restaurant and why wouldn't I cook it myself?? So... last Saturday evening, I went to Bugis to buy the ingredients for the Korean food, such as sesame oil, chilli powder from Korea, sauce for BBQ meat, the bowls for tofu soup, dried vermicelli, soup seasoning for tofu soup too, and we even bought the hot plate for BBQ-ing. I will take the gas stove from my sis-in-law this weekend (my mom bought it but she didn't use it, so she brought it back to S'pore and gave it to my sis-in-law, and since my sis-in-law didn't use it as well, she decided to give it to me.. thank you so... hehehe...), then so far, I've tried on how to make the tofu soup myself (instead of paying $14.50 for the soup), and also how to cook the Chap jae (costs $12.00 for a very small portion). And when we ate it at home (w/ my mother-in-law, sis-in-law, hubby, bro-in-law), they like it very much leh... =D Cheng Gong!!!! Actually plan to make BBQ this weekend, but since we have another thing to do.. so I guess we will cancel our plan... and make it next time...
Actually I like to cook.. by eating it, I can imagine on how it was made.. (of course not to all food), but some, can lor.. but lots of them, I can't .. hahahaha... Still remember the time when I was still so young, my father always asked me to go to the kitchen and help up.. Seeing is also learning for him.. So, I saw how the food was cut, cook, how to smash the chilli w/ all other ingredients, etc., which I think.. give me some benefit, cos obviously, not everyone knows or willing to do it.. hehehehe.... *at least, I'm still a normal girl.. hahahaha... although not everyday cook, but at least I like to try something new.. kekekeke..
Ok lah.. talking about food made my stomach hungry... hihihihii... Gotta stop writing now.. otherwise my stomach will sing all along.. yeahhhh!!!!

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