Sunday, August 13, 2006


I feel much better with this 5 day work thing... 2 days off after 5 days work are just amazing!!!
I got much time for myself. I have enough time to iron my 5 days work' clothes. I have enough time to relax myself watching TV, or movies, or DVDs, etc. I have enough time to be with my family and others. It makes me lazy to go outside my house. Just enjoy the time passes by inside my room with this wonderful laptop, which can connect me with outside world. I have enough time to read novel, but too bad, I haven't developed the habit to read yet. hahaha...
Suddenly it makes me thing.. why not continuing my study again? Well.. I will see first. I got a feeling that I will fail my last paper.. The result will come out next next Monday. And after that paper, I felt very demotivated to continue my study actually.. Well, see lah.. if I really fail, maybe I won't continue it anymore.. To get up from the fall isn't very easy. Maybe I get bored very fast with what I do.. which is not good hor??? Aniwae, don't think gotta take any class this semester.. Wanna relax my mind first.. ciao

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