Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a tiring day!!!

Wahh.. I'm exhausted right now... really tired...
I couldn't sleep well last nite 'cos one queen size bed to be shared by 2 adults and 1 four year old child. Last night I slept in my bro's house, 'cos my parents have come back from Penang and tomorrow they're going back to Jakarta, so I just spent a night there together w/ my son and I really couldn't sleep well.. Not enough space, not enough pillow, not enough blanket, too cold, and the worst thing is.. nightmare. I was having a nightmare last night =((( And I tried to fall asleep since 10pm, but I think I only slept after 11pm and this morning I've to wake up at 7am.
At 11 plus in the morning I went to get signatures in City Hall and only come back before 12pm. I had lunch w/ my parents, sis, and son at the restaurant where I work. At first, I planned to have a la carte menu for my lunch, but after seeing the buffet.. I changed my mind.. hehehe.. I also took a buffet lunch together w/ them and not bad.. The food was quite fresh and nice =)
After lunch, I had to do lots of things. Preparing the letter to be sent tomorrow. And also.. I saw three boxes near my office. Those were binding reports given by GM. Wow.. 3 boxes!!! I brought the binding machine to my table and I took out the plastic binder one by one and also took out the divider, which can be used again for the next report. There were so many of them!!! And now.. I'm exhausted!! My eyes are quite heavy.. And tonight I'll have dinner at home. My hubby invited my parents to have a steamboat at home. Wahh... eat again.... XP
K'lah.. gotta sms my friends now 'cos the meeting time have to be changed since one of my friends couldn't make it this Thursday... Ciao!!!

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