Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of the year

Woke up a 10am.. Started doing my 2nd puzzle 'Hotel' at 10.30am and managed to finish it at 7pm at nite.. hehehehe... nothing much to do today..

How about 2006?
It has been a good year. I've got an increment, fulfilled my dream to US, donated my blood, spent CNY w/ a whole family members @Jakarta, Bandung, bought my dream things.. etc.. hehehehe...
So far, I've been blessed w/ good health too..
Just hope that everything would be alright in 2007. Some optimism is needed to start a new year as things will always change up and down. Always be positive and enjoy every moment both good and bad. Some good friends have left the company but no matter how far we are, we are still friends and contacting to each other.. and hope that it always be.. For those who will leave.. I wish you all the best in ur future career and love.. Hope we will always be good friend too.. And for my faraway best friend ever.. always wish all the best for u in ur career and love.. Miss u always...

Happy new year 2007 to all of you....

Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy happy new year....

Hehehehhehehehe... Only this morning I found out that we all need to go back to work next WEDNESDAY instead of TUESDAY.. hehehe.. I thought it is same w/ X'mas.. but I forgot that on 31st Dec is a public holiday too ~ Hari Raya Haji, and will be replaced next Tuesday.. haiwhiahwihawihiawhiaw... sooo happyyyyy.... It means.. I have more time to work on the puzzles that I bought.. X) At first I planned to make only one of them since I only have Sunday and Monday.. but since Tuesday is off too.. hehehehe... it means I can make some more.. see first laa... if I was too tired, then better take a good rest lor.. anyway.. 4 days off in a row.. wiiiiiiiiii.... maybe other country only have 3 days off??? or maybe more? hahahaha...
My son will start the school too... Hm.. hope that he can adapt to the 4 hour school instead of 2 hour and the school will start earlier too.. Jia you bao bei!!!!
Today is the last day of the year to work... yippiieee!!!! We will have to put back the X'mas tree to its box later before off from work and will only see it again next year... *if I'm still around.. =)
Happy new year everyoneeee...... Hip Hip... Hurayyyyy...........................

Thursday, December 28, 2006


After lunch I went out to my favourite place located just along the river. It actually belongs to the restaurant, but it closes in the afternoon so that I can sit on their available seats outside. I sit facing to the river and these past few weeks the weather here is windy and raining.. sooo good..
Just like this afternoon.. when I went in there, it wasn't raining.. but after a while the rain would start coming down.. the wind blew and I felt calm and soothing. Wish that I can sit there 'till nite time and dun need to go back to work.. hehehe... I like this type of weather. Usually last few months when I went there, the sun would shine so hot.. and no wind at all. But yesterday it rained heavily 'til I had to move somewhere else to avoid getting wet 'cos the tents weren't really protecting the whole seating area.
December.. month of raining.. Sometimes it annoys me 'cos it makes me wet and has to wear special footwear everytime I go out.. Everytime I also have to bring umbrella to make sure that when rain comes, I have my weapon ready in my bag.. hehehehe... People can easily get sick too.. What I can do now is just to prevent it happening to me by drinking more water, getting enough rest, and eating more fruits.. 'cos I hate getting sick. Yup, I can get MC from doctor and stay at home, but the mc can last only the most 2 days, while the sickness will stay on through 3 weeks or even a month.. what for? Being healthy is still the best.. hehehe..
No wonder my hubby still doesn't look out for a job 'cos I guess he is enjoying the good weather by keep staying at home, sleeping and waking up late.., watching tv, playing game, etc.. huh... not fair.. maybe I should plan of making a baby to be bornt again in December time.. so I can get 3 months leave from December to February.. and enjoy the terrible weather inside home safely.. hahahahhahahahahhahaa...... Good idea ya? XP
Hmmm... feeling better now.. Just now I was kinda moody..
3 more days.. then the year will change to 2007. Gotta meet my old friend this evening for dinner, then have a gathering w/ my senior high school friends on the 30th, then plan to make a puzzle again during 31st and 1st Jan.
For new year resolution??? Let me think...
1. Continue my study (after 6 months rest). I know it's not easy but diligent will pay out.. So, I must make sure that I open my book not only near the exam time, but also try to read notes regularly so that I won't kalang kabut when exam is coming.. hehehe... Jia you!!!! Normally I am lazy to go to a class.. somemore now the time is quite tight. Finish work at 6.15pm and school starts at 6.45pm. The journey itself already takes almost half an hour.. not enough time to eat.. so must plan on something so that I have something to nibble during the class and my stomach won't upset.. hehehehe.. Jia you!!!!
2. Keep up w/ my current job. Must maintain the good job.. Hm.. so far I found it ok.. duno if later something happens.. No matter what.. must know what I'm doing and be responsible w/ it!!!
3. Balance life well between study, work, and time for my son =) I won't be a good mum if I neglect him too often. I don't remember much on how much my mum took care of me when I was young 'cos last time my mum helped up my father's job, then worked at the shop since morning 'til nite time. When I went to school, my maid would prepare a breakfast for me, then my driver would drive me to school. After school, my father would fetch me to his office or to go for lunch, to shop, or to go home. If I had extra curricular activity, my aunt would come to school and brought me food or accompanied me for lunch at the school. I only felt my mum's care until when I was in senior high school. That time, my 2nd sis and bro have left to US to study and my 3rd sis was staying outside 'cos her school was quite far from home. So, only left me at home lor... no choice.. no body to sayang except me.. hahahhahaa.... No la.. my 3rd sis also went home often on weekend and my mum would ask us what to eat and my sis would say... 'udang pete cabe' and the big bowl of 'udang pete cabe' would be eaten only by two of us.. haiehiaheihaiheihaiehaiheihaei...... Haiyah.. now suddenly I turned back time le... ok ok.. continue w/ the next resolution... Oya, before that.. I have bought two tickets to HK for next CNY (just me & my son) so I hope I can spend a week of quality time w/ him and make him satisfy his dream to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse and friends.. =)
4. I read newspaper yesterday saying that lots of people saying their resolution for next year is to do more exercise.. the newspaper even said that the membership for gym and yoga will increase 10-30% next year... hehehe.. not for me... I'm not the type of person who likes to exercise... hehehehehe... but I like to walk.. walk.. and walk... just walk... X)
Soo... any other activity to do next year??? Hm.. don't have anything in mind yet... Just live w/ the life lorr.... How about another dream?? So far I don't have any particular thing in my mind.. I do have one.. but better keep it w/ me first.. hehehehehe.... So.. other than these.. life goes on as usual.. Having a baby?? Not so soon.. unless if suddenly I change my mind.. :P
Well... nothing to say now... Ciao!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'Yoggie' & Shakes

Hehehe.. when I was reading my own blog about the new blender, suddenly I have this urge to write about the 'yoggie' ~ short form of yoghurt ~ and shakes ~ milk shakes ~
So far these were what I have been experiencing since the day I bought the blender ~different types of milk shakes & yoggie w/ fruits:
~ Melon w/ milk & ice cream
~ Banana w/ milk & ice cream
~ Vanilla ice cream & oreo
~ Kiwi w/ ice
~ Orange juice
~ Strawberry w/ yoghurt
~ Pinneaple w/ yoghurt
~ Strawberry, pinneaple w/ yoghurt
My cousins brought a pack of durian from Bangka and it is now kept at the freezer at home. Hehehe... I will try to blend the durian w/ milk. How does it sound??? XP
Fruits mixed w/ yoghurt is good. I used the plain yoghurt to mix. Both fruits and yoghurt are good for digestion system and fruits contain lots of vitamin as well.. so.. hopefully I can still maintain this habit of drinking yoggie & shakes.. hehehehe...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enjoy the process

I watched another HK TV series lately and in one of the series, there was this girl who was saying to enjoy the process of the relationship that she has.. *she loves the guy wholeheartedly while the guy has another girl in his mind..
So many times we only want to see the result. For example: When we're studying in school, we focus our mind mainly to the exam and the reason of school is to pass the exam and get the cert. We may have missed lot of our times of being together w/ friends, go outing w/ them, celebrate any occassion w/ them, etc. When we're working in office, we focus on how to get more sales that leads to more commission. We may have missed lots of our times again of being together w/ colleagues, getting together in company's activity, etc.
And I feel it myself when I make the puzzle few days ago. Before making the puzzle, I was so eager waiting for the days to come. It was challenging for me to finish it up. When doing it, my intention was only to get it finish as soon as possible. But once I finished it, I knew that there was satisfaction that I've finally made it.. but after that.. then what??? Just have to frame it and keep it somewhere before finding a right place to put it on the wall.. And good times have ended in just 2 days.. Just wondering.. If I made it slowly.. yes, it will take longer time to finish it up.. but the joy of making it would have be longer than only two days, rite? Why don't I just enjoy the time? Why must I rushingly finish it up? I knew at the first place that the result would be the same as the picture printed on the box. Hm.. life is so fragile.. I don't know how to describe it in words.. but happiness won't last long and so does the sorrow. It is always be up and down.. good and bad.. Again w/ relationship.. it's better to enjoy the process.. although I will never know what outcome will it be in the future. As long there is hope.. it gives me life. That's much better than just fulfilled every wishes and no wish left to live a life in the future...
But how about the other part has felt?? Will he/she feel the same way too????

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yeahhh..... I bought 3 puzzles 2 days ago.. Actually I went to the puzzle shop on Thursday w/ PY and I had the interest to buy it.. they have a 10% discount for non-member and 20% discount for member and when I asked the seller on how to become a member, she told me that customer has to purchase the items from the shop for at least $200 per single receipt or $500 for accumulative receipt in 6 months time. Then I was considering whether to buy it up to $200 or not 'cos $200 is really not a small amount... And the reason on why I was interested to buy was that b'cos there were puzzles that I wanted to buy since long time ago... I saw it about 6 years ago in one of dept store in Swiss.. I didn't buy it at that time althouth I like it very very much 'cos I thought it was expensive (it costs Sfr 40 plus) and it will take lots of spaces for my luggage when I went back home and anyway, I was not really have interest in puzzle.. but I love the picture very much... =) And I saw it again back here in that shop and they have several different pictures.. and I love two of them. Each costs S$65.80.. Expensive oh?? And there is also a doraemon's 3 dimension puzzle.. hehehe.. New type!! They provide the stand for his body and the 'baling baling bambu' on top of his head.. and it costs $39.50 each.. wow...
Then when I went back to the same shop again on Friday, I found out that there was a late nite offer, which means there was 20% discount after 8 pm and when I were there, it was already at 8.10pm. So I asked PY too whether she wants to buy or not 'cos she was also interested to buy the round puzzles... So.. I finally bought again the things that I want.. I planned not to go out during the 2 long weekend (this weekend and next weekend) and I started to make the first puzzle on Saturday for almost a whole day 'til 3.30 am and continued it on 'til today at about 9pm. Finally I finished it!!! Wow, can't believe it!! Actually I give myself 3 days to finish it up.. and who knows that I can do it in two days!!! Exciting!!!
And i realize that I have fulfilled lots of things in my life recently.. I mean.. buying things that I really want and have it.. I finally bought my down pillow.. my comfortable quilt cover.. my doraemon set (6pcs of dinasour edition).. my bear's clothings.. my blender... and now.. my puzzles... it was not cheap but at least.. I wasn't aim on condo, cars, and things alike.. I only want a simple life w/ things that I love and something that I can afford and make me satisfy w/ it.. hehehe... and now too many things I have.. dun have place to put all other barang2.. hihieiehieheie... maybe need more storage place soon... =P
Tomorrow is X'mas.. I received a X'mas card from my best friend who is currently staying in Sydney.. Thanks Put!!! =) And many X'mas smses from PY.. kekekee.... Merry X'mas to you everyone... may all ur wishes come true too.. =)

Friday, December 22, 2006

X'mas celebration @office

Yesterday we were celebrating our X'mas party at the office =) Too bad we didn't manage to take whole dept picture w/ the trees since we were too busy w/ food, gift, clearing up rubbish, clearing up tray, etc. So, I can only attach the photo next to me for this blog ^^

A bit screw up since at 4pm, my boss remembered that she had to issue a BIG cheque to the contractor and it need 2 BIG persons to sign and one of them will fly and available only to sign the cheque before 5pm while the party was supposed to start at 4pm and I was one of the organisers for the party.. So she was rushingly asking my colleague to print out the cheque and I immediately went out from the office as fast as I can, but again.. it was 4 pm plus... which was a difficult time to find a TAXI!!! After waiting for 10 mins, I finally managed to get one.. fiuhh.... and 'luckily' one of the BIG people was away from the office so I didn't have to wait for him to sign it and could rushingly come back to the office.. and again.. have to wait another 10 mins for the TAXI =((( and only reached back to the office about 5pm.

They all have just started and not too late for me to join them.. hehehe... I guess they were waiting for me as well.. heihaiheiaheihaieae.... The food was very nice.. I heard lots of compliments on it. The chicken, spaghetti, sotong ball, etc. Clap hands to my colleague, Alfred, who has given lots of his efforts to cook spaghetti bolognaise for us.. plok plok plok.. and I only asked him to cook it the day before 'cos it's been quite sometime since the last time he cooked it for us and my friend was missing it XP hehehehehe.... Although he got appointment w/ his friend that nite, he still managed to buy the ingredients and cooked it all nite.. Thank you very much!! And the spaghetti w/ its sauce was superb!!!! A big thumb for him!!! =D
I ordered Canadian Pizza (Hawaiian Classic and BBQ Chicken Bonanza). Buy 2 gets 2 free.. hehehe... 2 bottles of sparkling juice.. Sushi.. BBQ Chicken.. hm... plus the log cake... I think people all enjoyed the food very much. Then last but not least was each person taking one number, where each number represents a gift for everyone. Quite fun but not as fun as last year.. hehehehehe....
I got a Winnie the Pooh plastic bag w/ cushion and Minnie Mouse's photo album.. not bad, oh?? Then the party ended about 6pm and at nite PY and I went to Marina Square to find a last minute present for other colleague.. hehehe...
Ok lah.. finish my story 'til here... bye byeeee...... ^^

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hip Hip Hurayyyy....

Hehehe.... This morning, quite having a good mood... u know y???? 'Cos yesterday nite.. I finally bought my blender!!!! haueahehaehahehaehaehae..... I'd been longing for it since a week ago and kept looking for the best one.. and finally yesterday I bought it at Courts!!! It is a Phillip brand, made from glass and have to rotate to turn it on.. stylo mannn!!! But it can only be used to blend, crush ice, and it has filter as well to separate the juice and the flesh.. wiiiiiii.... Too bad yesterday the fruits at Cold Storage were not fresh at all!!! *I thought they claimed to always serve the freshest food in city???? ;( therefore I only managed to buy melon w/ milk. I bought one tub of vanilla ice cream below my house and deng deng deng deng... VOILA... "melon milk shake"... hehehehehhe.... =D so happy...
Today I plan to buy banana, strawberry, oreo cookies to try out something else.. or even coffee w/ ice cream??? XP
But I'm sure it's only a spur of a moment.. hiaehiaheihaiea.. I may only use it for one two weeks, and after that, it will be kept somewhere in the store room huwhawhawhhawaw... *bad habit... no lah.. fruits and milk are healthy mahhh.. *except for the ice cream... hihihihi..
And this afternoon my colleagues and I plan to buy food for our party later.. hope the budget is enough.. It is quite tight actually.. but we just try our very best!! I want to thank my dear colleague and best friend, PY, for her enourmous help to make this X'mas happier and merrier.. w/ the existance of 6ft X'mas tree this year.. it creates the X'mas mood very much compare w/ previous years... surrounding w/ gifts.. and lots of sponsor from PY *She forked out her own money to buy the boxes, cutleries, and other things as well.. Thank you very much, PY!!!
I just hope everything will run smoothly... =)
Well... talk 'til here.. wanna continue my work.. Merry X'mas everyone!!! Ciao!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Dunno why, suddenly I feel drowsy and headache.. It seldom happens. Perhaps b'cos I didn't have a good sleep last nite. I woke up in the middle of the nite.. and difficult to fall asleep after that.. I was thinking of the food arrangements for Thursday's party, 'cos I haven't made any plan yet on it... Still 1.5 hours to go for home.. I dun have a plan to go anywhere else except home tonite. Feel so tired.. Perhaps yesterday's rain??? Or maybe wanna get sick soon?
I just hope I can recover soon.. and hopefully not much things to do after this.. wanna take a rest. Oklah, nothing to update so far.. Life is going on as usual.. ordinary things... =) Ciao!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy weekend for everyone...

Waaa.... it's been a wonderful weekend last week... =)))
Last Saturday, PY and I went shopping together. We bought presents for our dept staffs (total 18 people). At first, we planned to go PS first, then Orchard.. but since we bought lots of things, we ended up just to go PS and no time at all to go Orchard. We had our dinner at Thai Express and after that we went to office to put our barang2 at 9.53pm. At first, we only planned to put our things in.. but we ended up wrapping some of the presents as well and we finished at 11.24pm and I reached home at 12am. Wow.. so tiring... I slept at 1am and woke up the day after at 8am 'cos the place where I work held a X'mas celebration for staff's children at the Ballroom. Three of us went at 10am, but since so many people were late *raining.. and some even didn't come.. I think we only started to have our 'brunch' at 11am.

There was a cookie decoration's competition for children and my son joined in as well. For fun, of course. It was his first time attending this type of competition together w/ his parents. At first, my hubby helped him out, then I helped him out as well. He put all those m&m and rice chocolates himself. I helped him put the coloured cream. hehehe... Other parents did the same too.. and then at 11.30am, the magician arrived and kids were starting to have fun w/ games, quiz, and of course, magic!!! I guess, not only children enjoyed it.. adults did too.. =)
After the show ended, they announce the winner of the cookie decoration. And we never expect that my son is the 1st winner for the competition and he got book shop voucher.. wow.... I thought the gift was only $20, but after that we found out that it was $50 voucher.. weee.......
So.. we were quite surprised for that.. But for me, the most important thing was that my son enjoy the process of the whole thing rather than just to win the competition.
The brunch was not bad too.. fried beehoon, pasta w/ tomato sauce n herbs, fish nuggets w/ tartare sauce, fried fish ball, fried chicken wing & drum stick, cha siew pao, mini sausages, fruits, log cake, even ice cream... hehehehe...
We went down to my office afterward. My hubby helped me to build the X'mas tree bought on Friday. One of my colleagues helped me as well. Actually we would like to buy a 5 ft tree.. but since we were quite late, the stock was finished and they have either 4 ft or 6 ft. PY and I bought 4 ft tree at first, but after put it out, my boss wasn't satisfy and felt it was too small.. So we went back to the shop and replaced it w/ the 6ft one. And today, in the beginning she wasn't satisfy as it is too big and block a way *people has to go one round to pass the road. Yeah.. human is not easy to be satisfied. But after I removed the chair, which was usually put in front of my table, and after sometime, she began to satisfy.. *I guess... XP
Since morning, I only heard people were complaining that it was too big and they have to walk one round to pass the road.. but not a single 'thanks' at all for all the effort that has been made. Hm.. until now, still haven't heard of it as well, but it doesn't really matter anyway... Hope the party this Thursday would be enjoyable.. that would be more than enough...
Continue.. hehehe... after finished w/ the tree, my hubby and son went back home first, while PY and I continue our day to Takashimaya.. hehehehe.. finally she went there.. *She has been wanting to go there for quite some time.. but b'cos of exams, she had been there less lor...
I bought presents for her and she bought mine too.. my Doraemon collections have increased... thanks PY!!!
Oya, this morning, my colleague told me that he has resigned... hm... another person has to leave.. quite sad.. but hey, this is life.. no matter what.. world still has to go around, rite??
Oklah.. write till here.. hope all of u had an enjoyable weekend too last week! =) Ciao!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Bul-bor ~ New Year 2007

New year is about 2 weeks to come... Is it too early for me to fill up the following bul-bor below???? Hope not... =D

In the year 2007, you will be turningwhat age?
*Hm... still 20+++!! kekekekekeke..... XP

in what month?

How do you feel about turning that age?
*Hm.. I feel like.. I'm still the same.. unlike other people in my age, who has been more successful w/ their career.. Anyway.. different people has different choice on how to live a life.. so this is my life and I don't feel ashamed w/ my life at all...


Do you want to...Lose weight?
*Lose weight is not the right thing to say.. perhaps maintaining what I have now would be more reasonable.. =)

Excercise more?
*My ankle and leg are painful these past few weeks.. perhaps b'cos I walk too much from home to home.. so.. I don't think I'll do more exercise nxt year.. somemore.. I always lazy to exercise.. hehehe...

Get a better job?
*No plan at the moment.. But as time changes... things may change too.. environment might be different... and it may change my current decision... =D

Go to school/college?
*Yup.. continue the part that I've stopped.. just for fun and make myself busy ;P

Quit smoking?
*Hm.. I'm not smoker...

Quit Drinking?
*Errr.. someone asked me not to drink beer too much.. but my feeling might be the same when I asked all the smoker to stop smoking =)


Have any other resolution?Or No resolution?
*Haven't thought about it yet.. but I guess I'll have one.


Are you going to:
Get married?
*For a second time??? XP

Have a baby?
*I really wish that I could have another one.. but it depends on lots of things... :(

Buy a house?

Move out on your own?
*Hehehe.. can I?

Graduate from school?
*Still a long way to go...

See your child graduate
*Graduate from K1? =P

Any other major things going on?
*No plan on major things at the moment.. But I'm a very impulsive person.. so.. who knows something may happen next year..


And Lastly...
Do you have any hopes for 2007?
*I guess everyone has new hopes in every new year..

What are they?
*I hope everyone can go through the difficult year next year w/ all ups and downs.. and blessed w/ good health and always full of love =)

Anything you want to declare about 2007?
*Not at the moment...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Donate blood

Today the place where I work is holding a "Blood Recruitment Drive" for staffs. And it's my first time of donating blood in my life =D Actually I would like to have done that long time ago, I think it's back in year 1995 or 1996, but I couldn't remember the reason why I didn't do that. I saw my sister was donating her blood in the temple and my imagination was that the injection needle was very BIG.. so today, with full of physic and mental preparation, I finally made it. And I was wrong. Actually they gave us an injection, using only a small needle, and only little bit of pain. *Maybe different country different injection needle XP and anyway.. it was different from what I imagined.. hehehe...

They said they took 450ml per person for both male and female. My Indonesian friend told me usually they only took 250ml (perhaps that was what she had done in Indonesia). So... overall ok lor.. A bit weak at the beginning but after enough rest, it was all fine *hopefully...

And hopefully it will be useful too... hehehe...

Lots of my colleagues wanted to donate their blood, but too many restrictions given therefore they can't make it. For example: you must be feeling well that day, not having colds, coughs or flu in the last one week, no fever in the last 3 weeks, must be free from AIDS, high blood pressure, hepatitis B or C, and many many more.. wowww.... sooooo many requirements... and luckily I had fulfilled those requirements as far as I know.. hehehe...

Oklah.. gotta continue my work.. Ciao!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hari ini sepiiieeeeeee banget deh...
Temen gw yang biasanya bawel, hari ini ujian.. met ujian yah.. moga2 berhasil!!!
Tetangganya temen gw hari ini juga cuti. Dia nyiapin ujian besok.. moga2 berhasil juga ye...
Gw ga ujian apa2 kali ini.. yah enaknya yah ga stress.. ga ada ganjelan gitu loh.. Ga enaknya yah gw jadi lebih lama lagi lulusnya... *sigh...
Tiba2 kepengen aja nulis blog pake bahasa Indo.. dah lama ga curhat pake bahasa Indo kali yeee..
Hari ini anak gw ultah.. 4 taon. Tadi pagi gw ajak dia ngomong2 gitu, eh matanya malah nempel ke televisi.. keqi kan gw... jadinya gw omel2in. gw matiin tv, trus remote tv ama cable nya gw umpetin biar dia ga bisa nonton.. trus maenan dari kukunya jg gw ancem mao gue buang..
trus dia menitikkan air mata gitu. mukanya senduuuu banget... kesian juga.. cuman yah itu lah.. makin gede makin bandel.. gwnya juga sih sibuk mulu.. pegi2 mulu..
Kemaren aja pulang kerja makan ayam penyet lagi, trus jalan2 gt di Orchard. Pulang2, dienya dah bobo... hiks hiks hiks.. padahal gw sayang banget loo ama anak gw.. kalo dia ampe sebel ama gw, gimana ya??? bikin anak lagi geto??? hihihihihi... sapa tau anak kedua lebih sayang ama gw.. kalo ga sayang2 juga??? hiks... masa bikin anak terus???
Yah, moga2 dia bisa lebih sayang ama gw deh.. entar malem langsung pulang rumah deh, ga ke mana2 lagi.. liat2 palingan bisa beli apaan entar.. sapa tau ada kue ultramen.. yah yang kecil aje.. asal dia seneng.. *kalo dia seneng.. sigh...
Ini sepi banget gile... mana panas lagi.. kayanya ac nya blon nyala2 dari tadi.. katanya semalem ada false alarm en rusuh gitu... hm.. bulan ini kaga bagus neh.. bos gw juga bilang gitu..
Hari ini aja dia pake baju terang banget... gw pikir baju baru.. Pas gw nanya, katanya dia baca buku, saranin dia pake baju warna biru, buat cooling down gitu.. en pas buka2 lemari, eh ada tuh baju.. makanya dia pake.. lucu juga..
Jadi penasaran ama tuh buku.. jadi pengen beli juga.. hihihihi.. abis katanya cun gitu ramalannya.. aje gile kan.. hiehiehie... Cuman kayanya gw belon ketemu2 neh tempat jualnya.. oiya, niat minjem kartu diskon ama bos gw.. tapi lupa moeloe... XP
Bete banget sih pagi2 begini?? hmmh....
Moga2 entar siangan jadi lebih baek deh.. *ngarep2 mulu...
Moga2 bulan 12 ini lewat aman2 aja yah... amin....

Monday, December 11, 2006


Seems like things don't go smoothly lately... =(
Kinda bad mood now.. hiks hiks hiks...
Is December a bad month for me too??? sob sob...
Hopefully my mood can change to the better soon...

'Bout last weekend..
Friday was busy day at work. Scan, scan, and scanning day..
My colleague told me this...
'She is a photocopy girl - since most of the time her job is to photocopy papers...
Me? I'm now a scanning girl - since last Monday, my job is about to scan, scan, and scan documents...
and another collegue...
She is a photographer girl - since she has to take lots of photograph for the fixed asset's project'
Just remember it, makes me laugh...

Visited VIVO city again last Friday... hehehe... getting bored w/ the place soon.. 'cos its location is not far from my office (only 3 MRT stations) and takes about 10-15 mins there.. Just hanging around there.. having my dinner at Banquet and walk walk...

Stayed at home for Saturday.. and u know wad? The modem spoilt!!! Hm.. not the modem, but found out to be the adapter of the modem spoilt!!! Suddenly no connection.. when I checked on it, no light.. and really.. spoilt.. But today my hubby managed to go down and buy a new adapter for it.. Hopefully problem is settled and I can go online soon.. =P

Yesterday.. I went to Bugis to Kwan Im Temple to pray.. then walk2 lor... When I went to OG, I saw the cute / mini electronic appliances, which can fit for 1-2 people. I was so imaginary.. thinking that I was using it for a small place for two.. hihihihi.. but the dream was abolished soon after I realise.. even for 2, it won't be enough.. the appliances were too small.. (electronic appliances ~ rice cooker, water-boiler, iron, coffee machine, etc.) 'cos guys usually eat a lot.. hahahhahaa.... so I was thinking of living alone.. but dun think it can happen now.. duno in the future, maybe.. if I have to stay alone when I get old...

Then when we wanted to go home, it was raining.. so we walked2 and found a right food to eat.. MOS Burger.. hehehe.. 'cos I wanted to purchase their 'panda' and ' bear' that I like... So I managed to buy both and go home.

At 6pm we went out for dinner to celebrate my son's bday which is coming soon (tomorrow). We held it earlier 'cos I'm afraid if I ate too much tomorrow, then something happened to me and I can't donate blood.. so... like that lor... Uncle bought b'day cake.. but my son was a bit disappointed to find out that there was no ultraman or any other cartoon on top of the b'day cake.. kekekeke...

Well.. talk so much.. gotta continue my work.. so many things to do.. XP Ciao!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy.. sleepy..

It's been busy since Monday. Many things to do. Especially my Boss. So many things have to be done by her. I've been busy scanning things and do other things as well..
Slept 9 to 10 hours daily and today I'm still sleepy.. hehehe... Wanna buy nescafe from vending machine, but everything was sold out! What a day!
Gonna meet up w/ my friends later at nite for small gathering..
Hoaheemmmmhhh... still sleepy.. hiks hiks hiks... oya.. I read my ex-classmate's blog recently about her puppy.. the way she wrote.. really fresh and funny.. =)
O ya.. I'm planning to donate blood next Wed. It will be my first time and duno whether it will be my last time too.. XP Try not to get sick this week.. hopefully I can make it! I've been longing for this, but hopefully I really make it =D
Klah.. my sleepiness is still around and I have to find a way to kill it.. XP Ciao!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Build-a-bear workshop

I've got to know this workshop when I was in LA. It was located at Downtown Disney. My friend, Yuli, introduced me to this shop and suggested me to make a personalised bear by ourselves. Wow, it was soo fun!!!

At first, I didn't know why so many children around bringing the house-like boxes and didn't understand where they were coming from, but after making my own bear, then I knew what was it all about.. hehehe... *suaku ya???

Below is the process:

And below is the bear that me and my friend made...

Nice purple party outfits ya??? She has additional shoes, accessories (hat, necklace, and fairy stick), and leopard shawl w/ her.

And last Friday, 1st December 2006, the first shop was opened in Singapore located at the bridge between Vivo City & Harbour Front Centre at 2nd floor. I bought the new clothes for 'Reyka' - my bear's name and to 'Over Kang' - my son's bear's name, such as follow:

Angel outfit for Reyka. I was longing for this since a long time ago. I had one small angel bear before (about 8 years ago) and gave it to my ex-bf. Her name is Reyka too.. her wings were yellow gold colour and I don't know where is herabout now. And now I've fulfilled another my dream to have Reyka this angel outfit, which right for her size. She looks so beautifully. I also bought a pair of shoes and an underwear too for her.. hehehe... Just love her so muchhh!!!
As for Over Kang, I bought the 'Superman' outfit for my son's coming soon b'day. He also likes it very much and keeps saying that he has the Superman outfit as well and wants to wear it together.. =)

If you're interested, you can check it online or even buy it online at

As when u're looking for more varieties, you can go to There are lots more on it, especially those international outfits. Very cute... =)

You can say I am like a never grow up woman in this matter.. 'cos eventually I love dolls a lot.. =P J'aime poupee beaucoup.. XP

Friday, December 01, 2006

Casino Royale 007

I watched it last nite. My hubby got two free passes from his sis and we decided to watch it last nite, 'cos tonite I'll go to SITEX'06 w/ my colleague. We watched it at VIVO city. It's our first time of watching the movie there since it's been opened. The cinema is quite small but the screen is huge. We actually planned to watch 7pm movie, but it's full and therefore, we went for the 9.10pm movie. But the movie was only started at 9.30pm and it finished at 11.50pm and we have no choice but to go home by taxi, which costs us the same price of the movie ticket.. what a laugh.. kekekeke..

Overall movie was good. But sometimes I don't like it 'cos it's really movie.. which can't be done in reality *I guess so.. People can jump so high from one place to another without fear.. * I know they were trained in army or something like that.. but.. still.. how big the chance is that they never ever had any broken bone in their bodies.. and how fast the wound can be healed? And after drinking poison, he still managed to get alive.. kinda nonsense.. Aiyah.. movie is supposed to be imaginative anyway.. Maybe I just think too much on a reality rather than imagination.. hehehe...

We had Superdog for dinner. I tried the Germany hotdog w/ sourkraut plus fries w/ chillies. I don't think I will go back for a second time... I still prefer to eat German hot dog at Plaza Sing, much juicier, much fresher, and cheaper too.. XP
Well, that's for yesterday nite. We reached home at 12.30am and I took a bath then slept.. After today, at least I can have a rest for next two days.. *If I do take a rest... ;P
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