Friday, December 01, 2006

Casino Royale 007

I watched it last nite. My hubby got two free passes from his sis and we decided to watch it last nite, 'cos tonite I'll go to SITEX'06 w/ my colleague. We watched it at VIVO city. It's our first time of watching the movie there since it's been opened. The cinema is quite small but the screen is huge. We actually planned to watch 7pm movie, but it's full and therefore, we went for the 9.10pm movie. But the movie was only started at 9.30pm and it finished at 11.50pm and we have no choice but to go home by taxi, which costs us the same price of the movie ticket.. what a laugh.. kekekeke..

Overall movie was good. But sometimes I don't like it 'cos it's really movie.. which can't be done in reality *I guess so.. People can jump so high from one place to another without fear.. * I know they were trained in army or something like that.. but.. still.. how big the chance is that they never ever had any broken bone in their bodies.. and how fast the wound can be healed? And after drinking poison, he still managed to get alive.. kinda nonsense.. Aiyah.. movie is supposed to be imaginative anyway.. Maybe I just think too much on a reality rather than imagination.. hehehe...

We had Superdog for dinner. I tried the Germany hotdog w/ sourkraut plus fries w/ chillies. I don't think I will go back for a second time... I still prefer to eat German hot dog at Plaza Sing, much juicier, much fresher, and cheaper too.. XP
Well, that's for yesterday nite. We reached home at 12.30am and I took a bath then slept.. After today, at least I can have a rest for next two days.. *If I do take a rest... ;P

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