Thursday, December 28, 2006


After lunch I went out to my favourite place located just along the river. It actually belongs to the restaurant, but it closes in the afternoon so that I can sit on their available seats outside. I sit facing to the river and these past few weeks the weather here is windy and raining.. sooo good..
Just like this afternoon.. when I went in there, it wasn't raining.. but after a while the rain would start coming down.. the wind blew and I felt calm and soothing. Wish that I can sit there 'till nite time and dun need to go back to work.. hehehe... I like this type of weather. Usually last few months when I went there, the sun would shine so hot.. and no wind at all. But yesterday it rained heavily 'til I had to move somewhere else to avoid getting wet 'cos the tents weren't really protecting the whole seating area.
December.. month of raining.. Sometimes it annoys me 'cos it makes me wet and has to wear special footwear everytime I go out.. Everytime I also have to bring umbrella to make sure that when rain comes, I have my weapon ready in my bag.. hehehehe... People can easily get sick too.. What I can do now is just to prevent it happening to me by drinking more water, getting enough rest, and eating more fruits.. 'cos I hate getting sick. Yup, I can get MC from doctor and stay at home, but the mc can last only the most 2 days, while the sickness will stay on through 3 weeks or even a month.. what for? Being healthy is still the best.. hehehe..
No wonder my hubby still doesn't look out for a job 'cos I guess he is enjoying the good weather by keep staying at home, sleeping and waking up late.., watching tv, playing game, etc.. huh... not fair.. maybe I should plan of making a baby to be bornt again in December time.. so I can get 3 months leave from December to February.. and enjoy the terrible weather inside home safely.. hahahahhahahahahhahaa...... Good idea ya? XP
Hmmm... feeling better now.. Just now I was kinda moody..
3 more days.. then the year will change to 2007. Gotta meet my old friend this evening for dinner, then have a gathering w/ my senior high school friends on the 30th, then plan to make a puzzle again during 31st and 1st Jan.
For new year resolution??? Let me think...
1. Continue my study (after 6 months rest). I know it's not easy but diligent will pay out.. So, I must make sure that I open my book not only near the exam time, but also try to read notes regularly so that I won't kalang kabut when exam is coming.. hehehe... Jia you!!!! Normally I am lazy to go to a class.. somemore now the time is quite tight. Finish work at 6.15pm and school starts at 6.45pm. The journey itself already takes almost half an hour.. not enough time to eat.. so must plan on something so that I have something to nibble during the class and my stomach won't upset.. hehehehe.. Jia you!!!!
2. Keep up w/ my current job. Must maintain the good job.. Hm.. so far I found it ok.. duno if later something happens.. No matter what.. must know what I'm doing and be responsible w/ it!!!
3. Balance life well between study, work, and time for my son =) I won't be a good mum if I neglect him too often. I don't remember much on how much my mum took care of me when I was young 'cos last time my mum helped up my father's job, then worked at the shop since morning 'til nite time. When I went to school, my maid would prepare a breakfast for me, then my driver would drive me to school. After school, my father would fetch me to his office or to go for lunch, to shop, or to go home. If I had extra curricular activity, my aunt would come to school and brought me food or accompanied me for lunch at the school. I only felt my mum's care until when I was in senior high school. That time, my 2nd sis and bro have left to US to study and my 3rd sis was staying outside 'cos her school was quite far from home. So, only left me at home lor... no choice.. no body to sayang except me.. hahahhahaa.... No la.. my 3rd sis also went home often on weekend and my mum would ask us what to eat and my sis would say... 'udang pete cabe' and the big bowl of 'udang pete cabe' would be eaten only by two of us.. haiehiaheihaiheihaiehaiheihaei...... Haiyah.. now suddenly I turned back time le... ok ok.. continue w/ the next resolution... Oya, before that.. I have bought two tickets to HK for next CNY (just me & my son) so I hope I can spend a week of quality time w/ him and make him satisfy his dream to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse and friends.. =)
4. I read newspaper yesterday saying that lots of people saying their resolution for next year is to do more exercise.. the newspaper even said that the membership for gym and yoga will increase 10-30% next year... hehehe.. not for me... I'm not the type of person who likes to exercise... hehehehehe... but I like to walk.. walk.. and walk... just walk... X)
Soo... any other activity to do next year??? Hm.. don't have anything in mind yet... Just live w/ the life lorr.... How about another dream?? So far I don't have any particular thing in my mind.. I do have one.. but better keep it w/ me first.. hehehehehe.... So.. other than these.. life goes on as usual.. Having a baby?? Not so soon.. unless if suddenly I change my mind.. :P
Well... nothing to say now... Ciao!!!

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