Saturday, January 13, 2007


Today I went to my colleague's one month baby celebration at his house. Waaa.. the baby girl is sooo cutee... really wanna to have it on my own.. hehehehehe... =P
After that I went to PP. It's been such a long time I hadn't been there. Last time I used to go there 'cos I was working in one of the outlets in their foodcourt, but not anymore... Lots of shops were having sale.. waaa... I bought one shirt for working.. cheap cheap.. and bought some other things as well, included the fresh baked 'Famous Amos'.. wee weee..... finally I bought it.. hehehehe.. It's very nice and fresh, but a little bit too sweet...
I had a bowl of sliced fish beehoon soup for my dinner in the hawker centre nearby.. *Last time I used to eat it as well.. but the taste was slightly different now.. =(
And reaching home quite late.. but I managed to edit my fs' profile tonite.. hehehe.. nothing to do mah.. At first I wanted to watch VCD/DVD, but I couldn't find any good one.. and when I was browsing at fs, I found out that they had this function already to edit the page. And the result is not so bad.. quite satisfied.. put a slide and a song too.. =)
Waa.. time flies.. it's 11.25pm now.. gotta sleep soon.. otherwise I will wake up soo late again tomorrow.. hehehe... Hope you have a great weekend too.. ^^

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