Friday, March 30, 2007


Yeah.. it's Friday again.. how time flies...
Plan for tomorrow: go to polyclinic to ask for referance letter then have class at afternoon. Still not decide yet on taking exam or not. Most probably.. no :P
Aiyoh.. so boring... still 2 hrs and 10 mins to go... hiks...
This morning I went around Shenton Way twice. Not fun. But I have better knowledge about the building location now. Yesterday I went to DBS Bank at Hong Lim, but when I reached there I found that they are renovating their building and there is one alternative nearest DBS Bank at PWC Building. And I walked all the way there to find the PWC Building - also calling my cousin who works at Raffles Place area and I finally managed to find it. When I handed in the document, I only found out that my 2 bosses haven't signed the other column.. OMG!!! So I have to go back again to office, on foot, to get their signatures, and I decided to go to DBS Bank at Dobhy Ghaut - Oh ya.. I also found out that it should be spelled as 'Dobhy Ghaut' instead of 'Dobhy Ghout' ;) I think all along I use 'Dobhy Ghout' instead of 'Dobhy Ghaut' hehehe...
And I called my old friend yesterday, thought of asking her out for dinner, and I found out that she is now pregnant - and the baby will be dued around July this year.. wow... that's fast!!! I only knew that she got married last year.. wiii.. congrats to you Tang!!! So, when will be my turn? hehehehehe...... ;P
Yesterday after work I met the seller at City Hall MRT. He was late for about 20 mins from our appointment time 'cos he was meeting other two sellers before me. Finally I managed to get the Special Edition magnet - high value... hiks.. My money is getting less and less.. hehehehe...
I still have 10 to go!!! Not easy.. I know..
Then I had dinner w/ 2R - this is how I called my hubby & son in short form - at coffeeshop nearby our house. Food was not nice... dun think we'll buy the same food again next time. Hey, if w/ me, it becomes 3R - hehehe.... and if you want it bigger size (4R), then I have to find another name started w/ R for our next child... just kidding ^^
My old friend comes to Singapore. She called me not long time ago and we had a chit chat and later we might meet together at Vivo City. My hubby will come w/ me too.. So, we may have dinner together and after that walk walk lor...
Well.. alright.. talk quite a lot already.. hahahaha.... time to finish out this post... Have a great weekend everyone... Ciao!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday I was reading newspaper. There is an article regarding the protection of your blog, email and other thing online. There was a blogger who was hacked and when she acquired back her password, the 3000 posts have been deleted by the hacker and they couldn't find the hacker 'til now. Eee... sounds scary... I mean.. yeah.. I've changed my blog's and email password to avoid someone to delete or hack mine.. *You must be thinking.. who in the earth wants to delete my blog/email.. hahahahhaa.... Yeah.. just play safe.. better be safe than sorry, rite??

Well.. last nite I had a very nice dinner w/ my hubby, son, and my sis at Out of the Pan @Raffles City. I called up before dinner to inform them that I'll need to get staff discount for the dinner. My sister enjoyed the food very much and insists of coming back again next time when her hubby, my mum, and eldest sis coming to S'pore. Well, I've no problem w/ it as long as they allow us to use the staff discount in the premise.

We ordered caesar salad, mushroom, and tomato soup for our starter. The soup was very nice and so does the crepe. I had Pecking duck crepe, while my hubby ordered Beef & bell peppers crepe. My sis ordered the same as mine. Then we had Banana Boat for our dessert.. nyummy...

After that, my sis went back home, while the rest of us walked to Carrefour in Suntec and went back home by bus. I slept quite late last nite after watching C.S.I on TV (my favourite series).
I had dream again last nite.. different topic of course.. =) and I decided to buy the thing today so I dun need to dream about it anymore...

My desire for doraemon magnet has getting more and more exciting! Hahaha... So far, I managed to get 4 of 6 special edition, which comes w/ high price hahahaha.. I was finally defeated 'cos previously I said that I won't die hard to get those collection but I've set aside a budget of 50 bucks for that 6 things and hopefully I can get it all w/a low price as far as possible.
I enjoyed the process very much. I've known and met some people. I enjoy the bidding - although I lose - hehehehe... I was busy w/ transferring money to many bank accounts.. Sms the seller about their things.. and many more... =)
Once I fulfill all the album, I might go back to my normal life and get bored again.. hahahaha.. but not necessary la... I will find other thing to busy with... hehehehe.... =)
Well.. write 'til here for today... Ciao!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hoaaahhheeemmmmm... I keep yawning this morning... so sleepy... zzz... zzz... I slept at 11pm last nite. I had a class yesterday and now I know that I shouldn't eat too much before class and a cup of Milo would help me a lot to keep alive in class hehehe...
Walaw le... I'm still yawning.. hiks....
It's been a week but I haven't checked it yet. I'm prepared for the worst actually =( dunno why I'm so pessimistic this time. Perhaps b'cos of previous experience.
Hey, my friend's wife gave birth yesterday morning.. finally.. hehehe... He said he has chosen a name for his son.. Fleivel Sugiarto. He said the meaning of Fleivel is the brilliant one.. But I tried to find it in google, but I couldn't find. He said it is Greek word. Anyway... congratulation for both you, Pid & Meyke!!!
Hm... what else ya??? Nothing lor... hiks.. ok lah.. write 'til here first.... ciao!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The search of the doraemon magnets are getting harsh now.. especially looking for certain rare countries such as Italy, US, Netherland, China, and Cambodia. Lots of people couldn't get it yet including me :) And some people have posted in Yahoo Auctions for Singapore special edition. They offer it for a very high price, such as $8 and $10. Crazy!!! If I managed to get my 35 countries, the special edition would only be an optional for me and I won't die hard just to get them! It's very expensive!!!
I've learnt nowadays on how to buy things online and how to rate the seller. Next, maybe, in future, I would be the seller.. hehehe.. not now.. nothing to sell yet..
Hey, I just checked the 7-eleven at Raffles Place this afternoon and found that they sell a pint of Chunky Monkey for only $11.50 - even cheaper than what I bought in the store last Saturday (I bought it $12.80). And I can get 2 Doraemon magnets as well.. ;P
I just read the short article from yahoo saying that if people was hungry at night then they can nibble on ice cream hehehehe... I just did that last nite.. but they didn't say that it can be mixed w/ chocolate chunky, though... kekekeke....
Well.. this month will get over soon in a week and we're going to April soon. How time flies...
Oh yeah.. my colleagues have booked tour to Europe during NATAS fair last weekend. Wiii... how good it is if I can fly there too.. but I don't have this intention yet to spend lots of money on it 'cos it's not my priority at the moment. Moreover, my hubby still doesn't get any new job yet. But, I'm happy for them. Hope everything goes well... ok??

Great weekend

Yeah.. I'm quite happy w/ my last weekend. On Friday, I went back home after work and had a good rest at home. My hubby bought vegetarian noodle for me - as per my request - hehehehe... On Saturday, my hubby and I went to custom breakfast at coffee shop nearby our house accompanied by my son and mother-in-law. We went around the neighbourhood looking for capsule machine but we couldn't find the things that we want so we went back home. We went to Suntec in the afternoon. We took a bus that we seldom take before. We thought the bus would pass by the Suntec but it ended up somewhere so we asked the bus driver if this bus passed through Suntec or not and he asked us if we were in hurry and we said no, and he told us that he would drop us somewhere in Suntec after he finished his job and he did. Hehehe.. special treatment for us.. good hor?? Ready for extra mile... =) Thanks, uncle!!!
Once we arrived we headed to food court.. I was hungry.. hehehe... We had our lunch there and we bought banana boat yoghurt mixed w/ fruits and cereal - very nice.. Then my son and hubby went around Toys 'r us while I went to toy's shop and the gaming area watching people playing w/ the dolls catcher machine. This time I didn't have any intention to play.. watching was good enough.. hahaha.. otherwise I would spend lots of money on it again and the doll??? It would only fill up my cabinet.. hehehe...
We went down to Carrefour afterwards and we bought ingredients for our dinner - spaghetti w/ tomato sauce. I bought a pint of Chunky Monkey and New York Nuts at Bens & Jerrys before we headed back home hm.... nyummy nyummy....
So we took rest for a while before we started to cook. My hubby boiled the spaghetti while I prepared and cooked the sauces.. and voila!!! Bon Appetit!!! =)
We ate quite a lot and it made me feel sooooo.. sleepy.. and I slept at 10pm - actually I want to watch the Final Destination 2 on TV, but it was on air at 10.30pm and I felt aslept already.. so... hiks.. missed it out lor... but my friend told me the film was cut here and there 'til it wasn't scary anymore.. hehehehe....
I woke up quite early on Sunday - dunno why these few days I always woke up before 7am - and we really got up at 8am. My hubby prepared our breakfast - fried sausage, fried egg, fried hashbrown, fried french fries, fried chicken nuggets, while Reever and I went out to buy orange juice and fried beehoon and mee. Wiiii.... buffet breakfast in the morning.. feel like staying in the hotel hahahahahaha.... XP And after that we slept again at 10am 'til 12.30pm hahahaha....
After I woke up, I smsed PY 'cos we agreed to meet up on Sunday. We'd meet up at Tampines Interchange at 3pm, so I watched TV first before got ready for myself. I went to meet her alone. We took bus 27 afterwards to Giants at Tampines. We bought some tidbits and queued for quite some time for the cashier. Then we had our early dinner at Ikea and had a chit chat 'til 6pm. We browsed around and went back to Tampines Mall. And only then we went back home. I reached home at about 9pm. I ate, took a bath, and watched TV series 'til 11pm then went to bed.
My hubby bought toys for my son and he was sooo happy w/ it.. hahahaha.... Well.. that's for weekend.. Now another week to go!!! Kanbate!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Boring day...

Uhhhh.... a whole boring day... =(((
Today I bought two magnets online from separate seller. And I will collect another two next Monday. Not bad, I managed to make friend w/ a girl through this collection. She has supplied me w/ 6 magnets so far and she helped me to find the magnets from other sources =)
I've just come back from the State of Co Address. We spent 1.5 hrs inside.. kinda boring.. =P And we were supplied w/ fresh baked croissant, carrot cake (not chau tau kway), sandwiches, fruits, and most importantly.. Movenpick ice cream =)))
Wah.. it's been so long time ago since I ate Movenpick for the last time. I still remember my old days, when my ex-colleague, Soong, and I went up to Lausanne from Geneve (about 45mins by train). We were on our day off and we took the tram up to above the Lausanne - I forgot what is the city's name - and we went into the Movenpick Cafe and we ordered "tete a tete" which includes 8 scoops of different flavors of icecream chosen by us added w/ fruit salad, cream, and wafers. And we ate during winter time - just the two of us. How romantic we were! Hahahaha.... I still kept the photo in my album =)
Now Soong is working and living in London and yah.. we met just last year when he came back home to M'sia and visited S'pore w/ his mom. He has lost lots of weight.. perhaps b'cos he lost his ice cream eater' partner... hahahaha.. just kidding ;P
Well... another 15 mins to off another Friday and then ciao ciao... back to boring life.. ^^

Thursday, March 22, 2007

We had our dinner at Lau Pa Sat last nite 'cos they were just coming from Chinatown before they reached the place we met. Vivian wanted to try the Singapore famous 'Chilli Crab' 'cos I mentioned the dish few times when she came here last two weeks hehehe... Well.. there it goes!!!
As a starter, Maurizio ordered a jug of Tiger Beer - happy hour - it costs only $14/jug - and not long after that, followed by another jug =D Then we ordered lala, chicken wings, and satay for accompanying the drink. We were chit chat. He was telling us the story during their stay in Bali and showing me the pics that they took as well.. He said they had to always bargain w/ people there. Imagine - sunglasses = the opening price was 350,000 rupiah (about SGD$70) and they managed to bargain 'til 40,000 rupiah (SGD$8) kekekeke....
He rented motorcycle there. It costs 25,000 rupiah (about SGD$5) per day and a car for only 75,000 rupiah (about SGD$15) per day. How cheap it is!!! He was also saying about the bargaining for the hotel rate and breakfast, and so on... 'cos since they were 'bule' or 'angmoh' - means foreigner - people were trying to slash them w/ a very high price. Vivian doesn't like it, but Maurizio enjoyed it - it's only that.. it took them a very long time just to buy something. They went to Lombok too by flight. Hm.. not bad ya???
There were a lot more to talk.. then we started to order our chilli crab and stingray.. closed by bubur cha cha and durian ice kachang. But I forgot that if people drink beer, they can't mix it w/ durian.. so Reever and I ate the durian while they ate the ice kachang hehehe...
We ate and talked 'til 9.30pm and we headed to MRT Raffles Place and we separated there... They went ahead to the airport, while we went back home.
It's very nice to meet them again. Hopefully I have a chance next time to go to Swiss and visit them =)))

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet Maurizio & Vivian =)

Uhuyyyy... In 10 mins time.. I'd have finished working =D and I'll be meeting my hubby & son @staff entrance and then meet my two friends at the lobby.. hehehe....
He called me this afternoon saying that they were transit in Singapore and will fly back to Swiss midnight. So, they have time to meet me for dinner. And since Vivian hasn't met my hubby and son yet, I asked both of them to come along w/ us.
Hm.. I was thinking of bringing them either to Chinatown or Laupasat.. but most probably I'll bring them to Chinatown 'cos it's nearer. Well, see how lor...

What feeling do I have now?

But I can wait
Dunno how long it takes
I'm afraid
If I can't make it
I'm afraid
If I fail again
'cos I've experienced it before
And not just me
Other women do
Maybe too early to tell
Maybe I just think too much
Funny feeling
It's just funny
That only specific condition
would give

Monday, March 19, 2007


Haiyah... boring again.. not much things to do at office... =(((
Today I bought 2 magnets again adding my collection and tomorrow I'm going to collect it during lunch time at nearby my working place.
Sleepy.. zzz... feel like wanna skip the class, go home, and sleep..
But if it happens, I'd have skipped 2 classes in a row.. I must survive!! Hiks... no mood at all to study leh... =(
Now I feel very boring..
hiks hiks hiks...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

2nd treasure hunt @STS today

We joined the family day organised by the co. where I work yesterday, 17 Mar 07. My hubby, Reever, and me went out from home at 9 plus in the morning and reached the beach at about 10.30am. The weather was alright. It wasn't too hot and wasn't raining too.
I joined the telematch together w/ my other colleagues and we didn't know how they counted the points and we only managed to get the consolation prize although we won the games twice. Anyway, I just joined for fun, and dun think the prize would be very 'wah' too.. so.. take it easy... :)
So many people went there just to show their faces. Sat down for a while and gone back home quietly hahaha... We had our lunch bento at 12 plus. My sis came during lunch time and so do my hubby's best friend and his gf. Since we have extras ticket, I invited them to the event.
The weather started to be very hot at 1pm. We just hid below the shelter. About 2pm, my hubby, his friend, and my son joined the build sandcastle competition while me, my sis, and my hubby's friend's gf joined the treasure hunt. My group consisted of 8 people hahaha.. and we separated into 2 and went to different places to find the answer. To our disappointment, from 7 questions, we only could answer 2 of them and we really couldn't answer the most of the questions. U know why??? 'Cos lots of places have been closed since they are preparing the area for the Integrated Resort. Feel very stupid. The organiser didn't even check if the place was still around or not. One of the question is what is the name of the largest orchid in the world. We went to the Orchid Garden and found out that the place has been closed and so isolated for quite some time already. And my friend told me she was there only 2 months ago and the place was still opened at that time. Wow... My sis told me when she looked for the answer for the 2 questions, she said the trees have been cut, the place has been closed, etc. Hm... so.. we just went back lor..
Oh ya.. we waited 'til about 5pm before they announced the winner for the competition. And guess what? The sandcastle was won by my hubby, his friend, and my son. Hehehe.. *see pic
Nice rite???
We got high-tea voucher for 4. Hahaha.. it would be our next plan to gathering then... For lucky draw, again.. no luck in it.. hahaha...
So we went back at 6pm and we took cable car back to Vivo city. My sis, who works as tour guide, gave us five tickets to take the cable car. Hehehe.. and we took taxi to STS to spend our night there.
I've booked 2 rooms for my family and my hubby's friends. We were given 2 separate rooms at different floor 'cos the hotel was quite pack on weekend. We took a bath and went down at 7.30pm. We were sooo hungry and we went to New York New York at Citylink to have our dinner there. The place was quite pack and we had to wait for some time before we really could go in. It was my first time dining there although it was opened for quite some time ago. And the food was not bad. The price is reasonable. And we were quite satisfied w/ it - perhaps we were too hungry when we came.. hahahaha.. Next, we went down to Market Place to buy some tidbits, beers, drink, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream :) All of us went to our room. We watched the view from balcony, watched TV, and had our snacks and beers 'til 11pm. Then we slept.
We woke up and prepared ourselves on the next morning. We went down together to find breakfast and we ended up having our breakfast at Cafe Cartel. Hehehe.. not bad. I quite like it. Then we had a walk before we returned back to our room. And the 2nd treasure hunt began. I went to toilet while my hubby was smoking in the balcony. When I came out from the toilet, I didn't see my son, so I thought he was outside w/ my hubby. When my hubby came in, I asked him, 'where is ur son?' and he asked me the same thing.. We searched him in the room, inside cabinet, behind the curtain and failed to find him. My hubby just rushed running outside the room and started to panic. He went down and tried to contact the employee of the hotel to help him finding him. While me, I also went up and down to find him. My hubby's friend tried to search him in the shopping centre, while the gf helped us finding him as well.. I went to swimming pool, any floors at below, the toy's area at Robinsons, went up from 9th floor to 26th floor one by one by stairs and went around to see if he was there. At about 1pm, my hubby called me and said that when he went back to the room, he saw our son was sleeping on the bed. OMG!!! I was so happy 'til my tears coming out and faster going up to the room. And when he woke up, one thing he did to me was smiling, say 'Mummy', and hugging me.. We didn't scold him 'cos we knew he did not know anything about his missing and we asked him on where was he.. And guess what? He said he was hiding below the blanket. And when my hubby shouted his name, he didn't hear it, perhaps he felt aslept. But he knew we weren't around at the room so what he did was he slept. My hubby told me, when he saw Reever sleeping, the first thing he did was hugging the Security who was beside him when they entered the room. And we thanked them for helping us finding him here and there.. He saw the camera in the lift but couldn't find him at all since 12pm. He also thought that the door was quite heavy and it's not easy for him to open. I also didn't hear any sound of the door slammed or anything. So.. no wonder laaa.. We didn't think he would hide below the blanket 'cos usually he never plays hiding inside the blanket and when he sleeps, he doesn't like to sleep under the blanket. Hayooo.... when I went upstairs looking for him, I was just thinking.. my treasure hunt this time was really challenging!!! I could only pray for his safety and nothing else. Thanks God!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My long lost friend - Bass

This morning I woke up quite early so I decided to go online first before get myself ready for the family day. And I was so surprised and happy when I got an email replied by the guy who is in the pic. His name is Bass. He is Chinese nationality. I knew him from my school in Swiss. I was in my 4th year while he was there studying English. And we often met at study room.. to study, of course. I was impressed by the way he learned English. He always brought his dictionary and wrote some words in his notebooks and tried to memorize it. Everyday he would write one page. Amazing!!! And slowly he started learning the subject - not just English.
We talked once we were quite tired w/ studying and not many students in class. And after I graduated, what I left from him was his email address. And I managed to email him after some time but when I tried to email him again, it was returned to me. I thought his email address has changed or invalid. And recently I was checking my yahoo email and read his previous email.. so I tried to send him an email using the same email address.. and this morning I found his reply in my mail. =) He told me he is now studying French in France. He got married in France too, but he didn't mention to whom he got married and how was his journing since he left Swiss hehehe... the friendship continues.. and I'm glad to meet my long lost friend again.. =)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Magnets go online!!! ;P

Yesterday I went to 7-eleven again.. try my luck.. But really no luck.. hahahahhaa.... Got 5 magnets and I had all of them =((( So this morning, I went online lorrr.. checking out if there were *correction.. there must be some people who will sell it online ;) and I was correct.. hehehehe...
Well.. not all the countries I want they have.. but at least I managed to buy some. I paid through the bank transfer.. I transferred the money already and she said she will post it out by today - just hope she is honest and the things would arrive to my home safely..
I managed to get another seller who work not far from my working place but I asked my cousin who works nearer from her to collect and pay on my behalf this evening. Only then I asked him to pass the things to my sis tonite - they stay at the same building and my sis is going to see me tomorrow for family day.
Hm.. if that's the case.. I'd rather spend some money on the magnet directly rather than spending more money at the shop while all those things I bought were mostly unnecessary and it doesn't guarantee that I could get the country that I want too.. hehehe...
The magnet price varies from 1.50 to 2 dollar. Ok lah.. it wasn't too ex. Just hope that the seller is honest and everything goes smoothly la.. Actually I want to sell mine too - extras one.. but I don't know how to sell online.. actually can learn lah.. but my guru is now in US and China.. so.. not now lorr.. hehehehe..
Tomorrow my company will hold a family day in one of the beach in Sentosa. I asked my sis and my hubby's friends to come along and they have agreed. The more the merrier mah?? Somemore I have lots of extra tickets. I have asked my sis-in-law too but dunno if they can make it or not. My hubby's friends have also agreed to stay in the same hotel and I've booked it for them just now.
Tonite I'm going to meet one of them to pass the invitation cards, but quite late la.. 'cos she has Japanese exam later. See how lor..
Oklah.. write 'til here.. Hope I can manage to collect all my magnets... *sighh..... but enjoyable.. and wasting lots of money.. hahahahhaa....
Have a great weekend to all of you!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Doraemon fever

It was started on 7 Mar 07 when I walked by 7-eleven at Liang Court. I was attracted by the sticker pasted on the glass door. Spend S$5 and get a free magnet - Doraemon - w/ the background from different countries in the world. They have total 35 types and you can purchase the album to put in ur magnet as well..
My other colleagues also started to know about it and so far only me and another colleague really bought and collect the things. Hahahahaha...
And the pic was taken by me when I was changing MRT @Dobhy Ghout. They promoted this into public and I took the pic using my hp. And only today I found out from wikipedia, that Doraemon's size is 129.3 cm height with 129.3 kgs weight - kekekeke..
I asked some friends and my sis to help me collecting the magnet. Even I started buying things from there even though I didn't really need it.. hahaha.. Normally I won't buy things there unless I really have no choice. Hm.. I think the advertising is really successful hor??? When I was in Dobhy Ghout, there were lots of people in their teens, 20s, and 30s standing up surround him - well, it shows that it's quite normal for me to like him ;)
Well.. the promo end on 29th May 2007. I don't expect that I can collect it all by that time.. Just do the best I can lor.. and wanna thank you my sis and friends who are helping me collecting the magnets.. hehehe... Xie xie!

And there is another Doraemon thing that lots of my collegues love it when I show it to them and eventually they bought it. Hahahaha.... Irene bought 3 of them.. hahahaha... ET called the outlet in PS but found out that they are out of stock and the stock won't be coming again, so she was so nervous, especially Irene.. hahahaha... Then I remember there is one outlet in Bishan and one of my colleagues stays nearby the area so she managed to buy for all of them. Hahaha....
It's called mini Doraemon projector :) I bought another one for my friend to add his collection. Hehehe... 'cos it's really beautiful. 4 of my colleagues actually bought them.. hahahaha... so.. must believe my taste, oh??? ;P It's colourful and I love to turn it on at night time before I get to sleep on my bed.. and sing the Doraemon song myself.. hahahaha.... :)

Well.. ok lah.. write 'til here first... bye byeee....

Jia you!!!

Hm... funny.. yesterday I was so hungry after work that I decided to eat chicken bakmi before having my class. I chose my sit and next to me there were two other guys were talking to each other. When I was eating, I was looking at the guy who was sitting next to me at my opposite direction and both of us looked each other and found out that he is the guy who started ACCA together w/ me long time ago - back in Sep 2004. I entered my class late at that time. The class started in June but I only followed it in Sep so I missed lots of notes and fortunately, this guy were willing to lend me his notes. That's why I remember him 'til now! He is taking full-time class and when I was taking my Paper 1.2, I was taking full-time class too *I hadn't started working at that time. So after the exam ended, I hardly saw him anymore until I met him again yesterday.. Wow... what a fate!! And he told me he only left 2 more paper then finish his ACCA. Wow... while I'm still left far behind.. hehehe... After that incident, it helped me to push myself at least to finish this paper.. The result, I don't know.. but at least I must finish my course and take the exam.. So on break time, I enrolled my revision course for my paper... Hiks... hard time is going to come again.. hiks hiks hiks.. dunno if I can do it or not.. but at least.. I've decided to move on!!! Jia you!!!
I was munching 'strawberry sour power' - bought at 7-eleven - to keep myself alive in class.. hahaha.. It was effective though and tastes good.. I may buy it again.. but eat too much can make myself fat.. hahahahahhaa..... More things to learn.. Yesterday we just finished one part of the financial management and starting this Saturday - unfortunately I'm planning to skip the lesson - we will start another part 'til the end of the semester.
After class, I met my hubby at S11 in AMK and had my favourite chicken cutlet before going back home. We reached home at 11.10pm. I took a bath, washed and dried my hair like usual before going to bed and had a chat w/ him and my son 'til we felt asleep.
Btw, since Thursday would be my hubby's last day of work, all of us will be able to attend the Family Day organized by the company where I work. I asked my sis-in-law and her family to come along but they're not sure if they can make it. And I've booked a hotel room at hotel's sister in town and three of us are going to stay there after a very tiring day... hehehehehehe... What a wonderful plan!! ;P Hope everything will go on smoothly and we have a good health for that period of time.
This morning I've received emails from old friends. So happy.. =)
Hm.. I should plan myself and family a trip to China when we have enough money.. I miss my friends there.. Beijing and Qing Dao are two of my destinations... hehehe.. Not hurry...
Ok lah.. gotta continue my work.. Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This morning I felt a bit bored :( so I decided to meet my hubby for lunch back in AMK. I asked my son if he wants to join me along, but he didn't want to. He said he's afraid of getting tired like what he had yesterday hahahahaha..... so I went to meet my hubby and reached there at about 12.50pm. We had our lunch at Sumo Bento again - I guess he felt sooo hot working w/out air-con outside. So we had our bentos again and after that we went to 7-eleven to buy drinks - and to collect my magnet.. kekekekekekeke.... =P
He went back to work while I went to AMK Hub for a walk. In midst of my boredom, I smsed my sis and she said she was at Cathay, Dobhy Ghout having lunch w/ her friend and they're going to watch movies there. I didn't even think any longer to decide that I was going to join them for movies.. and my sis helped me buying the ticket.
When I arrived, we still got half-an-hour time before movie started, so we sat at Ben's & Jerry's and had our Banana Split there shared for 3 of us. Very nice ice creams indeed... I'm going to buy again next time, but it's quite expensive lor... One scoop costs $4.50 while two scoops cost $7. We could choose the ice cream flavors, so I chose Strawberry, Chunky Monkey, and Coffee. They have chocolates and walnuts inside the ice cream, and it is very very very nice... =)
Then we watched our movies - "Music and Lyrics" starred by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I always love movies starred by Hugh Grant 'cos it's always about love.. hehehe... but this time was about music and lyrics. Both of them created the song - Way Back Into Love - in the movie. A very nice song =))) I've put it into my fs, so you can know what the song is like and I've put the lyrics below it as well for you to sing along.. hehehehe...
So we watched 'til 5pm, and I browsed PS alone 'til 6.30pm and when I reached Hougang Mal, I bought some fruits at NTUC before buying my dinner and heading home to enjoy my dinner. After that I browsed my internet to find the song and the lyrics until now.. hehehe...
Haiyah.. tomorrow I have to work again. Oh ya.. I've told my hubby that I'm not going to continue my study anymore and he has agreed into it =) Hmphhh.... end of my journey :(

Just the two of us

Yesterday afternoon my son and I had a vegetarian breakfast opposite our house - Zha Jiang Noodle - handmade one. Then we went to Compass Point. He went into every shop selling toys and spent hours in each shop *too exaggerate ya? hahaha.... He even made friend w/ new girl he met. I saw them holding hand while the girl brought him to see her favourite toys.. hahaha...
We took a little break by having Old Chang Kee and sitting down nearby for a while before we headed to Timezone at B1. We went back at about 3pm. The sun was shining and it was really hot. We took bus and stopped near the market to buy Power Ranger Mystic Force's CD before we walked back home. His face was reddish too b'cos of the heat of the sun. I took him a bath, asked him to eat watermelon, before started watching the CD until he fell aslept. He woke up for a while then slept again from 6 pm to 12am at night. I cooked maggie mie for him before he slept again. While me.. I woke up at 7pm then had my fish cakes for dinner - very niceeee... then checking my email, watching Doraemon online, playing freecell.. totally relaxing and away from reality. =((( I become so out of reality by watching more Doraemon hehehe... Well.. write till here... Ciao!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Last nite I went to meet my hubby for dinner. We ate Sumo Bento. It's been long time since we ate for the last time when it was still in Toa Payoh. All bentos, ramen set is very cheap ne.. My set (fried rice, chicken katsu, miso soup, salad, fruit) costs only $4.90, while my hubby's set (udon w/ tempura) was $5.90. We added yakitori (Japanese satay 3pcs) for only $2.00 - promo product (U.P. $2.90) hehehe.. I'm not promoting them lor.. but their food is really cheap and tastes not bad. We even had free flow Japanese green tea - free of charge.
He was stationed in AMK since yesterday 'til his last day of work. So he went back to work after dinner, while I browsed around and wasted my time while waiting him finish his job at 9.30pm. I went to see the new AMK Hub where the NTUC hypermarket was built at B2. Not all shops have been opened (at 1st, 2nd, B1, and B2 level). I stopped by Sony Ericsson shop and W880 has been sold lor... No contract is $858 - so expensive... I don't want to buy it, but I'm interested to buy the other new model, which has not come out yet - K810, 'cos I want the phone w/ good camera - 2MP is not enough for me.. hehehehe.. I'm craving for at least 3.2MP, 'cos my hubby's phone - K800 is not bad lor... I mean for the photo's quality. It moves fast too.. My phone, perhaps too full, or too old, works quite slow nowadays. Photo's quality has been deteriorated as well.. that's why I plan to change it w/ K810. Ever consider of buying N95 - the 5MP camera's phone, but again.. first, I think the price would be very very very expensive, second, many functions would be wasted since I won't use them very often and third, I'm more familiar w/ Sony Ericsson all this while.. hehehe... so.. I think K810 would be my choice.. =)
Then browse around the new NTUC hypermarket. Not bad la.. They try to compete w/ Carrefour, Giants and so on. I just browsed around and bought avocado milkshake in one of the durian's shop - not nice... hehehe.. then sat for a while 'til he finished his job.
We went back home by bus and reached home at about 10pm. I had my second dinner at home.. hahaha... rice w/ udang petai cabai ;P and amazingly my son started loving it. When I gave him a spoonful of it, he wanted more. He wanted his own bowl of rice w/ petai in it.. hahahahaha... and after eating it, his mouth was sooo smelly.. hahahahahahahhaa... my cute son... =)
We slept at about 11pm. Hm.... and this morning I dun feel like waking up.. *sigh... I want to sleep moreeeee.... but too bad.. I had to wake up!!! But anyway.. today is Friday liao.... and tomorrow then I can wake up late.. hahahaha... Ok lah.. write 'til here.. Ciao

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This morning it seems that my alarm clock didn't ring. I only woke up when my mother-in-law went in to our room to wake my son up.. and when I realised, the time was shown 7.40am. Hahahaha.... crazyyy... I rushed taking my clothes in cupboard and went to bathroom to take a quick bath and out from home at 7.50am. Kekekeke.... Walked down to MRT and managed to reach here at 8.20am. Got 10 mins time to enjoy my breakfast :)
Yesterday nite after work I went to J8 meeting my sis and her friend. Her friend came from Bali - she stays and lives there - and came to S'pore to see doctor and stay w/ my sis. We had Thai food for our dinner there, quite enjoyable. I only then knew that she stays in Bali and she opens travel agent in Denpasar. Wa... if I knew earlier, I'd have gone to Bali for my vacation! My sis said her house is big - 2 storey high and we can stay there. Aiyah.. I should ask my sister to visit Bali together oh?? Then we can book Jetstar - budget airline to go there.. hehehehe..... *daydreaming again..... ;P Too bad I've booked flight to Bangkok, otherwise I may visit Bali instead.. hehehe...
Right after dinner, we had McD ice cream as desserts.. I continue browsing the shopping mall while both of them went to library. I went to her place at 8.30pm to take things then went back home by Taxi. Soooo tired....
I went to bed at 11pm. My hubby went out w/ his NS friends 'cos one of them was having a very serious problem - relationship, career, and money problem. So 5 of them was gathering and tried to talk things out to this person.
I woke up at 2.30am but he has not come back home yet and I woke up again for another time and he just prepared himself to sleep. We talked for a while and slept. It was 3.30am. No wonder I couldn't wake up this morning....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Musical Box

Yesterday evening when I was in MRT, I received a call from PY. She purposely called me from HK to ask me whether I want to buy a Japanese hand-made musical box or not. My impression was she was saying that they sell Doraemon's musical box.. hahahaha... Well, she was not wrong in the sense that the music was definitely Doraemon's song, but the layout was not. They didn't sell Doraemon's cartoon but instead there were cats and dogs which come in pair. She bought the dogs and since Doraemon was kind of cats, she then recommended me the cats.. I was so happy when I thought it would be Doraemon's musical box. I mean.. the box was really Doraemon and everything would be that one.. But at night, after opening the attachment she sent me, I then realised, it wasn't really Doraemon's musical box.. hahahaha.. but the one in the pic above. But so cute lehhh... There was a table w/ bottle of champagne and spaghetti on it. My hubby was so shock too when he saw it, 'cos what he imagined was exactly what I imagined.. but it ended up coming up in different way.. Well.. that's fine! I'm still like it although I don't fans w/ cats at all 'cos she purposedly calling me - overseas call is expensive le.. - and she was thinking about me lor... - in the sense that she remembers me as she knew about the Doraemon's musical box.. Thanks PY!!!
I am sleepy now.. very very very sleepy... I forgot what time I slept last night.. I think it was 1am. After chatting w/ PY. The effect of kopiping was too strong. Haiyah... haven't studied a single thing yet this week.. *sigh...
Wah, today is Wednesday already. Two more days, then weekend again. Maybe time goes faster because of five-day work???
Hey.. today I went to Liang Court and found out that Seven Eleven has now come out new promo. Every purchased of $5, we are entitled with Doraemon's magnet. The magnet is small, but it consists of 35 types of Doraemon w/ costumes from different countries in the world!!! This afternoon we (my colleagues who love Doraemon and I) were discussing about it and plan to collect it whenever possible. If we have the same one, we may change it to each other.. hahaha.. I seldom buy things at Seven Eleven. Only when they need something urgently and mostly drinks and tidbits, then we will buy it there.. And actually my interest is to buy the Doraemon's candy - there are 4 types of tins and I'm going to buy it!! I asked the two shops near my hotel today but they don't have the stocks yet.. so maybe try again tomorrow... hahahaha....
See? So many people like Doraemon... =) Even they are much older than me.. hahahahahhaa... XP

Disasters in Indonesia

Yesterday afternoon when I logged in into e-buddy, one of my friends who is working in Jakarta asking me if I could feel an earthquake. I told him, I didn't feel anything, perhaps because I was sitting in Basement 1. Then I heard from news saying that the earthquake was originally happened in Padang, West Sumatera which was located about 450km from Singapore. The strength of the earthquake was ranging from 5.5 to 6.6 Scale Richter.
There was about 70 over people died from the casualties.
My cousin who works in Shenton Way was saying that he could feel the earthquake yesterday since his office was located in 24th storey and my hubby also called me saying that his buddy had to evacuate from the building where he works in Beach Road there.
And this morning, my colleague told me that Garuda Indonesia Airline exploded this morning in Yogyakarta, East part of Java Island. News said almost 50 people died while the total passengers was 140 (including 7 crews). It was just like few months ago when Adam Air was missing and one of the ferry sunk. How sad the situation is.. how badly the country's situation is... The Jakarta's flood was also happening just one or two months ago..
Now you know why my father encouraged us to go out from the country as long as we can.. while he still remains living there.. But again, it's all depending on our fate and luck in life.
Feel sorry for those families who were affected from the disasters..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Met her liao...

Hehehe... I met her in lobby then we had our lunch at Royal Selangor's small coffee shop since she wanted to try Singapore food. She had laksa while I had mee siam and both of us had kopiping for drink.. hehehe...
We had a nice chat together and updated about ourselves.. We talked 'til 1pm and went back to hotel and she headed to airport right away. Nice to meet you again, Vivian!!!
Hope to see you and ur hubby on 31st this month!!! Have a nice stay in Bali!!! :)


Waaa.. what a surprise!!! I just wrote in previous blog this morning that my Swiss friend is coming down to S'pore but never expect that she called me today! Woww... she called me from the airport just now and saying that she supposed to have a direct flight to Bali but since her passport didn't have enough pages for the Indonesian visa, she has to stop in S'pore and go to Swiss embassy to add some new pages in it. And she told me her flight is going to be at 4pm, so she asked me if I had time for lunch with her. Yeah.. of course la!!!! (*see pic - Vivian & Maurizio)
So we're going to have lunch later and to make thing easier - I bet she doesn't have a S'pore mobile number - we're going to meet at the place where I work at 12 noon and we're going to have our lunch then. She told me she is not a vegetarian anymore.. hahaha.... yeah.. she used to be.. Btw she is alone 'cos she supposed to fly to Bali to meet her hubby, which was there since Feb 19th.
Actually I knew her husband first, Maurizio. He was my colleague when I was working in the kitchen. Maurizio was working as one of the Chef. And he is a very friendly and nice person. Other than just mutual colleague, we actually became friends. I invited them for dinner at my rented place before and they invited me for fondue at their rented place too.. not only that. Both of them invited me and another colleague to their small house at one of small place in Swiss nearby his mom's house. It is a very cute tiny house made of wood and stone. He drove us down from Geneva to there at nite. We went to forest to pick up grapes, chestnut and went to his home's garden to pick up vegetable and some 'special' herbs.. hahahahaha...
Yeah.. they are a very nice couple and they even came for my graduation and one of the school's cultural night event. It's been almost 9 years we know about each other and hope our friendship will last forever... =)
Can't wait to meet her... =)

Last nite dream

Hahaha... I had two dreams last nite. First was about a guy w/ two women. He just arrived w/ a woman and once that woman went out, the other woman fetched him. But after that, heard that the man flew back to Hong Kong !@?%?#!!?#? Yeah.. just a dream..
And second dream was about family trip, again, my 4 sis and mom. But this time, our journey was to Switzerland.. hahahahahahhaa.... Yesterday nite, I was watching TV Mobile on the way home by bus and the title of the series, I think, was picnic global where one guy and one girl introduced different cuisines, cultures, etc from other countries. And yesterday topic's was about Switzerland. So, in the dream, my second sis went out w/ us w/out her children - usually she can't go anywhere w/out her child.. but this time was exceptional that's why she was sooo happy.. hahahaha... *only in a dream mahhh??? ;P Then my 3rd sis bought a HUGE backpack, which I think it could fit equally 2 luggages in - but when I saw it, it was empty.. hahaha.. Can't imagine if it's full and how she'd able to carry it herself??? Then all of us reached the train station and funnily, the train can overtake the other train w/ using no railway - wow.. how dangerous it was!!! I had to shield my mom away to avoid the incoming train, but it was ok.. seems like it's normal scene down there... *weird... Then my 2nd sis was looking for which train for us to take.. and she said if night time, we couldn't see any scenery.. or if from this place to another one there was no scenery to see.. something like that.. until I woke up... hehehehe...
Waaa... I miss Switzerland very much... =) Last time I kept wanting to go out from the country 'cos I was bored w/ it.. hahahaha... I miss the fondue, raclette, cuckoo clock, snow, everything!!!
Yeah.. saving money and go there 5 years later for our 10th anniversary then.. hahahaha... *I wish... =)
Okay okay... no more daydreaming..
Anyway.. last nite I was having a very nice dinner.. hehehehe... My hubby fried the yellow chicken, reheated nasi uduk, eaten w/ sambal udang petai - my mom's cooking, w/ sambal peanut and fried onion.. Waaaa... very very very nice... =)
No wonder I was having a good sleep afterwards.. hahahaha... *endut...
Oh ya.. my mom called me again yesterday and told me that she has bought me another 2 Doraemon's things for me.. hahahaha.... Cute mum... Thanks Mum!!!
Wa.. beginning of the month again.. this month consists of 4 full weeks plus few days.. so.. not that easy to pass by.. Agenda for this month.. my Swiss friend will stop by in Singapore after his trip to Bali - maybe 2nd or 3rd wk of the month.. Family day is coming next Saturday.. My colleague's will be on long leave, so I have to cover her duties doing casual labour daily.. My friend's wife is going to give birth soon.. and PY will come back this month too - hopefully she made it!!! I have to study hard too.. hopefully... and that's all for now!
Emailed my school friends yesterday, but noone replied yet.. kekeke... so busy ya???
Well.. that's all for this morning.. =) Ciao!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Doraemon's stamps

Hahahahahahaha.... Since the day PY gave me some Doraemon's collections in HK, my mom then realised and wondered why I like Doraemon so much and started to buy any Doraemon's stuffs for me.. =)
That day she gave me Doraemon's small mirror & comb set. And today she brought me 3 Doraemon's items. First thing is the cloth to cover arms when cooking. Last time my hands were burnt by the hot oil while deep-frying things and maybe she thought that it would be useful for me. Actually I just saw it yesterday in Bugis and almost bought it hahaha... But she bought it in HK and costs only half of what it costs here in S'pore.
Second thing is Doraemon's Othello. When I looked inside the plastic bag, my impression was.. those things are all for kids... ;P Hahaha... but I really appreciate what she bought for me, really... Maybe she is guilty 'cos she didn't buy those things to me when I was young... hahahaha.. just kidding.. =)
And what I love is the last thing she bought.. which is Doraemon's stamps. It is a set consisting of many small stamps w/ few words in each stamp. Sooo cutee... I guess I can use that one.. although won't use it that often.. =)
Hahahaha.. my mom is soo cute.. thanks Mum!!
We had lunch just now - 10 of us. I ate buffet too.. but food today was not that good.. :) I ate little bit here and little bit there.. But still end up so full.. hahaha... I went out first before them after paying and got back to office. Then I felt sleepy afterwards.. Perhaps they put MSG on the food.. 'cos I could feel it in my tongue and felt very sleepy. No choice.. I opened my 'wedang jahe' brought by my mum and drank it on my big Doraemon cup.. hehehe... It warmed up my body and helped lil' bit in my sleepiness.. Haiyahhh.. later I got a class.. hiks... Got a feeling that I'm going to feel veryyy sleepy again later... hiks....
Yeah, I miss my study room in Swiss. Actually it's just a normal class, but usually after class finished at 6pm, we went to salle a manger for dinner. While other students would normally go back to their dormitory, usually I would take key from receptionist and put my bag and books inside the study room and start reviewing my lesson. =) When I was tired, I went to toilet to take a little break.. hahahaha.. then went downstairs playing lil' bit of piano - just few notes that I knew - then went back to study room again. From there, I got to know many people from different levels and different country. Sometimes if not many people in it, we also chatted and asked about their background, what they studied, etc. It's really good. The table is quite big for me to put all my files, textbooks, and laptop. =)
Haiyah.. now my home.. can't even to have my own space and have to go somewhere else to study.. ke lian ya??? hehehehe...
Oklah.. write 'til here first.. 2 more hours to go.. hiks... jia you!!!


It's not me who resign... but my hubby. Hehehe... Lega.. but also worry. Lega 'cos he doesn't need to do wicked things during working.. and perhaps he can get better job w/ more stable working hours.. Worry.. if he can find any job that soon.. *sigh....
His last day will be on 14th, which falls on next Wednesday, which means.. he can join me for company's Family day.. Yihaaaa..... Well.. not much to be happy with but at least we can do something out of routinity together, somewhere more relaxing and fun *hope so...
Kinda tired this morning.. Didn't feel like waking up.. hoaahheemmmm.... *yawning.. I've booked lunch for 10 pax today at hotel's restaurant. My father asked them to try the food there. He ate once during his last visit here and found it good. I'm still quite full right now.. hehehe... See la what to eat later... Dun feel like eating buffet..
What else??? Later got class like usual.. maybe I'll bring ginger drink and make it there w/ own cup.. hehehe... Oklah.. write 'till here.. nothing much to say.. Ciao!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Last day of CNY 2007

Wah.. today was such a loooonngggg dayyy.....
I woke up at 9.30am this morning but really woke up at 10 plus. Took a bath, washed my hair.. dried it.. then checked my mail. My sis was online.. then I asked her to meet in Bugis this afternoon.. and she agreed. So, I prepared myself and went out. Reached Bugis at 12.20pm. Waiting for her for about 20 mins then I had my lunch first at the hawker centre there. I bought nasi lemak set B plus petai sambal.. hehehe.. nice.. but expensive.. $1.40 only for the petai.. and when my sis came, she told me that my mom brought it from Jakarta today.. w/ nasi uduk - kind of nasi lemak. Aiyah.. it's ok lah.. I can eat another one later.. hehehe...
So.. we ate our lunch and chatted for a while before we headed to Kwan Im Temple. Today is 15th of lunar calendar year. Soooo many people were there to pray. We bought flowers and started to join the crowd. I felt calmer this time. Usually I always had lots of questions in mind about my future.. but this time, I told them that I won't bring out that matter anymore.. :)
Today was a bit hot in the afternoon. We went to library after that. I was searching for the study room. It was my second time being there, where my first time's visit was introduced by PY. So I went up first to 7th floor then went down to 4th floor and finally found it. :) I took one available seat. Just nice! My sis left after that while I was starting to read my notes.. Hm.. so much to cover but so little energy and time that I had. The room opens from 9am to 9pm daily except for PH, so.. if I want to study after work, it's possible too.. Anyway they have the vending machine for sandwich, soft drinks, and hot drinks too.. See how lor... Last time I used to study at the office after office hours. Sometimes I stay 'til 10pm. But last time I wasn't alone. PY would be there.. if not, then alone.. Lonely, but no choice.. I can't study at home. I don't have table to study.. no space available at my room. Some more, my son will disturb me all the time, as what I encounter now when I type this blog. He keeps asking this, telling me that.. etc.. hahaha...
Hm.. I read and did some exercise from 2 to 5pm. Not bad.. but quite tiring.. maybe I didn't feel very well yet. Then I browse around Bugis Junction for a while, just to see some shop.
I took bus going back home then helped my mother-in-law preparing food for steamboat. I saw the food was not enough, then I bought some in NTUC. When I returned back home, they were all down there.. There were my mom, my sukme, her sis, one of her relative, her daughter and son, my kuku - 2 of them, her son.. total 9 persons plus my sis, 10. Then I found out that the steamboat pan was not able to heat the soup.. OMG!!! Lucky there was one pan for steamboat too.. although a bit smaller, but it's alright. But the soup needed some time to boil.. so to fasten up the process, I took some meat and veggie and boil it at the kitchen and once it's ready, I would bring it back to the pan outside. Hm... not that smooth at the beginning, but it was ok lah... After eating, they chatted. And my sis borrowed my laptop then found out that my sukme's daughter who is living in US was online.. So they chatted using video-conference. They also saw her daughter - 4 month's Kaylie... hehehe... until their bus came. They came here and there by bus.. hahahaha.. since there were so many of them...
Once they went back, then I started having my dinner 'til my hubby went back home. We also had Lohei at home. So many fish.. kiasu.. hahahha... then I took a bath and wrote this blog.. It's almost 12am now.. Going to sleep soon, otherwise, I might end up sleeping at class tomorrow nite. Ok lah.. gotta go now.. It's a very long day for me.. Gotta rub some oil to my feet before sleeping.. Nite nite... muachhh....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cleaning day...

Wow... It's such a long time since I really cleaned my room.. =D Usually I clean it on Saturday, but since that period of time, I really seldom cleaned my room. If the toilet was dirty, then I washed it, but not the room itself.
This morning I had this sudden urge.. hehehe... I woke up at 10am and started to arrange my bags and the things inside - I didn't have time to do it since last week.. So I packed my things accordingly.
I prepared some clean bed and pillow sheets 'cos it's been quite some time since I changed it for the last time. Since nobody was at home, I turned the queen-size mattress around myself - usually it's my hubby's job 'cos it's heavy - to make sure the spring is well used both sides. When I lift up the mattress, I saw the floor below my bed was very dirty and I couldn't stand see that view so I cleaned it immediately. After finished wiping the floor, I continued changing the bed sheet - queen and single mattress. I cleaned the floor, washed the clothes & dirty sheets. While waiting for it, I ironed my working attires - usually I did it last minute on Sunday night.. But now I got so much free time, so I just did it today. Once the washing machine stops, I started to hang the clothed and sheets outside. Quite heavy.. but I managed to do that.. hehehe.. Today is sunny day and it makes the clothes to be dried faster. Done!
I was going back to the room to scrap the room's ceiling. My hubby painted the room's ceiling before but dunno why the paint started to crack and it looks very annoying. So I took a pile of chairs and scrap the room's ceiling to make it look much better.. but the colour of course not nice la.. no choice lor... rather than seeing it crack here and there..
After that it's toilet time. =) I wiped the whole wall - up and down. Sprayed Mr. Muscle to some areas that were moldy.. hehehe... then brushed here and there.. trying hard to clean it..
Then I took out the fan's body. It was so dirty. I washed it in toilet. Dried and put it back again. Then I took a bath lor.. hehehe.. 'cos it was me who dirty ;)
I continued cleaning the make-up table and the back of my bed.. kekekeke.. so dusty.. Then finished.. It's 4pm liao. I went out to buy vegetarian food, ate it at home then now.. writing this before I go to bed.. hehehehe...
Wahhh... it's so hard to be a housewife.. I can't imagine how my 2nd sis clean her 4-storey house everyday w/ 2 kids around... kekekeke.. but amazingly she is difficult to lose weight.. kekekeke... It's good to be able to write again.. just to express what I feel..
Actually I wanted to go to Kwan Im temple this afternoon, but now it's already 5pm, the temple is going to close soon.. so.. I will try to visit it tomorrow morning or afternoon then..
I also plan to study.. hahahaha.. maybe not today... Tomorrow my mom and the gank from Bangka will come down to S'pore. My hubby invited them to have steamboat at our house and also to Lohei together. Well.. write till here.. Maybe watch 1 episode of Doraemon or more before really going to sleep.. hehehe.. Ciao!!!


Last nite I was online 'til 2am. I watched Doraemon at Youtube while waiting for hubby to come back home. He went back w/ McD at 2am. He showed me about the salary paper list from the profit that the shop could make and I asked him to quit. It was ridiculous the way they chart the profit and the salary. Working day and nite.. it ended up.. w/ earning nothing. Wasting time. I suggested him to go back to his previous company but he doesn't want. Up to him lah. If he likes to wasting time like that then just let him be. At first, I supported him doing this job.. but now.. it's just not worth it. Anyway, it's him who does the job so let him decide.
I was chatting w/ my friend too last nite. She was complaining about something, and so did I. Different people got different problems, indeed. I told her I wish to die early and leave nothing in this world. I set 'life truly sucks' on my msn.. hehehe.. and another friend told me that I sounded very pessimist. And another one asked me to cheer me up and gave me a cute little icon */sayang.. hahaha... Thanks for ur attention.. but noone understand what I feel now. Some thought I was fine. 'cos I didn't let them know what my new problems are.. hehehe.. anyway.. life must go on.. I'd better do something else today to divert my thought over this stupid things again and again... Have a nice weekend to everyone!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007


I'm kinda in lost right now. Still dunno what to do.
I just realise.. I need someone to be by my side to talk with, to share with, to interact with. Since my hubby got new job, we get less communication. In the morning when I woke up and prepared myself to work, he was still sleeping. At nite, when he came back home, I felt aslept already. We have this scene almost everyday. And these 2 weeks, his days off falls on Monday, where I work and had class after that 'til 9.45pm and only reached home at about 10.45pm.
Gone are the days when we can spend our evening together, either at home or outside for having dinner together or just walk nearby the house. Now I just realise.. I feel lonely.
I told him about the coming family day from my company. He was aware of it but he doesn't have any power to choose his days off and 'til now he's not sure if he's getting that day off although he has requested it 2-3 weeks before.
I'm happy he's got new job. He could try something different from what he used to have. Despite of uncertain day off in a week.. despite of having one day off per week.. despite of working 'til night everyday.. I tried to accept the reality. But the reality gets harsh. I was just thinking.. should I pass my day like this with him?
In my mind right now.. should I have another baby right now? Well, economically, I know it's not easy to have another one.. but eventually, we can make it if we work together hand in hand. But I also know.. we are unsure on how much he is getting every month despite of all sacrifices he had to do for his job. Second, if I really get pregnant, will I able to handle all the journey by myself? I mean.. I need to go check up almost every month and will I able to accept the situation if everytime I go to check up, I have to do it alone 'til the day come? Not even sure if he's able to get the paternity leave or whatsoever on the day I gave birth. I know it's still very faraway if I really plan to have another one.. but mentally, will I able to do it alone??? It's kinda hard. Changing job maybe one of the solutions, but I don't think he can get a much better job w/ his qualification and experience. If he went back to his previous job, maybe the situation would be much better, but how about in the future? He can't possibly do the technical job 'til his old age come.. I still encourage him to work in this line, although I know we have suffered enough, but I'm really scared the time of unemployment would haunt him again and dunno how much time he'd take this time while the saving gets less and lesser.
This evening, in the office, my colleague even supported me to have the second child. Who in the world doesn't want to have more children? I also want it too if I'm able to have it. But it's not just about giving birth.. but also how to make sure that they will have enough to eat.. to wear.. enough education to get through the life.. and it all needs money. On the journey home, I was chatting w/ my colleague.. We talked about child's education. Now the education system demands more attention of parents to teach their children doing their homework, assignment, etc. It's very different w/ last time. I told her, I was worrying my son's education. I'm scared that he can't catch it up when he goes to primary 1. Now he's studying in PAP school and I'm very worried about it if I don't add any lesson from outside and just depending on it.. So I told her, maybe I want to put him into childcare to let him learn to be independent and to learn more knowledge but I actually worry about the fee.. 'cos to put him in childcare, I need to fork out at least 500 sgd monthly. Now it's only one.. if later on another baby comes out.. I don't think the money would be enough for all of us.
Hehehe.. now my worry has changed.. no more individual's desire.. Maybe I think too much.. but hey, that's reality in life.. Both husband and wife must work together hand in hand.. If one is unable to bring a bread and butter to home, then that's it!! But this is my choice before I married him. I know who he is.. I accepted the situation from the beginning. Perhaps I was too young when I got married.. hehehehe.. so now it's a lesson for those who has not got married yet.. to plan properly. Money is not everything, but it is important to be able to go through this hard life. With GST hike coming up.. I think it's time to save more from now on.. and spend less.. *sigh.. Life o life.. stupid life!!!

Sick.. Flu.. Heavy.. =(

Finally I get sick.. Coy coy coy... Hiks... I was so strong last few months but this time I collapsed.. And it's because of the rain.. I was caught running in the rain for few times and it ended like this despite of having enough rest these last few days. Haiyahhh.. if not because of today's event, I already went to doctor and took mc today... But this morning my colleague has given me a medicine so I see first if it works well.. Maybe later after work I will see doctor near my house one just to get a medicine for weekend rest..
Yesterday I met my sister eating bakso at Ayam Penyet.. hihihihihi... We ate and chatted. She said my mom and relatives will come to S'pore before they go to Penang to do the body check-up. She was worried if there is not enough room to fit all of them (total is 6 of them). See how lor... We went back home not long after. I slept before 10pm at nite and last nite was really cold. Oh ya.. I went to Hong Lim there again yesterday afternoon after lunch. I was browsing for snack's shop but I couldn't find one. I went to bank again 'cos the day before the machines were spoilt. Then, I was thinking of buying kopiping or tesiping.. hahahaha.. but u know what thing I ended up buying?? I bought a HL Milk.. hahahhaa... Usually I didn't drink white milk. It's my first time buying the HL Milk white. I bought the chocolate one before but this time.. I chose white one. Do you know why???? 'Cos yesterday morning I read a newspaper saying that drinking milk can make woman to get pregnant easier.. LOL... =D And at the same time, it helps my digestion system.. hahahahhaa....
Oh ya.. yesterday afternoon I got to chat w/ one of my friends who is in Jakarta. His wife is pregnant and the baby will come out in three weeks time. He said his wife will do the ceasarian ops to give birth. So I asked him if he has chosen any date and time and he said he asked his wife's uncle to choose the time and date.. But after I checked, I let him know the meaning if the baby comes out on that date and time chosen.. And I gave him some alternative date and time that would be better. But to follow or not.. it's up to them. 'Cos he said since he has asked his wife's uncle to choose, better to respect it.. Well.. if it's me.. if I have a choice.. of course I'll choose a better one.. but again.. human can only plan and only above can decide... rite? =)
About having baby now.. I also still don't know.. to have or not.. hehehe... let nature decide la.. But I know very sure that if I have to give birth to another baby.. I will lose my freedom these few years.. but I think it's all worthed =) So leave it to nature then... If it's urs, it's urs.. if it's not urs... let it be..
Well.. enough for this morning.. There are still long time to go!!! =( hahahahahaha... Jia you!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Enneagram Test by Baron and Wagele

My friend introduced me to the test above. She said it's famous now in Hong Kong. So.. I went to the website that she gave me and tried the test myself.

Below is the result:

Your highest score will indicate you basic type, or it will be among the top 2-3 scores. Low scores in some type might come out negative. That's perfectly normal.
  • Type 1 - (-7)
  • Type 2 - (2)
  • Type 3 - (-2)
  • Type 4 - (10)
  • Type 5 - (-12)
  • Type 6 - (3)
  • Type 7 - (3)
  • Type 8 - (5)
  • Type 9 - (-2)

Below is what they said:

Type 1: The Reformer. The rational, idealistic type.

Type 2: The Helper. The caring, nurturing type.

Type 3: The Motivator. The adaptable, success-oriented type.

Type 4: The Artist. The intuitive, reserved type.

Type 5: The Thinker. The perceptive, cerebral type.

Type 6: The Skeptic. The committed, security-oriented type.

Type 7: The Generalist. The enthusiastic, productive type.

Type 8: The Leader. The powerful, aggressive type.

Type 9: The Peacemaker. The easygoing, accommodating type.

So.. mine is obviously Type 4. Perhaps I'm quite moody these few days that's why the result became like that.. but they said that it's based on the personality which is not easy to change since young.. well.. since they said so.. just believe as they are then.. hehehe...

And below is more description from the Type 4:

4. The romantic. The withdrawn ideal-seeker

More than any other type, 4s seek to understand themselves. They may probe their own emotions to an unusual depth, seeking authenticity of feeling and self-expression. They don't settle for the ordinary or shallow, and are disturbed that most everyone around them does. The importance they attach to their inner feelings makes them highly individualistic and original. 4s are unusually self-aware, sensitive, and intuitive, sometimes painfully so, and often with an intense interest in emotional and spiritual growth. Because of this emotional awareness, fours can show kindness at a very deep level (especially to those in crisis), but also know how to rile people up.

The 4's inward focus gives them an intense need for authentic personal self-expression. This may include conventional art-forms such as writing, and music, or unconventional forms such as tattoos and body piercing. The 4 has a romantic streak, and their relationships often occur at unusually high intensity. At best, this can be deeply transformative to both persons. At worst, this intensity may cause a trail of broken relationships, as the 4 continually seeks the intensity of new romances.

The 4's search for authenticity makes many 4s refreshingly candid, sometimes with a sense of drama and a sharp wit. However, they also have a self-indulgent streak. This self-indulgence typically turns inward, and away from practical reality, which may gets them into trouble with money, health, or other real-world issues. At worst, this may induce despair and brooding, accentuating the original problems and leading into a downward spiral that can be extremely dramatic.

The Romantic (the Four)

Romantics have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive.

How to Get Along with Me

  • Give me plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to me.
  • Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value myself.
  • Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision.
  • Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy, I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little.
  • Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting!

What I Like About Being a Four

  • my ability to find meaning in life and to experience feeling at a deep level
  • my ability to establish warm connections with people
  • admiring what is noble, truthful, and beautiful in life
  • my creativity, intuition, and sense of humor
  • being unique and being seen as unique by others
  • having aesthetic sensibilities
  • being able to easily pick up the feelings of people around me

What's Hard About Being a Four

  • experiencing dark moods of emptiness and despair
  • feelings of self-hatred and shame; believing I don't deserve to be loved
  • feeling guilty when I disappoint people
  • feeling hurt or attacked when someone misundertands me
  • expecting too much from myself and life
  • fearing being abandoned
  • obsessing over resentments
  • longing for what I don't have

Fours as Children Often

  • have active imaginations: play creatively alone or organize playmates in original games
  • are very sensitive
  • feel that they don't fit in
  • believe they are missing something that other people have
  • attach themselves to idealized teachers, heroes, artists, etc.
  • become antiauthoritarian or rebellious when criticized or not understood
  • feel lonely or abandoned (perhaps as a result of a death or their parents' divorce)

Fours as Parents

  • help their children become who they really are
  • support their children's creativity and originality
  • are good at helping their children get in touch with their feelings
  • are sometimes overly critical or overly protective
  • are usually very good with children if not too self-absorbed \

Well, not bad oh??? How about you try the test yourself and see on who you are??? =)

Over Kang

Hehehe... do you know why I'm changing the name of this blog into Over Kang? Where the name comes from? Here is the story...
I had 'reyka' teddy bear for me and my son wanted one as well. So one day during lunch time, I saw one teddy bear in the open shop. It was not so big nor so little. Just nice and cute for him. So I bought one. He was so happy w/ the bear and eventually after a while, he gave this teddy bear a name.. duno where it comes from.. but he gave it name 'Over Kang' =)
So.. now u know the story rite? I found it cute.. hehehe.. somemore.. when I read it.. it's similar when u say 'overcome'.. so that's why I use the new name for my blog. *see pic - Reever w/ Over Kang =)
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