Sunday, March 18, 2007

2nd treasure hunt @STS today

We joined the family day organised by the co. where I work yesterday, 17 Mar 07. My hubby, Reever, and me went out from home at 9 plus in the morning and reached the beach at about 10.30am. The weather was alright. It wasn't too hot and wasn't raining too.
I joined the telematch together w/ my other colleagues and we didn't know how they counted the points and we only managed to get the consolation prize although we won the games twice. Anyway, I just joined for fun, and dun think the prize would be very 'wah' too.. so.. take it easy... :)
So many people went there just to show their faces. Sat down for a while and gone back home quietly hahaha... We had our lunch bento at 12 plus. My sis came during lunch time and so do my hubby's best friend and his gf. Since we have extras ticket, I invited them to the event.
The weather started to be very hot at 1pm. We just hid below the shelter. About 2pm, my hubby, his friend, and my son joined the build sandcastle competition while me, my sis, and my hubby's friend's gf joined the treasure hunt. My group consisted of 8 people hahaha.. and we separated into 2 and went to different places to find the answer. To our disappointment, from 7 questions, we only could answer 2 of them and we really couldn't answer the most of the questions. U know why??? 'Cos lots of places have been closed since they are preparing the area for the Integrated Resort. Feel very stupid. The organiser didn't even check if the place was still around or not. One of the question is what is the name of the largest orchid in the world. We went to the Orchid Garden and found out that the place has been closed and so isolated for quite some time already. And my friend told me she was there only 2 months ago and the place was still opened at that time. Wow... My sis told me when she looked for the answer for the 2 questions, she said the trees have been cut, the place has been closed, etc. Hm... so.. we just went back lor..
Oh ya.. we waited 'til about 5pm before they announced the winner for the competition. And guess what? The sandcastle was won by my hubby, his friend, and my son. Hehehe.. *see pic
Nice rite???
We got high-tea voucher for 4. Hahaha.. it would be our next plan to gathering then... For lucky draw, again.. no luck in it.. hahaha...
So we went back at 6pm and we took cable car back to Vivo city. My sis, who works as tour guide, gave us five tickets to take the cable car. Hehehe.. and we took taxi to STS to spend our night there.
I've booked 2 rooms for my family and my hubby's friends. We were given 2 separate rooms at different floor 'cos the hotel was quite pack on weekend. We took a bath and went down at 7.30pm. We were sooo hungry and we went to New York New York at Citylink to have our dinner there. The place was quite pack and we had to wait for some time before we really could go in. It was my first time dining there although it was opened for quite some time ago. And the food was not bad. The price is reasonable. And we were quite satisfied w/ it - perhaps we were too hungry when we came.. hahahaha.. Next, we went down to Market Place to buy some tidbits, beers, drink, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream :) All of us went to our room. We watched the view from balcony, watched TV, and had our snacks and beers 'til 11pm. Then we slept.
We woke up and prepared ourselves on the next morning. We went down together to find breakfast and we ended up having our breakfast at Cafe Cartel. Hehehe.. not bad. I quite like it. Then we had a walk before we returned back to our room. And the 2nd treasure hunt began. I went to toilet while my hubby was smoking in the balcony. When I came out from the toilet, I didn't see my son, so I thought he was outside w/ my hubby. When my hubby came in, I asked him, 'where is ur son?' and he asked me the same thing.. We searched him in the room, inside cabinet, behind the curtain and failed to find him. My hubby just rushed running outside the room and started to panic. He went down and tried to contact the employee of the hotel to help him finding him. While me, I also went up and down to find him. My hubby's friend tried to search him in the shopping centre, while the gf helped us finding him as well.. I went to swimming pool, any floors at below, the toy's area at Robinsons, went up from 9th floor to 26th floor one by one by stairs and went around to see if he was there. At about 1pm, my hubby called me and said that when he went back to the room, he saw our son was sleeping on the bed. OMG!!! I was so happy 'til my tears coming out and faster going up to the room. And when he woke up, one thing he did to me was smiling, say 'Mummy', and hugging me.. We didn't scold him 'cos we knew he did not know anything about his missing and we asked him on where was he.. And guess what? He said he was hiding below the blanket. And when my hubby shouted his name, he didn't hear it, perhaps he felt aslept. But he knew we weren't around at the room so what he did was he slept. My hubby told me, when he saw Reever sleeping, the first thing he did was hugging the Security who was beside him when they entered the room. And we thanked them for helping us finding him here and there.. He saw the camera in the lift but couldn't find him at all since 12pm. He also thought that the door was quite heavy and it's not easy for him to open. I also didn't hear any sound of the door slammed or anything. So.. no wonder laaa.. We didn't think he would hide below the blanket 'cos usually he never plays hiding inside the blanket and when he sleeps, he doesn't like to sleep under the blanket. Hayooo.... when I went upstairs looking for him, I was just thinking.. my treasure hunt this time was really challenging!!! I could only pray for his safety and nothing else. Thanks God!!!

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