Monday, March 05, 2007

Doraemon's stamps

Hahahahahahaha.... Since the day PY gave me some Doraemon's collections in HK, my mom then realised and wondered why I like Doraemon so much and started to buy any Doraemon's stuffs for me.. =)
That day she gave me Doraemon's small mirror & comb set. And today she brought me 3 Doraemon's items. First thing is the cloth to cover arms when cooking. Last time my hands were burnt by the hot oil while deep-frying things and maybe she thought that it would be useful for me. Actually I just saw it yesterday in Bugis and almost bought it hahaha... But she bought it in HK and costs only half of what it costs here in S'pore.
Second thing is Doraemon's Othello. When I looked inside the plastic bag, my impression was.. those things are all for kids... ;P Hahaha... but I really appreciate what she bought for me, really... Maybe she is guilty 'cos she didn't buy those things to me when I was young... hahahaha.. just kidding.. =)
And what I love is the last thing she bought.. which is Doraemon's stamps. It is a set consisting of many small stamps w/ few words in each stamp. Sooo cutee... I guess I can use that one.. although won't use it that often.. =)
Hahahaha.. my mom is soo cute.. thanks Mum!!
We had lunch just now - 10 of us. I ate buffet too.. but food today was not that good.. :) I ate little bit here and little bit there.. But still end up so full.. hahaha... I went out first before them after paying and got back to office. Then I felt sleepy afterwards.. Perhaps they put MSG on the food.. 'cos I could feel it in my tongue and felt very sleepy. No choice.. I opened my 'wedang jahe' brought by my mum and drank it on my big Doraemon cup.. hehehe... It warmed up my body and helped lil' bit in my sleepiness.. Haiyahhh.. later I got a class.. hiks... Got a feeling that I'm going to feel veryyy sleepy again later... hiks....
Yeah, I miss my study room in Swiss. Actually it's just a normal class, but usually after class finished at 6pm, we went to salle a manger for dinner. While other students would normally go back to their dormitory, usually I would take key from receptionist and put my bag and books inside the study room and start reviewing my lesson. =) When I was tired, I went to toilet to take a little break.. hahahaha.. then went downstairs playing lil' bit of piano - just few notes that I knew - then went back to study room again. From there, I got to know many people from different levels and different country. Sometimes if not many people in it, we also chatted and asked about their background, what they studied, etc. It's really good. The table is quite big for me to put all my files, textbooks, and laptop. =)
Haiyah.. now my home.. can't even to have my own space and have to go somewhere else to study.. ke lian ya??? hehehehe...
Oklah.. write 'til here first.. 2 more hours to go.. hiks... jia you!!!

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