Friday, May 04, 2007


It sounds like that after having a delicious cheese cake from Hilton Hotel... hehehe... Thanks PY!!! She deliberately bought it and sent it to us.. how nice she is... ^^
Quite heavy leh.. 1.5kg really full of cheese... hm..... slurp slurp... and since she is free, later I'm going to meet her for dinner. It's been quite some times since we had dinner together.
My lips dry leh... I have lip balm, but I put it at home... kekekeke....
Tonite I'm not going to miss up my show.. I have asked my hubby to record it so I can watch it tomorrow...
Oh ya.. I've signed in the overnight tour.. hehehe.. I found khaki liao... hehehe.. Hope it's fun!!! Yeah, be ready of falling asleep at the bus... kekekeke.... and plan to buy some veggies too at the wholesaler market.. learn mah from the auntie on how to buy.. ;P
My knee pains ya... maybe I should rub it w/ the balm tonite.. hope it gets much better tomorrow morning. Well.. write 'til here la... Have a nice weekend everybody!!!

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