Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Finally got someone who understood what I feel and agreed w/ my thinking.. Finally!!! Hehehe..
Today manage to do some work and try to compile everything latest by tomorrow. Hopefully I can manage to do that 'cos by Friday, the reports must be ready to fly.. hehehe... far far away...
Later I will have dinner w/ my sis, her hubby, my hubby & son, her housemates, and others who can make it ^^
Tomorrow she will fly early in the morning, I guess. Hm.. finally it's time to go. How fast time flies... Remember when we still talked about it.. seemed like still far away.. and now.. it'll happen tomorrow!!! I can only pray for your happiness, Sis! Hope your hubby and you can make it! And hopefully everything goes on smoothly...
Well.. be ready w/ loneliness.. hiks hiks hiks... eh.. not yet.. 'cos lots of people are coming soon! ;P My eldest sis and her hubby will come here from 13-18th, while my bro and families will arrive here on 14th and fly to Jakarta on 19th. *sigh... I'm sure time will fly very fast again.. ;(
Off from work soon.. 25 mins.. not too soon.. hehehe.. I'm tired liao.. but I still have to go for the dinner.. only after that then I'll have chance to take a rest.. Have a great evening!!!

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