Sunday, July 29, 2007


Haiz... now is 7.05am. I just woke up at 6.50am when I saw slightly bright sky outside my window. I had that strange feeling when I saw it. It didn't look like 4 am or something. And when I looked closely at the time, my guess was right. It was almost 7am. OMG!! Still 10 mins to 7am, so I took my handphone asap and dialed my bro's hp no. and luckily it was still turned on. And right, they're inside the airplane now. So I just wished them travel safely and smoothly, and sorry that we didn't manage to meet them before they left their home.

Wow, how time flies! It's been 2 weeks since they came. Still remember when my hubby rushed down from the concert whereby the clock in my room didn't work properly and I still thought it was too early to go to the airport. I had to carry my sleeping son to the car and we arrived at the airport still quite early before they came out.

We just managed to go to Wild Wild Wet, had steamboat at Bugis, and had almost whole day in the zoo. The rest, we just met each other for some time at their home. Their time was short while they also went back to Jakarta for about 8 days and even in Singapore they have limited time to meet so many people they know and care.

Now it's quiet time for me. My sis, my bro, they all have left Singapore. Leave me alone here. Hiks.. hiks... seriously, I feel lonely. I know, my hubby is beside me and so does my son. My hubby is going to start his job soon and from the words he said, he is kinda excited w/ his new job as a personal driver. He's already had plan in his mind to earn as much money as possible by doing overtime. He will have less time for family and will lose his freedom as well. =(

But I can't be selfish all the time. I must let him fly high.. No matter what, he is the backbone of this family. I will be jobless soon.

These few days I've been training the person who will replace me. Sometimes it reminds me of the time when I first time went for work. How I learn from zero, how I gotta know about things I know now, how I made friends w/ all my colleagues, and so on. I brought Edith, the new girl, to my last Staff Comm. There are lots of great news in future, in which I can't witness and participate. 10th anniversary promotions, renovation work to the hotel rooms, D&D, PD's re-certification, etc. I just know.. it wasn't meant to be mine. If it's mine, it will be mine. And if it isn't, then let it go. Yes, let go.. and don't stick to whatever it is.. then you will feel happier =)

At the mean time, keep hoping for the better.

I'm just scared of feeling alone. I'm scared I will think stupid2 things. Now I know how Yi chen feels now. Being there w/ hubby to a new country w/ little friends and just one relative. Yi chen, jia you!!! You can do it! And me too, Zhong Mei Qi!! Jia you!!!!

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