Friday, August 10, 2007

Jakarta trip

1 week just passed like that.. It flies really fast!

Thursday, 2 Aug
Arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at about 6pm. My parents and my sis' children fetched Reever and I. We went back home and had our dinner together. Chatted w/ my 2nd sis, and my cousin who stays there temporarily to study TOEFL. This time we slept at the room at the 1st floor instead of the room at 2nd floor that I used to stay.

Friday, 3 Aug
Morning my mom cooked fried noodle and wonton soup. She has bought the wrong wonton wrapper so my aunt, Reever, and I went to Pasar Pluit to buy the right one. I bought 'buah lontar' there, very sweet and nice ^^ Then we ate lor... My aunt bought jambu, mangga, and kedondong - cut one - sold by asinan buah seller in the market. We ate it w/ spicy brown sugar. In the afternoon my mom accompanied me to Mega Mal together w/ my sis' son. We brought the children to Timezone. It's much cheaper to play there rather than in Singapore. I filled up the card Rp 65.000 and they played it until the account finished. We then headed to Carrefour. I bought things to be brought home to Singapore and went back home.

Saturday, 4 Aug
Morning I joined my mom, sis, and aunt to Pasar Muara Karang. We went around then they had nasi tim there while I bought 'bihun bebek' or duck noodle takeaway. I ate at home. In the afternoon my sis's friend came to our house and she drove us to Pancoran, which is also called Jakarta's Chinatown. We went to the building where my mom used to have a shop over there. Now it's Bata shop selling shoes. We went to Gloria too to buy some batik clothes. And we had 'kuo tie' for our lunch! Wow! Wonderful! It cost around $3 per 10 pcs. I think I almost ate 15 pcs alone. haiehiaheiaheia... My 3rd sis also likes the kuo tie very much. Last time each of us could eat 20pcs or more.. kekekeke...
In the afternoon I went to my high school friend's house, Siska. She is now 5-month pregnant. We chatted for about an hour before I went back home. Finally I got a chance to know her husband, Yance, whom I never met before.
At 5pm, we went to Senayan City w/ our driver. We met my eldest sister, who just finished schooling. We had our dinner at 'Duck King Restaurant' serving Pecking duck and other Chinese food. We ordered 1 pc Pecking duck - 20 pcs duck skin wrapped w/ spring onion and hoisin sauce - the meat was deep fried w/ mango and wrapped like spring roll. It costs S$30/pc. There were prawned cooked w/ honey, steamed fish, vegetable, siomai dim sum and chikcen feet dim sum. Very nice!! But it costs quite expensive. It costs around S$160 overall (almost 1 million Rupiah!!!)
We walked for a while before we went back home.

Sunday, 5 Aug
All of us went to Pinang Sari to have our bakmi breakfast. The portion was big! It was nice though hehehe.. At about 10am we left Jakarta and headed to Puncak. Puncak is a mountain areas located about 2 hours drive from Jakarta. My bro-in-law drove us there. Our first stop was Puncak hotel. Children spent the time to ride the horses (half an hour costs S$5) while adults were sitting down enjoying drinks & snack. I ordered 'kopi tubruk' - Indonesian traditional coffee and ate the pisang goreng and Holland pancake as the snacks. We also bought 'gemblong' - fried glutinous rice coated w/ brown sugar, which is also the favourite snacks in the area. 10 pcs costs Rp 8.000 (about S$1.50) so cheap ya? *see pic - at Bumi Aki

We then went to 'Kota Bunga' - which locates lots of villas and each house has different type of design resembling the cities all over the world, e.g. Paris, Venice, Holland, Japan, etc. This time we went directly to Arena Fantasy, which is the entertainment place for children. Children were having good times there. The entrance was about S$6 (if you play) and $4.50 (if you don't play). After that we went to Brasco - factory outlet. I bought some clothes for my hubby and myself. We stopped there for about an hour plus and our stomach started to grumble hehehe.. Then we had our early dinner (at about 5.30pm) at Bumi Aki - a restaurant which serves Indonesian traditional food. The food there were really nice! We ordered fried chicken, fried fish, tumis kangkung, tongseng lamb, chicken & lamb satay, sour soup, chilli, etc. I really enjoyed it! We reached home at about 8.30pm. *see pic - kids at Arena Fantasi

Monday, 6 Aug
We went to Mega Mal at about 10am. First destination, hair salon. I had my hair creambath and cut completed w/ wash and blow as well. It's a package for only $8. My mom had her hair creambath and pedicure. My sis had her hair rebond and pedicure. While my son and my sis' son had their hair cut. My sis took quite some time to finish her hair rebond. So I brought the 3 kids to have lunch first at KFC, then took the animal's ride around the mall and we stopped at Gramedia book shop. I looked for interesting books while they took a look at children's book. We then had ice cream at McDonald's until my sis came. Once she came, we bought movie's tickets, Surf Up. One ticket only costs Rp 15.000 or S$2.5 per person (only from Monday to Friday). How cheap it is!!! After watching the movies we went back home. Not long after, I went out again together w/ my son and mom to Taman Anggrek looking for my sis-in-law's Levi's Jeans. Still had chance to eat D'crepes. Hehehe.. I ordered Tuna Pizza while my son ordered Strawberry special and altogether only costs S$2.50 while in Singapore, both crepes could cost S$6.30. Wow!!!
Since we came back quite early, at about 8pm, I asked my cousin, Fong, to go to warnet, to go online. It's almost a week since I checked my last email. We went there for an hour, and it only costs $0.50/hour. So cheap neee...

Tuesday, 7 Aug
My friends, Jeni and Sani, came to my house in the morning. Jeni came w/ her son, Fukutaro. When she told me her son's name, I thought she was joking, but actually she didn't. Hahaha.. what a cute name! We chatted for a while before we went out to have our breakfast at our school's canteen. Reever and I had bakmi while my friend had siomai. After makan, Sani and I went inside our school and met some teachers there, like Pak Bambang, Pak Charles, Pak Slamet, Pak Joko, and many other teachers that I forgot their names. I still can recognized their faces and they too recognized my face, but most of them forgot who am I. Hihihihihi.... Too bad I didn't meet my favourite teacher, Pak Buyung. He was out somewhere at that day.

Afternoon time was spent at home. Oh.. I went to Carrefour alone to buy some things. Then at 5pm, Jeni fetched me to Pantai Mutiara. Sani asked us to go swimming w/ her and her son. I brought Reever and Cici - my sis' daughter. Not bad. The place has a very nice view facing the sea. Since I didn't bring my swimming cloth, I was just there to accompany them and took some pictures. After finished swimming, all of us took bajaj. We dropped Sani then continued the journey to Nyun Njan, my mother's favourite restaurant. We used to eat at the restaurant. Then recently they opened the branch near our house, that's the place we ate that night. My parents had reached there and started eating when we reached. Just nice! Hehehe... Good food, still same like before. After makan, we went back home on foot. Since it was still quite early, I went to my high school friend's house, Wenny, who stays next next to my house. She was at home having her dinner. So we chatted for a while lor before I went back home at 9.15pm.

Wednesday, 8 Aug
Most people were having half day off because 8th Aug was the day to elect the Jakarta's governor. I got the card as well so I went in the morning together w/ my parents and sis to the election's place. Kekeke.. I had no idea on who were the candidates... but I still chose anyway.
We went out having our breakfast at Bakmi Abadi. Actually at first we wanted to go to Bakmi 17, but it was closed due to the election. It's ok lah..
Then we went to Mangga Dua and reached there at about 11.20pm. We only realised that they only opened after 12pm due to election. So we waited outside the building togehter w/ other people until it opened. We went to my uncle's shop to try jeans jacket and pants, but no suitable one for me. Then we walked to other shops and I managed to buy few t-shirts for my hubby. We had our lunch at Hoka Hoka Bento, my favourite Japanese fast food in Indonesia. I ordered chicken katsu meal plus meat ball soup and completed w/ es delima. Hehehehe.... My sis bought their things too. We reached home at 5pm.
My father asked me on where did I want to have my dinner since it was my last night there. At first my aunt suggested to eat at 'Lestari' - restaurant served Hakka food. But I suggested to eat satay babi - pork satay and my father agreed. Hehehee... so we went to Pecenongan to have our satay babi and paikut soup there. Wow, very nice!!!!

Thursday, 9 Aug
I woke up at 7am and took a bath. I woke my sis up and both of us took the motorcycle and went to the petrol kiosk first to fill up the petrol's tank then we had our breakfast at Bakmi 17, our favourite noodle since when we were in school's time. Hahaha... my father shook his head knowing that both of us woke up so early just to have our bakmi there... ckckck....
At 8.30am, my other cousin fetched me to Iva, the place for me to have the facial. Normally I go there to facial when I was back home. So.. it took me 1.5 hours to enjoy the process but I didn't sleep this time. I went back home by bajaj. We had 'Padang food' for lunch. My aunt bought it home. Wow.. very nice!!! Chicken curry, BBQ chicken, sayur nangka, daun singkong, kikil, and rendang. Its green chilli was amazing!!! Hahaha... At 3pm I had body massage at home. My mom asked the auntie to come to house. It was my first time massaged by this auntie. And her method of massaging was very different w/ other massages that I ever had before. She actually pressed our bodies' nerves from head to toe. It was really painful!! I kept shouting 'aduh' and she kept saying that I had lots of problems w/ my back, leg, hands, breath, liver, digestion system, maag, etc. She also said I kept my emotion inside myself so much.. She kept saying "Capeeekkk, deehhh...!!!", which means "Tired lahhhhh...." hahahaha...
Once finished, I got myself ready. My mom and Kong cai fetched us to the airport. Our flight was at 6.50pm and reached Singapore at about 9.50pm.
My sis-in-law, bro-in-law, their son, my mother-in-law, and uncle fetched us from the airport. I was sooo... tired... but still unpacked my luggage. I took a bath and slept at 12am at night..

This time our trip was very enjoyable!! Eat, shop, met families and friends, do things I like like facial, creambath, pedicure, massage, riding motor, etc.. Hope to go back home again anytime soon!!! Thanks, Mom! *see pic - My mom & me

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