Saturday, September 01, 2007

Birthday card

Just now met Rui Yuan, my school mate, online. She was from the same school in Swiss and she comes from Inner Mongolia (Nei Meng Gu). I just found out that she is now back to China, in Shenzhen and working in Ikea as Communication Specialist and Trading Area Assistant Manager. Wow... what a good title and definitely a very interesting job =)

Another school mate was also working there, as a Human Resource Manager, and her name is Fairy Huang Yu. She is the one who recommended the job to Rui Yuan. What a small world!

She told me just now that she misses me and she still remembered the birthday card that I made for her long time ago. *I don't even remember that. Hahaha....

Another chatting friend was also telling me that she still keeps the birthday card that I made for her before. Hahaha... Yeah.. when I was young, I like to send my friend a birthday card. Because last time we didn't have internet access yet. So airmail was the only mean to communicate with friends. I like to write letters to them as well. Some of my friends still keeps it as well.. Hahaha... I used to record my friend's birthday dates and even still do it 'til now. But since now there is an internet access, wish them through e-card or message would do. *Is it considered less sincere??? Aiyah... not really la?? 'Cos the most important thing is that the heart that counts, do u agree?? =P

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