Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy and tiring days....

Still don't have enough rest...

Starting from 3rd day of CNY.. My cousin and his wife came to Singapore for a honeymoon. I accompanied them to go to lots of places only at the first day. Started w/ finding the tour to Bangkok and Pattaya, then we had dim sum for late lunch. Continued w/ visiting Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. They were quite impressed w/ the building. Went along the Chinatown, we stopped by at Clarke Quay for a while, then walked all the way to Boat Quay, One Fullerton, to see the Merlion, and took a look at River Hong Bao. After that we went to Newton food centre to have our dinner there, together w/ my eldest sis and her hubby who just came at that nite, and of course my hubby and son. Wah... I was very tired la only at the first day.

*See pic above: bro-in-law, my hubby, my son, eldest sis, my cousin's wife, Via, and my cousin, Hendy...

Second day, in the morning, we met at City Hall MRT and headed together to Jurong Bird Park. It's been such a long time I didn't go there. We went in looking at many different birds, attended few shows, and had our lunch at Bongo Burgers, the only place for us to eat. *See 2R below...

We were there until about 3pm. Then we headed to Bugis, brought them around the Bugis Junction, Bugis market, and OG. At first we would like to have bakuteh for our dinner.. Unfortunately, the shop was closed due to the CNY holiday. We ended up having steamboat at Beach Road. When we were queuing, the boss asked us if we wanted to have our dinner at their new branch in Joo Chiat, while they would provide transport - van - for us. They would send us back to Bugis too. And to attract us to the new place, they even offered us a lower price. Usually, their charge for an adult is $18, but due to the CNY, they increased the price to $20. And if we went to Joo Chiat, we'd only need to pay $15 per person. What a great deal! So we went to Joo Chiat lor.. The place was quite new. The food is the same with what they offered in Bugis. Less people though, perhaps because it's new and not many people know about it yet..
We ate 'til we drop.. hehehe.. then the driver sent us back to Bugis. I went back home after that.. Wahh.. very tired boooo....

On Monday, my sis went for a check up at SGH. My cousin went to Chinatown to collect their ticket and itinerary, and at the same time, they bought the ticket back to Jakarta - from Singapore. My sis brought them to Vivo City and Sentosa Island. We met up at Orchard Hotel, after finished working, and we had our dinner at Food Republic in Wisma Atria. Then we walked a while at Takashimaya. At 10pm, we went to Swensen's, just beside the Paragon, and had our ice cream there, together w/ my sis's boss who was coming at that day and stayed just beside the Swensen's. We talked until 11.30pm and we went back home.. Very tireddddd!!!!

On Tuesday, my sis just went to her hubby's aunt's house in the afternoon. While after finished working, I went to their room, together w/ 2R, then we had our dinner @Black Angus, below the Orchard Parade Hotel. I ordered top sirloin steak combo w/ salmon grilled. My sis had premium steak combo w/ salmon grilled too.. while my hubby was trying the burger... a GIANT burger.. He ate the burger until very full... too big la... we shared2 our food too..
*See pic.. Raymond w/ his burger..

After dinner, we went back home. My sis and her hubby joined us too 'cos she said she wanted to visit my mother-in-law. They stopped by for a while, and about 10pm, they went back to their hotel by TAXI.

On Wednesday, we had our lunch together at Orchard Tower 4th Floor. My sis had tom yum soup, a very nice tom yum soup. Affordable too.. only $4 per bowl. I had rice mixed w/ curry fish and veggies. My bro-in-law had a plate of fried rice and shared the tom yam soup w/ my sis.
They checked their room out at 2pm, then went to the airport. At nite, I was having a class.. haiz....
On Saturday, my cousin came back to Singapore. He smsed me at 9.30pm saying that they have arrived and he fell sick. He got fever and had no medicine. So I smsed him back and asked him to buy Panadol at 7-11. Luckily he managed to find the shop. At least it might help him for that night.

On Sunday morning, I went to my bro's house at Bishan to see them. We had our breakfast together, then accompanied my cousin's wife to buy 'bakwa' @J8. When we went up, he's still having high fever. Afraid that the authority may not allow him to fly in the airport later... I asked him to see doctor. And luckily the doctor still operates although it's Sunday. He got a jab to make his fever down. At 1pm we went to the airport together. They went it straight away after checked their luggage in. Me and my son went around the Changi Airport for few hours there while waiting my mom to come. She was coming from Jakarta at the same day, together w/ her brothers and sis-in-laws.

My son and I took a look at the new Terminal 3. We'd never been there before, so we took skytrain from Terminal 1 to 3. The new terminal is huge!!! But not many people yet, except at the food court. We had our lunch at Popeye Chicken. It's been quite some time since we had the Popeye Chicken. Then we browsed up to level 3 and 4. Then we went to Terminal 2 and waited for my mom to arrive. We had Yakun Kaya Toast too while waiting for my mom.. *See pic below

Her flight only came after 5pm. She came out at almost 6pm. We went to a serviced-apartment at Far East with 2 maxi cab. Reaching there, they packed out their things. Then my relative came. They chatted for a while.

At 9pm, we had our dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant at Takashimaya level 4. We were 16 people altogether and had a very nice dinner.. just made me getting fat and fatter... We finished at 11pm, and we went back by taxi lorrrr......
Wah.. anyway, I kept continuing busy until today (Friday). I don't have enough rest yet...

Tomorrow morning I still have to go to Far East to meet my mom and bring her to Chinatown to buy bakwa for my sis, and maybe to Bugis to pray. Then go home. She said she wanted to wash her clothes at my house. But I've washed some of them just now.. Quite tiring. It's 1.40am now.. Dunno what time will I wake up tomorrow... Hope I can get enough rest tomorrow... Hiks hiks...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Congrats to Wilvin & Kate

Hehehe.. just finished reading my friend's blog. I have actually waited for this since my last blog.. that Kate will post this blog anytime soon.. and she did.. ;)
Congratulation once again for both of you....
U know wad Kate? The place that you wrote was actually the place where Ray 'n I used to 'pa to' in year 2001. He usually drove me there at nite, after my night shift end 'cos I told him that I love to see the open sky where we can talk freely w/ no roof above us, just the sky, moon and stars.. I love the free feeling by being there.
And it was also the place where he proposed to me to be his girlfriend.. Hahahaha.. He wrote me the card - 2 bears hug - and gave me the 'Mimi', the cow doll, instead of the diamond ring.. huahahahaha... Anyway.. I didn't expect much la... but quite surprised w/ his braveness 'cos we only knew each other for about a month or more. And before that, we were having 'durian' session inside the van.. hahahaha.... He knows that I like to eat durian, so he bought 3-4 pcs for me to eat after work...
Well... I hope everything went well to both of you too... and enjoy every moments when you are together... =)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the mood of Valentine's Day ^^

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...
Today it is a very SPECIAL DAY for lots of people who are in love. Hm.. let's see later when I'm on the way back home this evening... especially in Orchard Road... Expect seeing many girls w/ bouquet of flowers.. ROSES... hm.... Btw, actually expecting to see woman colleague receiving flowers too.. but too bad.. my office here, mostly are guys.. and my woman colleague is on leave today... and me? No way.. There won't be anyone sending me flowers.. to office, I mean...
On 4th floor, maybe can see flowers.. but not here... =D
Just read newspaper this morning.. saying that 60% of Singaporean guys would spend money up to $500 while 19% of them are willing to spend from $500-$5,000 only for this Valentine's Day... Wow.... One of the countries where people dares to spend that much on Valentine's Day..
Hm.... *thinking and wondering...
I'm having quite a good mood today.. wearing pink tops and black pants. Listening to love songs and singing along.. hahahahahahaha.... now I even got a chance to write this blog in the office, what a rare occassion... =D
Well.. just want to share what I feel.. I feel great.. I feel happy.. I feel good... Smile... Happy Valentine's Day... or Qing Ren Jie Kuai Le!!!
Btw, just remind me of something.. I asked my son two days ago.. what did he do at his school that day.. He told me that the teacher would ask the student to cut the heart shaped paper on Valentine's Day.. and I asked him if the heart shaped paper, would it be given to me??? And u know what was his answer? No.. I will give the big one to Britney.. and I will give the small one for you... Again???? Haiz... Five year old boy has already had his thought like that.. Can't imagine ten over years later when he got a girlfriend.. I think he will absolutely forget about his mom and won't give any priority heart anymore... hiks... Anyway.. again.. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2559 - Miss home very much

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!

This year, I decided to stay back in Singapore and celebrate CNY here. Last year I went to Hong Kong and celebrated CNY w/ all my sis, their families, and my mom. But this year.. each of us stay where we are and do not go back to our home, where we used to live.

Since my brother and sister have left Singapore a year ago, I don't have any more siblings left here.. and this CNY, I celebrate it myself alone.. I mean.. unlike few years back.. Although I stayed in Singapore, I still have a place to go, to spend my day w/.. So this year, like today, I don't go anywhere else, except to my grand ma in law's house later on. And of course the feeling would be different 'cos I didn't grow up w/ them... Not much common things to talk to I guess...

Tomorrow we may go to my hubby's cousins house. And if lucky, we will visit my hubby's friend house too.. hahaha.... See how lor..

Yesterday I worked only half day. After that, I went to Kwan Im Temple at Bugis and met w/ 2R there. We had lunch there, then went back home.

My hubby started preparing food for steamboat at 4pm.. while I fell a slept.. 'cos I didn't have enough sleep the day earlier. So when I woke up, it's 7pm and my hubby has finished preparing all the food.. hehehehe... what a nice hubby... ^^

We started our steamboat at 7 plus. The 2nd uncle also came and joined us. We ate until about 10 pm. I took a bath and cleared up the dishes, swept the floor and washed & hung clothes too. Then watched American Idol, continued w/ "Face Off" movie, from Channel 5.
We waited lor until the clock reached 12am.. We prayed, then played "kembang api" outside our house. My son has slept at that moment. We slept about 1am, I guess..

This morning I woke up at about 8am plus. Then started to call my parents. They were on the way to Puncak when I called. They will stay for 1 nite there, if I'm not wrong. Then I called my 2nd sis, 1st, and 3rd sis. At 12pm plus then I chatted online using video msn w/ my bro, 'cos they just passed the time at that time. Wei2 called me too to greet Gong Xi Fa Cai.. He said he's having vegetarian today, and so are my other sisters and brother. I also decided to go for vegetarian today. So this morning, I cooked fried vermicelli w/ mushroom and bai cai. Will be the same menu for today too.. hehehe.. I deep fried 'emping' too this morning, to accompany my vermicelli.. hehehe... Niceeee....

And it reminds me of the time having CNY at home. At there, we, as children of our parents, did not have to think on what to cook, what to eat... 'cos all would be settled by my mom. But this time, we have to think and prepare it ourselves. My sisters and sis-in-law have been discussing on what and how to cook the vegetarian.. hehehe.... I bet that they are missing our home too.. Missing our togetherness.. our laughter.. our closeness.. and I really proud lor.. although we are quite a big family.. stay far from each other.. but we have this feeling in ourselves to always be united.. Hopefully next year we can meet altogether for CNY, together w/ our parents, who have brought us up until this stage... I bet that my parents feel lonely too... Having 5 children, but this new year, they only celebrate it two of them only... Ma, Pa, hope you have a good health along the way so that we can always meet for a very long time... Miss u..

Sunday, February 03, 2008

4 days to Chinese New Year

It's Sunday evening. Friday, after work, first schedule was to clean my toilet. I cleaned it step by step as many things to clean.. Hiks... Wipe all over the walls.. floors.. racks.. mirror.. etc. But felt better after that.. hehehe..
Saturday.. Started my day w/ cleaning my bedroom. Also step by step. This time, was helped by my hubby.. otherwise.. I could faint! Changed the bed sheet.. new one.. hehehe.. Wipe the racks and all stuffs on it.. Last one, to sweep and mop the floor.. At 2pm, finally it's done!
We had our late breakfast cum lunch nearby our house. I took a nap for a while before having my dinner. My hubby cooked 'buncis', fried egg, and tom yum soup.. nice one.. maybe b'cos I was hungry.. hahahhaahhahaa..... Then I ironed my clothes, also took out those unwanted one from my cupboard.. I was really tired.. and finished it out before 10pm, continued w/ my hubby ironing out my working attires... hehehe.. thank you hubby..
Now I'm going to take a bath. We're going to catch the Sneak Preview Q7 @Cineleisure.. Just got a pair of free ticket from my sis-in-law.. Thank u Lily!
I guess my throat is having infection now... =( I think I have to see doctor tomorrow night... OK la.. write till here... Have a nice evening everyone!!!
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