Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dinner @Cafe 2000 - M Hotel

This event was held on March 19, but since I was too busy lately, only now I've got a chance to put it in this blog. The dinner was actually held to celebrate my two colleagues who were celebrating their birthday in March.

Like my friend said... "Tong ren, bu tong ming", which means, same human being, but having different benefit in life. Alright, explain you furthermore...

Usually we celebrate birthday in the office every month for our department. The committee, consist of three persons, were in charge for this celebration.

In January, we were having lunch in the office. They bought food from Ayam Penyet Ria (gado gado, pempek, ice chendol), halal chicken rice from somewhere... and also kueh kueh from supplier.

Then in February, we were having Lao Hey and eating some food purchased from our supplier such as assorted sushi, fried finger food, fried pork bee hoon cooked by our chef, etc. As the lao hey was bought from our own famous restaurant, Hua Ting. For birthday celebration itself, they just bought a cake for the birthday person.

And this time, in March, it was my superior's, Cost Controller, and Purchasing Manager's birthday. Err... with such clause above from my friend, the celebration was little bit special. Using the fund, we had our dinner @Cafe 2000 located at M Hotel. They didn't get 50% off staff price but only 20%, I guess.. 'cos we came about 20 people altogether. Anyway... we still ate free. It was semi-buffet. We ordered main course, while the rest, such as appetizers and dessert was in buffet style. Not bad la.. I ordered the beef steak (photo above), tasted very nice and very well presented. But the buffet food went out quite fast.. So in order to have a good food, must act fast!!! Hahahaha.... Below is the pic taken there. Left to right: A Lam (store man), Jasmine (purchasing), Sulianto (cost control), and me.

And below is the pic of the birthday gal and boy (those who were sitting down)

Ching's visit to Singapore

Ching is coming here for a short break this weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed at her friend's place. I met her for dinner that night. We ate at Prima Taste @Centrepoint. I was having Mee Siam while she's having laksa plus rujak in the middle. We had a chat 'til the place was closed. It's good to see her again. She has lost weight since the last time I saw her in Bangkok. She becomes much prettier now.. hehehe.. but dunno why 'til now she still can't get her Mr Right and still looking for one ^^ *Below: Ching and me.

I worked on Saturday due to the month end closing. After work, I went to City Hall and waited for her and some other friends for dinner @Cafe Swiss. It's a small gathering - my friends from Les Roches consist of me, Ann, Andrew, Eva, and Ching. Just five of us. Hehehe.. very small.. At first, I thought her friends will come as well, but they didn't. The reservation was at 7pm but all arrived only at about 8pm. I wonder if the Swiss time really has changed into Asian's rubber time. An hour time to wait for them.... kekekeke....

Eva is working in Fairmont Singapore, so she managed to get staff discount for dinner. 4 of us were having Swiss Fondue, while Ann was having veal emince w/ rosti. Wah.. it's really been quite some time since I had my Fondue. The last one I had were when Ching came in 2004, or maybe earlier. But too bad, the don't have tomato fondue, they only have a normal cheese fondue. It's ok, the taste was still good enough. Andrew chose a bottle of white wine to get along w/ the fondue - house wine - Hardys.

We dined and chat 'til about 9.30pm. We planned for a Karaoke session after dinner, which would only start at 10.30pm. So we headed directly to Marina Square and had a cup of coffee at Killney Cafe then to KBox at 3rd floor.

We sang, drank, and chat 'til 3.30am. What a tiring night! I went back by Taxi and slept not long after I reached home. Whoa.... what a great time.. but really too tiring for me.. hahaha.. I'm getting old already... *Left to right: Ann, Me, Eva, and Ching.

Tonight I supposed to meet her for dinner, but I fell aslept la... too tired.. so sorry that I couldn't join her for dinner... and tomorrow she will be going back to Taiwan. Hopefully we can have a chance to meet soon.. Seoul? or Taiwan? Let the fate decide ba.... ^^

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just registering myself for June 2008 Exam... It's been... sometimes since my last exam. Well... must jia you!!! No matter what the result will be, at least I've tried!!! Pray for me yaaaa..... ^^

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Series of cutting hair

This morning, after having the usual breakfast near the market, my son and I had our hair cut at the neighborhood area. First was done by my son then my turn, at different salon. Well.. not bad la.. quite satisfied this time.. 'cos I've been bored w/ my usual hair cut. Give me ur opinion.. what do you think???

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Whereelse KTV

Just woke up 20 minutes ago and now the time is 10.20am. Yesterday after work, me and 2 of my colleagues, which supposed to be 3 - too bad he had some problem at home, went for a quick dinner and stepped our steps to Whereelse KTV, located just inside the building where we work, Yesterday was the last day of the Whereelse KTV operation. They're closing down and the place will be taken over by 'angmoh' from Australia.
It's my first visit there, but not for my other colleagues. It was their place where they usually stopped by after work, to play the pool, to sing Karaoke, and of course, to drink and relax. They also celebrated many occasions down there, such as farewell of the Executive Chef, birthday of the Purchasing Manager, and so on... so yesterday was their last day, that's why I wanted to join them, to see what the place looked like and why people likes to go there.
Once you stepped in, you could smell something.. err.. I didn't know how to describe.. but I guess all of you would smell anything when u stepped in ur feet into a pub, wouldn't you? The pub was quite small, and all walls, ceilings, and carpets were all in black. You could see one pool table when you came in and the rest were tables w/ chairs, one big TV at the corner, small computer monitor for you to choose your songs, and a small bar where they prepare the drink.
When we came in, there were few people inside, including our boss and colleagues. They were having roasted pork, roasted duck, and other food prepared, and we joined them to eat in a moment. Although we were just having our dinner, the food were worthed to take. My colleague said the roasted meat were bought from our famous Chinese restaurant and one of our Chef cooked the fried beehoon w/ the pork and his standard is the best one!!! Hehehe....
We ordered 1 bucket of Heineken, comprises 6 bottle of Heineken and costs $40+++ So 3 of us shared lor... But before tucking in into the first bottle, my colleague, a guy, was offered to drink Martell by his supervisor and kept continuing drink that instead of the Heineken. I drank almost 3 bottles before my colleague passed me a glass and filled w/ Martell plus ice and water and continuing drinking that 'til last. At first, my colleague said that he knew his limit on where to stop, and he said that he smokes so that by smoking could made the alcohol level inside the body down. So, let him be... My other colleague, a woman, finished her first bottle of beer quite slow as she is not a drinker. When his boss came to our table, she has to drink 1/5 of the Martell glass and drank it on when she was asked for. She was quite high too but still can control herself.
People start singing Karaoke about 8.30pm and not bad la.. some people could sing very well. There were some people who got high starting from 10pm. Some would keep talking, talking, and talking. One guy came to our table and talked w/ my colleague, well, I just sat there accompanying her and listened. Then when talking about work related, they talked about one receiving woman who gave him chop to his invoice (he is one of our suppliers), which refers to me lor.. then my guy colleague told him where I was from, bla bla bla, and ended up, the guy came to our table again and this time talked to me. Alamak.... and the worst thing was.. my colleagues left me alone w/ him.. Haiyahhh.. listening to the drunk guy was not a good idea... But at least my colleague tried to attract this guy attention to listen to the karaoke song, so he left my table in few minutes.. kekekeke...
The woman colleague and I took a rest at the next door office, which is her office and had glass of water there and chilled out ourselves for about 15 mins. At least we knew how to control the alcohol level in our body and not doing that by smoke - which in my opinion would only heightened up the alcohol level, and easily got high.
When we returned to the pub, my guy colleague has started to drunk. He told me that he was a little bit high. Jalat liao.. He kept shouting 'Hooh...' to the people who sing.. and clapped his hands. He has got married and tomorrow morning he needs to go to work (he works 5 and half day) so I smsed him asking him what time he wants to go home, 'cos the time has shown 11.30pm. I pointed to his mobile and asked him to check the sms I sent.. At first he ignored me 'cos he might think the sms was from his wife.. Then I asked him to check his mobile again lor... and dunno which sms he opened, maybe the one from his wife, and he told me.. 'Lao zha bor'.... Alamak... when married guy drunk, he would tell his wife is lao zha bor la... hahaha... anyway my colleague is in his 50s, so quite old liao la.. but at least his wife is not that old mah.. they have 12 years difference, so still quite young.. Then not long after, his wife called him, I guess, then I noticed he held his mobile in a wrong way. He used flip-phone and used it 'tebaling'. At first, I thought I might see wrongly or maybe the phone has a special function to use.. but later on, my boss also told my other colleague the same thing.. so it means correct la.. that he used the phone in a wrong way.. hahahahahaha.. and he also told my female colleague that his wife is lao zha bor... kena sai la......
He later on told me.. that he has got a bad habit.. once he drink, he can't stop drinking. OMG!!! He didn't tell me that earlier!!! Remember what I wrote on top?? That he knew his limit on where to stop and now.. tell me this???? Then this guy tried to open another bottle leh.... and time was already 1am!!! I faster informed my colleague and his superior tried to stop him from drinking more. Actually I was thinking to go back home before 11.30pm la.. but since this guy works together w/ me, so at least must make sure he can make his way back home, that's why I kept waiting lor... and took a rest w/ my other colleague. So, when time shows 1.20am, I guess it's time liao la.. so he sang his last song, before he went out from the ktv reluctantly. I led him to the taxi stand. He still told me that he didn't want to go home le... alamak... then I fiercely asked and stared at him... so where do u want to go???? Hahaha... when taxi stopped in front of us, I just asked him to go in first and I took the next one. Haizz....
My colleague and I saw other people who got high too.. many pattern one la.. U won't believe someone's behaviour when he/she gets drunk until you see it yourself.. hehehe...
Reached home about 1.50am. Still managed to take a bath, but not washing my hair. I wanted to go to salon to have hair wash and cut le.. dunno what style will suitable for me.. but if my hair smells this bad, do u think the barber won't scold me??? Hehehe.... maybe I will wash my hair first la before going there.. a bit waste hor????
OK la.. just finish taking a bath.. Going to eat breakfast soon... Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Love You Goodbye from YouTube

Alamak... I missed the time!
Wish that I could post this blog on 29th Feb 2008, 'cos this date would only come once in 4 years time... Anyway... just want to share 'I Love You Goodbye' song from youtube. Just found it there and the words written seems good. Hope you like it too.. Enjoy...

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