Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you

Thank you SB for giving me great friends and families. On my birthday, few of my old friends sent me sms and wished me happy birthday. Actually since I've lost my friends' data from my handphone, I couldn't get back some of the numbers unless they called or sent the message back to me. And do you know how happy I were when I received news from them? I felt so grateful that after so many years of friendship, and many years of lost in touch, they were actually still remembering my birthday. Hehehe... I was so grateful too for having my current friends who remember my birthday. Well, I know.. friendster helped.. but their effort of wishing me birthday that I appreciated them for.. My mom sent me sms early in the morning before she flew to Menado. All my siblings called me too on that day. Thank you ya... ^^

Although I may not be a successful person in life.. I'm still very lucky of having great friends and families around... and I'm very happy because of that.

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