Saturday, October 04, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Today Da Jie is coming to Singapore. Reever and I went out as early as 10am from home to the airport. I thought she arrived at 11.05am, but actually she arrived at 12.25pm. Kekeke... She only wrote sms to me saying that she would depart from Jakarta at 9.40am, and I got a bit confused on the arrival time. We reached airport at 11.05am. I was quite hungry when we reached there, so I decided to have 'brunch' first in the staff canteen. Reever chose Yakiniku Rice Set, while I ate the 'kway teow mian' w/ fish fillet and fried egg. Reever's one was not bad.. my one was not so nice. After having a full meal, we had a walk to T3 and went back to T1 at 12.30pm. Her plane was turning round and round, waiting for the other airplane to go down first so it landed quite slow.

We went to Bishan to put her luggage and she brought some things for us. She even gave me a bracelet as my birthday party, which I called a 'baby bracelet' hehehe.. Thank you Da Jie!!!
We took a rest for a while then we went to photo booth and took Reever's picture for the Dharma Class registration. I brought the form and three of us went to temple first to submit the form to the receptionist. It's been a while since I went to the temple until I wasn't sure which bus to take and which bus stop to stop. Lucky there were some good people around telling us the right way ^^

We went back to Bishan and had late lunch there. We ate and chat while Reever was playing in the playground. We went to J8 for a while, then we went to Singapore Flyer...

We met Irene, her hubby and friends (9 of them) at the bus stop opposite of Fairmont Singapore. We took bus there then walked for about 5 mins. We had a scoop of ice cream first before all of us went up. It costs $29.50 per adult and $20.65 per child. Thanks Da Jie for treating our first trip there. Btw, it was a bit funny.. Supposed that we brought them there instead they brought me and Reever there. Kekeke....

Singapore Flyer
We went up at 7pm. It was not dark yet.. but slowly as we went out, the sky changed slowly into a dark. Lights were on too everywhere surrounds us. As we took our step inside the capsule, we started busy taking picture here and there... Hehehe...

Baobei and his small activity bag
His cup brochure

Became a hat :)

Reaching to the top

Both of us together - I love you Baobei... muach...

After reaching back the land - Baobei and his smile :)

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Anonymous said...

asik yah jalan2.. n ketemu dajie..
at least still meet,,, a family

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