Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31 December 2008

It's the end of the year 2008. Tomorrow, we need to change a new calendar. The year that we write will be different. Perhaps SB wants me to be happy today, when there is lesser than 24 hours left.

This morning I had a dream. The dream that never happened before.. to see someone to be soooo... happy that he finally gotta be married with someone he loves and most importantly.. he treats me as his friend still, even brought me some Doraemon balls as present for me - in my dream, of course hehehe... (Actually I have already had one, but when I see his sincerity, I took it as if I didn't have one before). I can see him singing, dancing, and even fighting when he was happy, as if it's real.. Anyway, it's time for him to get married!!! So, what are you waiting for???

I heard doraemon's sound from my mobile phone. I got a message. It's 7.30am in the morning so I thought it would be a reminder from hospital. But still, I checked it out. And you know what? It's a sms from my Chinese friend, Hong Mei!!! She told me that she and her husband will arrive in Singapore this morning and she wanted me to meet them at Quality Hotel!!! She really surprised me this time!!! Actually she wanted to surprise me last two years by coming here w/ her mom secretly but she didn't make it as her mom was sick and had to cancel the trip. Then she got married last year, so I didn't expect so much that she would come. And now, she is pregnant.. and we seldom keep in touch. But still.. this good friend of mine never fails to surprise me!!! I just called her hubby's mobile and he told me that they just passed through the immigration and would collect their luggage afterwards. So I will just call him again in a while.

I guess they would have lots of plan to do today. Hope that they still have time to be spent with me later. Can't wait for it...

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