Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Canon IXUS100

Guess what? While I was working this afternoon, I received a phone call. A lady called me saying that I've won the camera from the Smirnoff Lucky Draw that I sent last month. I thought I was dreaming!!! She asked me to collect it at where my hubby's Boss working!! Wow! What a coincidence! The place is not far from my working place, so I immediately went there and collect. When that lady asked my intention to go there, she was surprised! She didn't expect me to go there that fast! Hahaha... I reached there about 15 mins after she called. Kekeke.. A bit kiasu hor? I was curious la.. She said I won a camera, but I didn't know what camera that I won mah... Then found out that it's my favourite Canon Digital Camera, very slim (the slimmest so far), with 12 mega pixels and 3x digital zoom. Very light too. It's Canon IXUS100 (normal silver colour). Wa.. I was very happy le.. 'cos I very rarely win this type of lucky draw! The price is about SGD$469 outside. So.. not bad hor??? Actually I've been wanting to buy the compact camera 'cos currently my digicam is quite bulky.. so.. good lor.. can have one now... ^^
The lucky draw was simply started less than a month ago. After attending the Comm Session at my working place, I delivered the cakes to my two colleagues who were inside the store. When I reached there, both of them were busy finding the answers for the lucky draw entry. It's Smirnoff lucky draw. There were pictures of four footballers in the bottle and asked us to answer who were not inside the list of the players. All of us had no clue about the footballers (as we are not the fans of it), so we looked for the answers from the internet. Each bottle has one entry. There were 6 bottles, I guess.. and I took one entry. While they took two and three each. I still remembered, I was saying to one of my colleagues, 'give me one is enough. If lucky, send one would be enough. If no luck, send many also no use'. And... correct enough. I was lucky to win the camera. The guy won miniature of the team's souvenir, while the gal win nothing. But that's for weekly draw. There is still a main prize. So who knows they would win them... hehehehe.. The main prize is to fly to Manchester with free accommodation and other perks as well.
I've just charged the battery and 've tried to used it. Ok lah.. not many functions, but small enough to be put into my bag everywhere now. Hehehe... Well.. gotta sleep now. Gud nite.. Thank you for the camera...

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