Thursday, September 24, 2009

First of all, thank you for everyone who have sent me birthday wishes through sms, bbm, email, facebook, and even singing on the phone. Yesterday was my birthday. So I took two days leave from 22 to 23 Sept. My hubby asked me to book a hotel room at sister property. Then we went out on 22 Sept afternoon. First destination is to have lunch buffet at Jushinjung, a Korean restaurant. We went to the west branch. We slowly ate, actually, ate quite fast. We finished it at about an hour only. Hahahaha... I ordered my yummy spicy cold noodle while my hubby ordered BBQ saba fish and two sets of BBQ meat *chicken, two type of pork, and pork belly. Wow we ate very full!

So we decided to take a look at Haw Par Villa, which is located at the opposite of the restaurant. It's been so many years since each of us went there. Hm.. condition is better than what I imagined. I mean.. it's been repainted some time ago. Free admission, except to the Ten courts of hell ($1 per adult). We didn't go inside there. Just browsed around the area. Lots of statues everywhere. There was a pond with full of turtles and fishes. The turtles know when people is going to feed them. When they see there is people at the side of the pond, they will swim towards the person and wait for the person to give them the food.

We took bus to opposite of Suntec. It was a bit jam because there was a lane closure due to F1 preparation. We had a walk to the hotel. We were given a refurbished double bed room at 21st floor facing Esplanade and city.

We took a rest for a while, before going out again and had a walk from Marina Square to Suntec, and back to Marina Square again. We had buffet steamboat and alacarte at Hotpot Culture. We enjoyed our dinner so much and felt great with the place. There was chocolate fondue as well and it tasted great, accompanied with banana, strawberry, and ice cream. After that we had a walk to Esplanade. Sitting at the side of the quay and enjoyed the view of Singapore. We went back to hotel at 9.30pm, took a relaxing bath tub and watching TV. There was no hair dryer, so I left my wet hair like that and went to sleep. The air-con was quite cold as well although we have adjusted it. So that's why it began.

At 4am I was woken up. My stomach was full of air and.. series of lao sai began. Hahahaha.... at 6am, at 8am, and so on. Tried to have a sandwich breakfast at Subway, but not long after, I ended up vomiting it out. My stomach was really full of gas. The shit was watery and followed by gas outing. Must wear a mask. The worst thing is.. it happened to both of us, not just me... We took turn to use the toilet. Hahaha... We decided to take taxi back home.

I ate medicine that was given previously by the doctor. So I thought it would get better soon. I even fell asleep for about 2 hours. But when I woke up, the conditions were remain the same. And it even got worst. I had to go to toilet once in every 10 mins? Tried to eat something, but then vomited it out? So at about 8.15pm, I decided to see doctor. Ray accompanied me there and the doctor gave me a jab on my right arm and medicines for vomit and diarrhea. I tried to eat a little bit food, the fell asleep again.

This time, the sleep was very good. I slept at about 9.30pm and woke up this morning at 7.30am. Had a dream for a while, then decided to take the mc given by the doctor. So I smsed my colleagues and cooked a noodle to fill up my empty stomach and tried to drink more water.

Believe it or not.. I get sick on my birthday these few years back. Haiz... when I ate noodle this morning, just remember that I didn't eat noodle and egg yesterday. Well.. hopefully I can get better today and ready to work tomorrow... Jia you!!!

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