Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday we were staying at home almost a whole day. We went out only in the morning where we went to market to have our breakfast and buy all ingredients for steamboat. After that, I spent the rest of the day at home playing Farm Town and ate steamboat of course w/ R's friends.

What I like about steamboat is.. the morning after that. Why? Because I like to use the leftover ingredients, such as prawn, chicken & pork meat, pork/sotong ball, Chinese cabbage and tung fen (tang hoon noodle), to fry it altogether and become a nice breakfast. Hehehehe..... I love to cook those things. Those are my favorite food, even during my study time long ago in Swiss. Saved money at the same time, 'cos outside food was very expensive.

Anyway... Plan to go out later after 2pm. We're going to a new mall at Farrer Park, called City Square Mall to have a walk and window shopping. Kekeke...

Well.. enjoy ur weekend everyone....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Already gone - by Kelly Clarkson

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye

Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hold you, now I can't stop

I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road someone's gotta go
And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on so I'm already gone

Looking at you makes it harder
But I know that you'll find another
That doesn't always make you want to cry

Started with a perfect kiss then we could feel the poison set in
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive
You know that I love you so, I love you enough to let you go

I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road someone's gotta go
And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on so I'm already gone

I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone, already gone
There's no moving on so I'm already gone

Already gone, already gone, already gone
Already gone, already gone, already gone, yeah

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye

I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road someone's gotta go
And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on so I'm already gone

I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone, already gone
There's no moving on so I'm already gone

Friday, October 16, 2009

Time flies like butterfly

Time really flies this week. I didn't realize it until my hubby told me that this afternoon, he was asking his friend, when the last time they met at Alan's house for baby one month's celebration. And he said.. it was last Sunday. And today is Friday!! OMG!!! 5 days just went on like that. I might be too busy covering my colleague who is holidaying to Europe since last Saturday. She always said about this trip since months ago and I really can't imagine that it's going to over soon this Sunday. Wow... is the world rotating faster than it used to?
There is another earthquake at Java Island this evening. Is it because the world rotating faster so it creates the earthquake more often this last few days?? Yeah, maybe it's just my imagination.
My sister can't wait to go home. It's another 1.5 months for her, and about 2 months more for me. I can imagine that when the time comes, I would feel that I was just saying this words as if yesterday. Kekekeke.....
I manage to finish few tasks this week. So although I was busy, but I satisfied with my work. Not completely finish, but I've encounter most of it. The fear... and at least I have less thing to learn and most importantly.. I become more confident in thing that I do. Of course not completely able to do it.. but.. at least one thing has been done. Hehehe...
Oklah.. it's weekend again. Have a great weekend everyone... Byeeee

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oktoberfest 09

Yesterday night Ellen, Steph, PY, and I met up for dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus in Milennia Walk, just the opposite of Suntec Convention Centre. We made a reservation since about 10 days ago and there we were!

We started our meal by ordering 1 set of Sausages Platter and 1 set of Paulaner Platter. Both contains sausages, mashed potato, and sauerkraut, the only different was just the Paulaner one contains Pork Knuckles and meatloaf. 4 of us shared the food and each of us ordering the Oktoberfest Bier 0.5 litre, a special freshly brewed from Paulaner own microbrewery. It came with long and slim glass.

About 8 pm we finished our meal and the live band was just started.It's a group of German guys played their musical instruments. The room was full of music. They sang and dance. And guess what? After the band played few songs, there were another group of people wearing the German folk dress. It contains 4 guys and 1 girl. I thought they were part of the band... And when they passed by our table going to the direction to another table nearby ours, we saw one guy look very familiar... Guess what?? He is our hotel's GM (General Manager). Kekeke.. what a coincidence.... He was there with his fellow friends in a big table. The other three tall guys are his sons and the woman is his wife. Hahaha... After he settled down, he looked at our side. We waved our hands to him then he realized about our presence. He came by and talked for a while then he had his dinner. So did we.

Our first glass of beer has finished. So we intended to order a second one. Then we saw the menu. There was another drink come with quantity of 2 cl and 4 cl. We asked the waiter and he said it came with different flavors, raspberry, cherry, and pear. In my mind, I thought it was a beer.. Since they brew their own beer, well, I thought.. why don't we try??? So we ordered each of them. The names are: Schlanderer Williams Birne (Pear), Schlanderer Himbeergeist (Raspberry), and Schlanderer Kirschwasser (Cherry).

When it came to our table, I was surprised! It came with small glasses. All with same colour, white.. but with different smell. Hahaha.. only then we realised that it wasn't a beer, but a German hard liquor. Since it came, we could only try and drink it. I guess the alcohol level was quite high, about 40% maybe? The taste were almost like vodka. Each of us took turn drinking, err.. sipping it.. hahahahaha... We sang and danced. It was great!!

We ordered their homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. It looks nice and tastes really good.

The band stopped at about 9.40pm. My friend still didn't want to go home yet... So we ordered another food and beer to share. This time we ordered food hot (appetizer), a Potato rosti with dry smoked ham gratinated with Gruyere Cheese.. hm... Gruyere.. Swiss cheese.. plus 1 litre of Beer.. this time came with a big glass... hehehe... Prost!!!

Overall the dinner was good.. Food is delicious, beer is fresh, liquor is enough to make us laugh a lot, ambience was superb and most importantly.. the accompanies are great!!!! Thanks for dinner together gals... I hope all of you enjoying it too!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Around the "work'

Started this week by having training about Food Hygiene organized by outside company approved by government. Visited my ex-colleague who was just giving birth the day before that, continued with having dinner @Novena Square w/ another ex-colleague. It's a baby girl, born in October 4th, 14.50pm, weight 3.74kg. It's a big baby.

Busying at work on Tue, and another half day training on Wednesday. Only after that I got a time to help up with a paint wall team competition organized by my working place, competed internally among departments. I painted the hotel words and color the Merlion... Stopped at 8pm then rushed home 'cos I was very hungry. Hehehe...

Yesterday I went back home on time. Didn't help up with painting since there were so many people attending the walls, no space for me, I guess, unless I stay over working hours, well, no thanks.

Stopping by the local supermarket and bought fruits, vegetables, bread, and dairy products. Suddenly I was craving to eat salad, thought of having sandwiches ala subway, and drinking healthy juices w milk or some yoghurts. Reached home, prepared my dinner. It's great! I love the food very much!!! I mixed banana, pineapple, and milk for the shakes.. Healthy and full of vitamins :)

Plan for tonight??? Going back on the dot, take shuttle bus, and go to Milennia Walk. Planning to have Oktoberfest dinner w fellow friends :) Hope everything is ok and have a great time later. Stop here.. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Personality test

Just did one.. follow this web: and try yourself.

Below is the result from my test:

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for: You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship: You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love: Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education: Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you: You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success: You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of: You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self: You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Today is lunar 15th Aug, which also known as Mid-Autumn. Chinese people usually celebrate the day by having dinner together and eat the mooncakes. I started the day by getting myself ready to attend my schoolmate's wedding, which was held in Crown Hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It was Ann and her hubby, Jeremy, wedding. I went there w/ my son.

It was 8-course lunch reception. The food was nice and the service was good. The couple started their wedding by entering the main door, singing and dancing, just two of them. It's nice and soothing. Both of them gave speech on a stage and there were video montage taken on how both of them knew each other at the first place. Everything went on smoothly. We finished the party by 3.30pm.

Reever and I continued our journey to my brother's house at Bishan. My hubby were there when we reached the house. All of us went out at 6pm to Chatterbox at Meritus Mandarin Orchard, to have famous chicken rice dinner at the Chatterbox. It was my brother's idea to have a dinner there. It's my first time being there and tried the food. Now the restaurant was located at the 39th floor (the highest floor of the building, I think??). And the food price has also increased accordingly.. kekekeke... It costs $24.50 per plate now. WOW!! The most expensive chicken rice I ever ate... To be honest, the rice tastes so so... the chicken was not bad. Portion was ample and chilli and some other sauces were quite good. If you asked me to go back to patron the place again.. and pay by myself, then I'd think twice. Hahahaa.... prefer to eat at Kim San Leng at Bishan there. Anyway.. we enjoyed the view and ambience. And thanks to my bro and sis-in-law for treating us the dinner. Hehehehehe.....

After that, we had a great entertainment by my son and Aryn. They wore the fake glasses connected w/ mustache and there is whistle to blow and supposedly there should be the paper blown up, but somehow it only worked one of them. Hahaha.. Reever wore it and walked as if he used the sticks, acting as old people. Then Aryn was standing beside him to help with with the walking. People who saw them would smile and laugh, enjoying their entertainment.

We went to J8 after that and bought some ice creams at McDonalds before we separated our ways. Me and 2R had a walk for a while before going back home.

It's been a great day and I enjoyed myself very much. Get ready to get fat this month as there would be many makan occasions as well.. hahahaha... Well.. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!! Wherever you are, I'm sure you are enjoying yourselves as well.. Ciao!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Relaxing night

After busying for a week, finally it's Friday!!! I was very busy doing stocktake, and closing for these past few days. I slept early every night to make sure that I had enough energy to concentrate and do my job properly. Finally the day is over!!! Yesterday morning, I received a call asking me to make sure the journal posted so that the first P&L draft would come out by today. It was a record breaking actually that I managed to post all my journal (including monster journal) in a day!!! Usually I would drag a time to 1.5 days 'cos I don't want to tire myself out and it would depend on the preparedness of the job as well.. I was busying w/ all the invoices on 30th (after finish posting all the stock take figures), so that everything went on smoothly. So today I managed to finish all the reconciliations (well.. another record breaking that all was done in 2 days!!!). It tired me up, of course... but then.. I will go for training on Monday, that's why I tried my best to finish everything before I left.

I went out to my friend's farewell dinner at the finest Taiwanese dining, Shih Yuan, at Liang Court together w/ 4 other friends. The food was not bad. The quality is there for the price that we paid. The service was promptly and the workers were quite good at selling their products. We ordered 6 types of food for 5 of us and ended our dinner by ordering snow skin mooncakes and complimentary moachi from the restaurant.

I gave my friend little souvenir to remind her and encourage her whenever she faces any problem. Actually I was planning to wrap the gifts properly and send some messages inside, but because of the closing, I really had no time to do that. Well, if you read my blog here, I just wanted you to know.. those things I gave, has meaning in it. The 'smiling' candies are for you so that when you look at it, even before you eat it, you would smile and be happy. I bet you're celebrating ur departure from this company.. kekeke... and sad as well.. 'cos you have to leave your fellow colleagues. But since you've decided your mind on it.. you should bear the responsibility of it and make full use ur decision into doing something that you really wish to do, which is.. to continue ur study.

Studying is not an easy thing to do. But I know, you're quite clever in it and I'm sure you will make it! But no matter what, whenever you face any problem, or feeling sick of it... in case... that thing I gave you, hopefully can remind yourself not to quit, not to give up!!! You've chosen your way so.. better make a full use of it and make sure you do it well!! OK??? In case whenever you need friends around but they were not there.. somehow.. it can help to remind yourself not to quit!! Life is short. Life is precious. So, better make full use of it!

And small magnet thing.. is to remind you.. to treasure the present time.. now.. Not always buried yourself into your past time.. or worrying yourself about future.. always remember.. 'now' is the time that you're going through.. so seize the day and live life to the fullest.

Anyway.. although you're not working there anymore.. we're still friends and still can contact each other. Whatever thing you're doing.. we'll keep supporting you. Jia you!! And good luck in everything that you do, ok???

Going to sleep now.. Very tired and tomorrow I have few things to do.. Happy mooncake day!!! Or... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! =P
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