Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go back late again tonight. I started the day with a whole body feeling very weak. Not because I didn't have enough sleep, but something happened this morning. I was partly wrong in this matter. I didn't mean to harm other, but too bad she felt so.. Kekeke... I guess she is just a very sensitive person. Seriously I wasn't thinking of her at all until my colleague told me that apparently she was asking if she was involved in this. Aiyah.. Don't care la. If u're not happy, just leave la!
These few days I had to face many mentally challenge. I was backstabbed my some people. They all put the blame on me. That's fine. Don't think that I don't know anything what they said behind me. It's all just learning process for me. I don't know where I have the strength to take all the things positively. Tried to sometimes.. But thanks to someone who is actually supporting me although I made mistakes. At first not happylah, of course. But after all, I heard she mentioned that asking us to be positive. Don't think that the more thing is given, the more burden you'll have. So whenever one day you leave this place, you at least have brought something from here, a lesson to learn, rather than nothing.
Maybe that sentence that keep me going. No matter what I shouldn't give up and will keep trying. Until one day I feel that it's end, then I'll end it myself.
The horoscope said that I have to beware of those people who will backstab me. Only that I didn't expect those who backstabbed me were people who I deal most with.
Observe! I should learn more the way they harm people. Need techniques too, you know! Kekeke... Anyway... Reach home already. Tty again next time!

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