Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday after work, I finally made a booking for trip in August. In less than 4 months time!!! Wow! I just hope everything goes well and we can actually go to the places we want to go.
Hope our dreams come true :D
Today I'll be going for FHA in EXPO. The last time I went was 2 yrs ago when I was still working at another hotel. Time flies seriously. Even this event was looked very long time ago, but now has started already. I think it'll be the same thing for Shanghai EXPO.
Oklah, can't talk much right now. Gotta prepare myself to work :D Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi are u planning to go on August? may I nknow the time and date? how much the trip cost? I monder if I can join you for the trip, since my children has summer holiday in August. Please reply to me ....Yingyan

Anonymous said...

Hi Meiqi, elo jd perginya August?tgl brp dan brp ongkos tournya?? kali aaj gua pengen ikut juga, anak2 kan libur summer selama august, kalo gak terlalu mahal pengen juga ikutan...heheheh...kabarin gua yah. thanks. Yingyan

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