Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I took some free postcards, including free postages from the rack on the street. Thought of writing few words to some old friends. To my nightmares..., when I opened my old address book, lots of addresses haven't been updated yet and nowadays it's kinda uncommon to ask for someone's address. They prefer to give their email address rather than the real address where they currently live. Other than privacy reason, also for security reason. So, I still sent some, pray that they are still living there, or other family members are still there so that they still can pass the postcard to the addresee.
When I was young, I started to write letter to penpals. I got the address from kids magazines. There was once when my sis, our childhood friends, and I ganged up together creating false identity to a girl. My sis and my friend were acting as boys who were planning to go abroad for studying. So before both of them went abroad, we agreed to meet up in a shopping centre. We arranged a gift exchange with her.
On the way to the meeting place, we realised that the gift was left out inside the bajaj, so we had to buy another one for her. We ended up buy two pair of socks for her. Hahahhaa....
Before that, we often go to the public phone box near our house in the evening, trying to call her using 50 rupiah coins. Sometimes, when we're lucky enough, when the phone was error, we could talk longer without topping up more coins.. Hahahaha... What a childhood times we had!!!
There was no internet, no handphone. So we usually communicate using letter, post cards, and phone.
Since phone was quite expensive (our parents even locked the house phone, not to let us use and chat for long time), letter would be a cheaper alternative.
I often kept in touch with my friends using letter. Especially when I was studying in China, I love the stamps, so I would purposedly go to post office, found nice stamps, and paste it on the envelopes, so the receiver would enjoy it as well.
Gone are those days. Now everything is electronised. Save money, save time. Most importantly, we still can send the message to the receiver.
Going back to work now. Have a great day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

iya tuh.. gmn kabarnya si elisa.. bla bla bla... hahhahaha
dah jarang yah kirim2 kartu..
kartu ultah dr reever di main2 in ama rafa... seneng bgt dia..

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