Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy time of the month is here!!! Will do stock-taking today abd prepare for month-end closing. Gotta admit, a bit lazy this month to do this thing over and over again... But can't escape la!!! It's a cycle that I have to do. Just heard that one of my colleague resigned yesterday. She has been working here for quite some time and finally she is leaving. She found a better offer, well, wish her all the best then!

Last Sunday we went to my hubby's childhood friend's house to have steamboat. It was also first time for hubby to visit their new house, 'cos during housewarming, he didn't manage to visit due to his work. We had a great meal, thanks Wilvin and Kate for the invitation!

These last two days my hubby cooked for us. On Monday he cooked prawn noodle soup and dried, and yesterday he cooked fried Hokkian mee. Thank you Laogong!

Well gotta go back to work soon! Hope everything goes smoothly this month-end and jia you!!!

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