Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to myself :) After so long, I finally come to work on my Birthday. Usually I take leave and free myself from work but today I delay the leave til tomorrow because I can't dissapoint so many people who celebrate my Birthday today at the office. Hahahahahahaa.... Nolah, today there will be Annual Staff Dinner and Dance in the office, coincidence to be held on my Birthday :)

The theme is Back to 80s. I've my fashion designer who accompanied and advised me on what to dress tonight, Mr RK ^^ Just a tip that it won't be that colorful, but at least the theme is there. So.. Wait until I posted the picture... Hehehe....

Yesterday night after work, I met up w 2R to look for the missing parts, then we met my bro and his families, also Auntie's and families to have a Birthday Celebration of my bro's daughter, or my niece. The date is different only by a day. They invited us for dinner at Tony Romas in Suntec. Thank you for the dinner, it's very enjoyable and hope Aryn likes our presents. I hope she knows how to utilise those things and have an interest to do. It's materials to create handmade photo album, some kinds of Scrapbook, but more for the beginner. Well, just hope she would use it :)

Aryn's Birthday at Tony Romas, Suntec

We reached home about 11 plus pm. I took a bath and my son and hubby gave me their handmade pictures and greeted me for Birthday. Both of them drew a birthday cake which turned magically into a real birthday cake, with the same design. Hehehe... Thank you laogong and baobei. I was touched by your love to make me feeling warmth and be loved. There is nothing more I need. I'm very happy :)

They then sang a birthday song, took pictures, then ate the cake.

I slept at about 1am, then woke up this morning at 6.45am. When reached office, I slowly received sms from my friends and family members, greeting me a Happy Birthday. Thank you for your greetings.... It made my day :) Some colleagues also sent me emails and sms, and some directly wished me the Happy Birthday. Thank you very much!

Well, another half day to go! Hope everything goes on smoothly and hope everyone enjoy the party tonight! Ceeeeeleebrate tonight, come on!!!!!

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