Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow!! This morning my friend has finally come back from her 1 month unpaid leave. She went to Canada to meet her bf. It seems just like yesterday. When she appeared in front of me, it seems like a dream to me.

I thought she was going to extend her stay there and tender her resignation from there, but she didn't. But she is very sad the fact that she has to leave him. She kept crying on her way back to Singapore.

Long distance relationship. I should be very lucky that I don't have to encounter that anymore. I hope I don't have that anymore. Living together with loved ones, nothing can make me happier than that.

This morning I accidentaly erased all sms in my phone, including all outgoing and incoming one. Hahaha... But it reminds me of impermanent, that everything in life will disappear one day, it's just a matter of time. All those young faces, beautiful body, the good health, one day everything will disappear. Young becomes old. Beauty becomes not beauty anymore. Healthy may become inhealthy. But what remains are the beauty that is kept inside, which is inner beauty. Kindness, compassionate, honesty, etc. Well, it can change as well, but at least that can be reserved as long as people is willing to do so.

Anyway... Again.. Be happy with what you have. Be satisfy. That will be the ultimate goal of happiness. Rather than having a lot, but never feel satisfy.

Heard that Audit thing has passed with Effective result. I don't know what that means, but I just hope that was quite a good news as year end is coming. If we failed, we won't have that bonus in hand... Anyway... Anything can be gone just like that, only a matter of they like u or they don't. Kekeke...

Write 'til here. Have a great week ahead!!!

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