Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday morning xiao R and I woke up at 5.30am. We took a bath, had our breakfast at coffee shop then took a cab to East Coast Lagoon Food Centre. Reached there quite early and we waited for other colleagues to reach. We took pics of sand castle and sunrise.

We met up near Milo van and did warming up to loosen up our muscles. It was raining the day before and left the grasses so wet and muddy. Our shoes were covered with muddy from warming up exercise.

Bao Bei and I before start

My little fat boy didn't even move during the warming up exercise. Didn't even expect him to run for the whole journey. He only ran for first one minute? Then walked all the way with his sulking face. Kekekeke... Still can imagine his round face with short hair and spectacles, wearing a little to big and a little too long shirt, which made his leg looking much shorter. He couldn't smile during the whole journey except from keeping quiet and complaining of the long journey and he was tired. Kekekeke....

We walked all the way. Almost reaching the half way of the journey, we cut short the road, walked back and finally reached the finish line. I don't know is it my imagination, but it seems some people also did the way we did. Cut short some road and walked all the way. Kekekkee....

At least I have spent precious time with my baobei. Tried to be patient with him. Although we're slow, at least we managed to finish our journey. Love you baobei. Seems you really gained lots of weigh. My boss and colleagues were surprised to see him growing much fatter.... Kekekeke...

xiaoR, me and my 2 colleagues

After the 'walk' for hope, baobei and I joined my friends for a while then we tried to find our way back home. At first I planned to stay and spend more time there, but I forgot my son got Kumon. If I remembered, I would have changed his class to another day earlier... So we had no choice but went back home.

Reached home, both of us quickly took a shower and went to his class. While waiting, I had my hair cut. It's much shorter and it's straight. Remember my dad ever said, straight hair people is more honest doing their work. Kekekeke.... Just to assure I'm doing more honest way in work ba! Kind of motivation. Hahahaha....

Well... Seems like time is never enough. Haven't read much of my new book. Seems so interesting. Will enjoy it slowly ba!!!

Going back to Monday morning activity and time to work now! Have a great week ahead!!

Additional info: Three days later, I found out that xiaoR and I actually had walked for run for 10 km instead of 4 km. Kekekeke... No wonder he was so tired and not happy all the way.... ;P


  1. Haha...10 km instead of 4 km!! It was a pity but no loss because running is good especially for your then fat cute little son.

    A good idea to let young kids get into such activities.
    Take care

    1. Yeah Tashi, no loss except that we became more cautious next time lol! :D