Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flash back on December activities

6th day without Baobei by my side

It's first time my baby went out for holiday himself without any of us around. Since Monday he went back to my hometown together with my brother's children, their's guardian (aunty) and aunty's taking care of other's daughter. It's holiday season and just nice Aunty was free to go and she was willing to bring these children back as she is the only adult going.

Well, I have nothing to worry about for my son going there, just scared that he would misbehave towards others.

He seems enjoying his trip very much. My parents brought them to 3 days and 2 night trip to Garut and Lembang, and passed by Puncak on the way back home. They went for foot reflexology twice in 2 days, rode the boat, went to Safari Park, etc.

On Friday, my eldest sis brought him and my niece to Kidzania, the adult world for children. It's the third attempt already but they're not yet getting bored. This time he finally made his driving license, so that he could ride and play racing cars. He worked as News Reporter once again, but this time he tried to become Sport News Reporter. At night he played bumped car for many times before having dinner with my Engku and his grandsons.

Aryn & Reever w/ their driving licenses

Yesterday they went to Timezone and played again. Wah, he sure enjoyed his life there. And today they went to my sis-in-law's brother's house.

It's Sunday now. Two more days I'll be seeing him back home. Yesterday his front tooth was dropped while eating dinner. Hahahaha... and he said he'll bring his tooth back to Singapore and show it to us ckckck..... It's second time he dropped his tooth in Jakarta. Kekeke....

Well, these past few weeks (month of December) I was quite busy with my personal life. But I enjoy my time gathering with friends.

Starting with 1st Dec, Wednesday. PY and I had Korean dinner at Concorde B1 Food Court. We ordered 3 dishes (bibimbap, Korean beef soup, and fried Korean noodles), shared together and completed our meal with lime juice. We chatted while eating.

On 2nd Dec, Thursday, I was invited by the Exe. Chef to his department BBQ at Costa Sands Resort, Pasir Ris. Not many people went. Apart from their own, Stewarding, and Executive Office department, it was only me and my colleague (IT Asst. Mgr) who came as guests. We sat with GM's Secretary and Chef Administrator during the whole night with the Exe. Chef entertained us with chatting, food, and drinks. The food was really abundant, so did with the drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol), kekekeke..... It was raining day and the location was quite faraway. Many staffs decided not to attend the gathering. Too bad... Otherwise, it would be more fun as to seize this as gathering and getting close to each other gathering event. We went back quite late, about 11.30pm from there. Luckily Chef was willing to fetch us home one by one. Thank you Chef for the invitation and everything!!! Also thank you for all kitchen staffs who prepared and helped out with preparing this event. Below is pictures taken by them (we went back home already by the time they took this picture below).

SMC Kitchen Teams

The next day, we still had to wake up and go to work like usual. Lucky it was Friday liao. So after work, I could straightly go home and sleep early.

The next Friday after that, 10th December 2010, me, PY, Joyce from Purchasing and Lam had made Kbox appointment at Marina Square. I was having outside training on that day so we met up at Marina Square food court at 7.30pm, had our dinner there, then proceed to Kbox. Supposedly I was asking another colleague to join, but she was too busy and couldn't make it. Next time ba!! We indeed had a great time! I brought a list of songs that were quite in so that it would be easier and faster when placing the song to play. We supposedly finished at 11pm, but by that time, our finger food had not been served yet, so we kept singing while waiting and we finished up at 1am!!! 2 more extra hours. Hahahaha..... so good!!!

Me and Pui Yi

Me, Lam and Joyce

Sunday, 12 December, it was my Baobei's 8th year birthday. We invited my brother and his families, and Reever's classmates, his sis and mom who stay just the opposite of our house. We didn't invite many as this is only a small gathering for him. My mother-in-law cooked fried beehoon and Curry chicken, also tempura prawn. I deep-fried spring roll and chicken nuggets, and bought KFC.

Reever w/ Amei and Eugene

My hubby's sis bought the birthday cake. We then ate our dinner, watched TV (Ai), and kids were playing computer games and bayblades.

Hubby, Me and Baobei

After the party, my son went to Bishan together with my brother. He slept in Bishan that night as the day after he would fly together with them. So after my brother left, I still chit chat with Reever's friend's mom until 11 plus, then only went to sleep at 12am. It was tiring, but sure Reever enjoyed it ba!!!

The day after I had gastric pain. Actually already felt something wrong with my stomach the day before, after having chicken rice for my first meal. Then eating time was extended until 8 pm, which was quite late ba... Anyway, I was still working on that day as I had something to do at work to prepare my hotel 30th Anniversary. I needed to collate all invoices related to the delivery of food for that event.

On Wednesday, was the event day. In the morning when I looked for someone, the Exe Chef was calling my name and asking me why I was wearing all black... supposedly to have some 'red' as that night was the day and was expecting to have some 'lucky' essence for the whole event by wearing some 'red'. Then he said that later I would go up and join the event. The coordinators were allowed to join as per GM's saying in the meeting. But.. I wasn't the coordinators leh.. although my job was partly coordinating the food to come smoothly.. kekeke...

Then in the afternoon, when I accompanied suppliers to the kitchen, the Exe Chef was inside and he asked me again if I would join the party that night. Then I told him, nobody invited me, how to go?? He said, I invited you lor... He asked me twice liao.. so I took it that he was seriously asking me to join the party as well.. Hehehhee... so I went up and joined them lor after work together with GM Secretary and Chef's Administrator. My Boss also went up. She actually knew that she was invited also only in the morning during the meeting. So.. they actually never planned to invite us lah.. perhaps the coming guests were not as much as they expected and rather than see the place empty, so they asked us along.. although not all staffs were invited lor... kekekeke....

Me, Jessice (GM's Secretary), Stephanie (Chef Administrator), Florence (S&M Coordinator)

Sales marketing and Catering Sales staffs definitely had to be there. Some were working to welcome guest, sitting at receptions, and some were to make sure that event was going on smoothly. So, only three of us were really there to be the guests and enjoy the party. Kekeke... I didn't know many guests who were coming. Just knew a few of them.

Overall it was fun. Kumar, the show biz entertainer was there and he came out from the birthday cake when my GM was trying to cut the cake. He was really good at telling jokes that night. Everyone was listening to his jokes and laughed.

The food was special too. It's a cocktail, and they served lots of finger food. One station was Japanese sashimi, rolls, put on the ice bar.

Fresh Lobster Sashimi (It costs $90 plus each)

Assorted Sashimi on the Ice Bar

The other side of ice bar was for beverages (wine, cocktail, liquor).

There was cheese station with assorted bread, and Ham Iberian (1 leg of ham costs $600 plus) - see below.

There was hot food station serving wagyu beef which was placed on top of million years salt (the block of salt itself costs $250) - see below.

The finger foods were yellow rice with chicken and buah keluak sauce, skin of suckling pig with sour salad, pasta capellini with prawn, steamed new born egg with mushroom, etc.

Goose Liver Mousse w/ Fig Jams and Whipped Cream

Suckling Pig

Yellow rice w/ Chicken and Ayam Buah Keluak Sauce

My colleague asked me to try fresh oyster served with tomato sauce and absinth (liquor 68% to 70%) served in shot glass. Although my stomach was still not feeling good, out of my curiosity, I gulped it down and not bad, it tasted quite good. But one is enough for me. Hahahahaha......

There was dessert station too. My Pastry Chefs worked very hard few days before the event to prepare their delicate desserts. It was good. The decoration was quite nice as well. Well done everyone!

I didn't drink alcohol drinks that night as my stomach was still not that well. Very guai ah... Hahahaha....

We took few pictures and they printed up the photos for us in a while. So happy.... Well, it's very enjoyable evening and we also took a goodies back home. Inside, there was a Niu Niu (Swissotel Cow wearing the Swiss cloth with 30th Anniversary Swissotel wordings behind), a jar of candies with wording of 30th Swissotel Anniversary in each candy, chocolate Nestle from sponsor, spa voucher, and some brochure. I took few more bags for my colleagues who have helped up for this event.

Friday, 17 December 2010. After work, I went to Univ Studio Sentosa and met up with my chatting brother and his families (his wife, sister, and 3 children). We went in at night and had our dinner there. We ate at St. Louis Pizza and he ordered a whole portion of Hawaiian Pizza. What a big Pizza and we finished all of them. There were soup, salad, desserts and drinks in the package and he ordered lasagne and honey wings as well. There were lots of people. They actually planned to go there and play, but little did they know that they had to buy the tickets in advance as when they queued up that morning, the tickets for the whole weekend had been sold out!! That's why I suggested to him to enter in the evening just to shop and dine by paying $5 each. My friend had just bought his camera 1 month ago. It costs about $6k plus and he was very proud with it. So heavy la.. If asked me to buy, I'd think twice. It's so heavy that I don't think I wanted to carry it during my travel trip. Hehehe..... But the quality was superb man!!!! Yi fen qian, yi fen huo ba!!! Hahahhaa...

Me and Febylia (my friend's daughter)

We watched fireworks at 9.30pm and went out from there at 10pm. I went back home and slept quite late. So great to see him again. Until next time ok???

Saturday, 18th December 2010. My friend, PY, invited me to her department's BBQ at Orchard condo behind the Wisma Atria. She wanted to introduce me to her colleagues and boss. Well, since I had nothing to do for weekend and my stomach was slightly better, so I agreed and joined her. Before going there, we had a shopping first. We reached there at about 7pm but only started the BBQ at 8pm. Her boss and AP's boss were doing BBQ, while the rest of us were waiting for food, eating, drinking and chit chatting.. kekekeke.... Well, now at least I got to know better who are her colleagues. Usually she just told me their names doing this and that.. now I got a better pictures who is who and what they're doing. We were there until 10pm, then I went back home, while PY and her friends continuing their party by singing at Kbox. They asked me to join, but I refused as I felt uncomfortable with my stomach again.

Well, today is Sunday, a rest day. Just laze around. Going to library later to return books, then nothing much... Hope you enjoy your life too everyone!!!!

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