Friday, April 08, 2011

To maintain a relationship is really not easy. Must know when to pull, and when to get closer. It really depends on situation and environment. Lots of time people don't know how to react in certain circumstances. Instead of doing something, they just stood up and stared. We also need to learn to say sorry. People say 'sorry' is the hardest word to say. But I believe, when it's used at the right time, it can change a person's mood in second.

How we communicate, how we behave; how we judge our own judgement, whether to listen and believe or absorb the situation ourselves. We really need skills to face the day-to-day situation.

By being able to solve a problem, especially helping someone, we will earn greater satisfaction within ourselves. To make others cheer up and smile again, will definitely make our day better!

Enjoy your weekend!!! :)

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