Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day :)

Father's Day Dinner (Salad, Korean Pancake, Spaghetti Bolognaise)

Yesterday I started babysitting my son again. I fetched him to Chinese class and Buddhist class. After that we went to NTUC buying ingredients for dinner and for today's dinner :)

Just nice my mother-in-law kept a piece of sotong in the freezer. I mixed it with onion, pepper, spring onion, and the Korean pancake flour. Ate it while it's hot!!! Nyummy :))) My mother-in-law and hubby likes it. My son preferred plain one as he doesn't like the veggies too much... Kekekeke....

This morning we had breakfast at Pasar. Hubby 'lim' kopi-o as usual, then went to work. Baobei and I went to NTUC buying dragon fruits and other things. I swept and mopped the floor then went to fetch baobei to Kumon.

After his class, both of us headed to Bugis. We went to Kwan I'm Temple for praying, then had a beancurd at hawker centre. After that we went to OG.

Supposed to find clothes, but I couldn't find any. Most of the clothes were designed for aunties :P We bought NERF gun for Ray. It's actually an excuse by my son, 'cos he was actually thinking that he could play with it as well while his dad wasn't at home :D

Collected 2 free coca cola in Bugis Junction and now we're heading back home. Going to cook spaghetti bolognaise for dinner... :) We ate at Pizza Hut last month for mother's day, and now since I have time, hope the meal can warm everyone's heart :)

Calling my dad in the morning. He was having 'sweet potato' for breakfast. We talked for a while regarding Dubai trip.

My sis and her son are going back to Melbourne tonight. They have been staying 1 months plus at home. It will be a bit hard for everyone with their leaving. Her son has made everyone's days happy and bright :) His dad misses him and my sis too... Hehehee.... Well, Yi lu shun feng for both of you!!! Hope everything goes smoothly....

Tomorrow I'm going back to work again, like usual. Well, hope everything goes well too. There are lots of colleagues leaving. It will be filled with new people. Life goes on ba... Just hope for the best!!! Jia you!!!

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