Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Have been busy these past few days and will keep busy 'til next Monday. Tomorrow I will start first Audit class. Hope I won't fall asleep as my friend already warned me that it'll gonna be a boring class and she needed 2 cup of coffee to stay awake. Wow!!!

I have cut down my coffee consumption these past two days as I'm afraid to get my body too heaty and replaced it with a tea with sugar. So far so good. Still have a slight cough and there is still green flame from my throat. I guess I need more cooling herbal tea ba??

Wonder why this year seems to get sick quite often.. I can see my face colour tend to yellowish, not a normal brown face. Kekeke... Ate too much medicine ba?? Feels like slaping it and get it red... Hahahahaha....

Tomorrow and Friday is going to be audit days. I have been checking one of thr required reports since yesterday. Hope to get it done by today.

Well, have a great day everyone!! Hope all of u enjoy your day!!!

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