Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Office Christmas Party :)

Love X'mas Party Set - Sakae Sushi

It's been some time since we had party in our department. Last year we had lunch at nearby restaurant, and this year, we decided to have party in our office. The previous organizers have left and the replacement staff was quite new. Since I'm quite close with kitchen staffs, I decided to help them organising it. It used to be part of my job. This time, I just helped her and guided her on how to do and what to prepare :)

There was exchange gift as well. I was just afraid people didn't want participate but they did. Quite happy with it :)

So this evening, we had our party. My colleagues are quite helpful with preparing the area and also cleaning. I helped out taking the food from kitchen. :P I didn't know why, my Boss started to tell how good I'm as party organizer. I was so 'paiseh'. She often praises me in front of everybody. Haiz... You know la, people might think something else. Just hope they didn't....
It's yuan fen ba.. and I'm thankful that she is at least knowing what I do and appreciate it, but most of the times she would expect more from me. Just hope I can grow and be better.

Food for the party :)


Well, I got set of toiletteries. I thought it's gonna be another chocolate, but it wasn't. At least I can use it hehehe...

X'mas Finance Party - 28 Dec 11

Oklah... Hope all of you had a great Christmas time as well.. Belated Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

of course, Rima is a party queen... :)

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