Thursday, April 05, 2012

1.5 mths has passed. Still feel that the jouney inside MRT is quite long and time consuming :( However, adapt and live with it :)

Well, nothing much happened. Spend two weekends with Baobei, brought him to see and do new things, let him opened his eyes wider to the outside world. He was enjoying it :)

Just finished my class and tomorrow is long weekend. Yippeeee!!! My friends were asking me out for drink, but I rejected as I didn't have enough sleep last night, watching HK serial 'til 12am!!! Oh ya, I was trying a full body massage last night, in a house operated one in a place not far from my house. It's reasonable price - $50 for 90 mins and a lady in her 50s was quite powerful, keep massaging my stiff shoulders. Felt pain, but much lighter feeling after that. Since I didn't have enough sleep last night, I still feel slightly pain on my body. But I'm sure the pain will be gone soon :)

There will be series of steamboat this weekend inviting hubby's cousins, my friends, etc. Just hope I'll have enough sleep and rest during weekend :D Enjoy your long weekend everyone!!!

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